What happens when you do bad art? + WATERCOLOR PROCESS

What happens when you do bad art? + WATERCOLOR PROCESS

hey everyone and welcome to this watercolor process painting video for some reason I lost the footage of the beginning of the but it didn't happen that much so far so I'm just going to tell you what I did and then I will talk about the creation process of this self-portrait for this composition I took a picture of myself and did a Photoshop mock-up where I added a couple of tree branches flowers a seascape as a background a couple of butterflies and a dragon tattoo that goes over my face this painting was actually planned to be the piece for the last month but apple orchard but although I like how the painting looked in the end I wasn't really completely happy with it so I just decided to make another one but I still think the process is interesting enough to show it to you and I also still like the painting yeah let's go after I had finished the digital composition in Photoshop as always I printed that out and traced it onto my watercolor paper I am working with Fabriano hot pressed paper and as always you can find a list of all materials down in the video description with things to purchase them before we begin I wanted to take a quick moment to share something new with you I love making stories so much especially about my travels my favorite fashion outfits my pet and my plants just my private life I guess so I post things like that regularly on Instagram but unfortunately the Instagram stories get deleted unless are archived all of them but then again that's too much of a hassle so I have something that solved that problem I recently found out that the amino app has a brand new function for creators to post stories they reached out to me and I decided to partner with them and create a couple of cool news stories for you yay you can now find me there on my global profile just download the app go to the discovery tab and type in my username Leo Buckner then you will be able to see my global profile don't forget to follow me there by the way and then you can see all my new stories too from my first story I made a quick series about how to paint a portrait with oils and only five steps for you but next week I might upload some of my favorite outfits or plants or something as I like so stay tuned for that also I love the way how the amino app works now because sometimes I just find short video content so much more entertaining like pet videos for example I'm totally addicted to those you can find stories to so many different topics in the app it's so exciting you should really check them out oh and another amazing thing about amino is that by watching my stories I will get paid so if you like to support me follow me on Aminu and have a look at my stories ok and now back to the painting process I started out with filling in the background and the face was some base skin tones so my goal initially was to keep the painting very light and fresh but that didn't really happen fortunately and learned something with dust painting so I'm happy that I had finally learned a lesson regarding watercolors because it's really hard to let your piece be and let the watercolor how it looks and not try to adjust it or paint around it or paint over it again I think when you are an oil until you always want to perfect your painting but with what colors it's the other way around it's better to leave it in the first layers and don't add like too much unless you really want to have a realistic outcome after the first layers had dried I filled in the rest of the painting I added color to the roses to the face to the birds and I really liked how the roses looked in the beginning and I really enjoyed this very fresh appearance that this watercolor piece had then I proceeded was filling in the dragon tattoo on the face and here I had to switch to a detail brush to really paint all the teeny tiny details on the tattoo design then I added a couple of more layers on the face portion and switched to color pencils relatively quickly unfortunately the watercolor that I applied on the face left a couple of ugly watercolor marks on areas on the skin where they didn't look very good so I switch two color pencils to try to correct these areas but it seemed that everything that I did just didn't work out at all and so I wasn't very happy with how the face turned out because I could still see those really hard edges and just hedges of color that didn't belong but at first I just left it how it was and continued working on the tattoo on the face portion here I used the art easy wash pains this is a palette of sixty colors and I've incorporated them in so many of my recent works already they are really amazing they are my favorite addition to what a class and now I think they're even better than color pencils in some cases because you have all the different colors and you don't really have to mix a lot I also think that you can't mix squash paint that easily because it is relatively thick and you have to mix a lot until you reach your desired color but if you have 60 colors you almost don't need to mix at all so I could just pick a couple of colors to fill in the tattoo and here again I can recommend working with a small oil paint brush instead of a water clock rush because the tip is way stiffer than a watercolor brush and since the gouache paint is thick for me it works the best so I try to work with oil brushes when I work with gouache paints then I filled in the hair and the rest of the composition for the hair it took a slightly larger brush then for the face and obviously larger than the detail brush I used for the tattoo portion and whenever I paint here was watercolors I try to paint as loose and as abstract as possible I really like to make very water curly hair and try to let the watercolor work for me instead of like forcing the painting to look like the reference photo unfortunately was this painting I couldn't really stick to my own preachings and I overworked it way too much but I'm so glad I learned so much was this painting I'm grateful for that experience and although I did those mistakes like a hundred times already sometimes you will have to do them a hundred times until you finally understand them so what's this painting I probably like this stage the most and in the end it just didn't look as good as I wanted it to be but I still like it so anyways I filled in the leaves and the roses and also the sky and the seascape and the background all these parts I painted in very loosely it wasn't that complicated to do them the most complicated thing we're probably the roses we're just had to pay attention to the softness and the