• Tyler Jhonson says:

    Finally some awesome and real good advice

  • Remi Borgen says:

    Im glad I saw this, the most sincerely straight out truth

  • Kara Flores says:

    Love this writer

  • Michael Rust says:

    I’m in love with this lady❤️

  • T W says:

    Henry David Thoreau writes: If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.


    I love it! I stopped watching at 0:23. This was the video I was looking for thank you Porochista Khakpour. I'm out!

  • Xzech x Tech says:

    I'm only nine and my teacher suggested I write a story. It'll be published by next month :3

  • Ozzy says:

    What a beautiful woman.

  • Noor Mansour says:

    listen to their experience and benefit from their advices but you do not have to follow every step they went through . enjoy your own journey .

  • Bill Fox says:

    Two things I have learned:
    1. Write what excites you. If it doesn't excite you while you are writing it, how can you expect a reader to be even interested?
    2. Finish your first draft before you do any editing, rewriting. etc. How many people have you met who are "writers" but have yet to complete a single novel?
    As for copying a best-seller, I believe you should write your own work but that's my personal opinion. Terry Brooks first novels "Sword of Shannara" is a direct copy of "Lord of the Rings" but nowhere near as good. His later work is better. Stephen King has made a very successful career out of retreads, although I don't like horror much anyway.

  • Emily Nethercutt says:

    I just turned 11 and I'm working on a book called the zombie theif

  • Christian says:

    Be your own person. Best advice ever.

  • Chris Chambone says:

    Has she just crawled through a tunnel of lube?

  • luismendezs says:

    There are no rules – so true. How can you expect to create something fresh if you follow everything that already exists?

    Another thing that also comes in handy when writing/creating is research. 

    Good, solid video.

  • Giorgi Gudiashvili says:

    Yep, she's right. And cute.

  • G Ts says:

    If you have "writing mentors" you're doing it wrong. Writing is like coding – you really don't know anything until you get into the applied aspect of the craft – looking at other people's scripts, seeing what's wrong and what doesn't work, writing your own and trying them out. Then trying to fix them, as you stare into the debugger for hours… days… oh, just copy and paste it in new project and it suddenly works? Huh… so all we needed to do was change the title and the marketing. Who knew.

  • Alexander Nixon says:

    common sense and intuition could be called "rules." i'd rather she just say, this is my advice, share what she learned, and not ASSUME that we are as prone to confusion as she was. my advice, I guess. hahahha. I love writing.

  • Levi Jay says:

    I've look at a few of the videos on here regarding writing and this young lady is by far the only person worth listening to. Concise and effective just the way I like it!

  • Joel Adamson says:

    I must not be young, because I'm old enough to know that she's right about this.

  • Hte TsiehtA says:

    Here's some advice which ties into hers – 
    Listen to your self when creating. Listen to the informed when editing. And listen to the reader when finishing. 
    And then take that all into consideration and decide for yourself what to have as a finished piece. 

  • John K. Lindgren says:


  • Michael Ghebrial says:

    If her advice is not to go by the advice of other writers, yet she is a writer giving advice, do we then take that advice and then never take her advice again, or not take her initial advice, which would then encourage us again not to take her advice. Either way, don't take her advice.

  • Vicious Pen says:

    Very wise woman.  I get so tired of hearing from these writers that are just grizzled old hacks that sit back in their thrones of comfortable success and smarm for the sake of stroking their smarm bone.  

    This woman said something worthwhile.  

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