Welcome to Programming For Musicians

Welcome to Programming For Musicians

hey folks hello and welcome to programming for musicians my name is Chuck you might know me as Matt cat music on YouTube I'm gonna be guiding you through this programming journey we're gonna build a couple plugins for the da W specifically a peak limiter and a synthesizer hopefully you're as excited as I am to make these things as it's gonna be a super fun project when we reach the end of our journey we will have developed a major set of skills including but not limited to developing and debugging audio software designing gooeys from scratch learning C++ really really well with all of the good habits and none of the bad ones a decent amount of understanding of how digital signal processing works a little bit of Python and matplotlib that goes apart with that goes with the DSP component and finally the usual slew of things that come with programming namely problem solving coming up with really creative solutions and my personal favorite just making some really cool gadgets it's not gonna be a short journey but it will be a worthwhile one so let's get started you


  • Johan Bremin says:

    Hi Matkat! I've got a question. Through this introduction video it seems clear, to me, that 2 projects (peak limiter and synth) is included in the course. But not when you look at the web page, there's just an introduction to the synth project. Am I missing something? Thanks

  • HerraHazar says:

    Cant wait !!

  • Ty Quinn says:

    Very excited for this!

  • RC-brand says:

    Excited for this new series, man you are doing so much that's helping elevate musician's (especially saxophonists like me) that haven't been done before. Thank you, honestly it's inspiring on all levels and really shows that if you want something you gotta go for it. 👍 Keep up the great work sir.

  • The Musicians Hub says:

    Meehnnn you the bestttt!!!!!

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