color values of the blossoms because here it is easy to mix colors that are too dark and where the contrast is too high so that the roses don't really look like a blossom anymore also this painting is the first painting where I applied the Camorra B watercolor set from Mozart and in particular the New York Alice I know some of you have already watched my previous rose painting tutorial but I created this painting before that so this was actually the first time where I experienced how well you can paint roses with neon colors I always had the problem that whenever I would paint something right while watercolors would never get to the point of brightness but with the neon colors I can just mix red pink yellow or green neon colors to any of my colors that I want to mix and then they get immediately brighter and this was amazing for painting flowers apparently so this is my new trick that I learned was to painting as well because I didn't like how the face looked I decided to add a layer of acrylic paint on top of it that was not the best decision because I chose a yellowish tint and it didn't really fit to the painting although the reference photo had this yellow tint as well I just liked it better before I edit that however was this effect I could cover those pictures in the face which was a good thing I guess and then I worked on the hair again but as I said in the beginning I think I liked it in the first layer already I did add a couple of fly hair in the end which I think gave the composite a bit more dynamic and I really liked those individual hair strings I also used a lot more art supplies that I would normally used this always happens when I'm desperate and when I tried to save him painting I just grabbed everything that is around me and I used markers gel pens and acrylics and quash and color pencils just everything because I didn't know what what I was doing so I added another layer of a create to the background make it pop but in the end it didn't really change that much and that is the process of this dragon tattoos have portrait I think it's not a bad painting in general I think it does look lovely if you like you can adopt this painting in my online shop for a reduced price and yeah I hope you liked this process I just thought it is interesting to show you something that it didn't go as planned but I still carried on with the painting doesn't happen all the time sometimes I just stop in the middle of the process I do like the seascapes and the roses and yeah maybe it will find a new home so check my online shop if you like to adopt this painting I also wanted to show you this painting cause most of the times I only upload my best works and the works that I really like and that are amazing if it had brought out bad that's not the truth like I have a couple of paintings that I'm not happy with and I have a lot of sketches in my sketchbook that look really amateurish and yeah maybe this motivates you that not everything you see on social media is the truth well we all know that but also it is super important to make these kinds of mistakes often times sometimes so that you can learn from them I'm kind of the slow learner so I have to make mistakes over and over again until I finally learn them but when I have learned them I am even more happier so it's always a good thing to make that art it's never bad to make better art so I hope you're motivated and my video and spy you to make more art yourself and don't you feel disappointed if it doesn't meet your standards or if it isn't as good as you expect one of the lessons that is super super important was what a class is that you really should never have an expectation in the beginning on how the painting will look it really took me like so long to come over my expectations and now when I start a watercolor painting I don't force it to look like the reference like this one I try to force it but now I don't do it anymore I just go with it and if I have nice effects I let them like they look and I don't go over them again so if you want to learn how to paint with watercolor in my art style I have a ton of step-by-step real time painting lessons where I teach you from the beginning to end to paint particular motives like portraits a flower a dog for example or how to draw a face if you don't want to trace your reference photos you can learn all of that on my patreon page and you only have to pay $5 per month for it and you can only pay once if you just want to see how it is for a month so if you haven't joined me there if you should totally check it out because you can show me your results how your artwork looks when you do my tutorials I get a lot of beautiful artwork sent to me people that follow my tutorials the artworks look so amazing and you should totally check that out so go to patreon.com/scishow but now and join me at the five ten or fifteen dollar reward here see you there thanks for watching everyone don't forget to check out my stories on Amino just follow the link in the video description to download the app or go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and search for Amino you can find my stories by going to the discovery tab and typing leopa patna into the search bar make sure to follow me there and click the bell icon to know when i'm posting new videos just like youtube every time you watch my videos you will be supporting me so if you like my videos this is a simple free way to keep me creating I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did don't forget to give it a thumbs up leave a comment and subscribe to my channel see you in the next one bye bye [Applause]


  • oil on paper Steffi says:

    OMG, I do that too! Reach for the next best art medium lying around to try and fix the piece I hate. 😂🎨🙈

  • Brenda Willems says:

    I think iT is great and such a inspiration that you share your feelings about iT

  • Art by Katie Jeanne says:

    It's beautiful. You're so talented.

  • Monia Viva says:

    Georgeus!Lioba-I love this painting!!!!

  • Skybalancer says:

    You don't know how happy I was to find this. Although this is beautiful, I at the moment was going through the exact same feelings with a watercolor piece trying to make it work and not stopping when I should have. Although I was hoping that this experience was something that would pass in the future as I get more experience and improve (I hope), it is helpful to know that an experienced artist that I admire such as you goes through a similar process at times.

  • Becca B says:

    Your "bad art" is better than my good art lol.

  • Md. Mosla Uddin Raju says:

    This is bad art? Lmao

  • My Art Supply Obsession says:

    Absolutely Beautiful! 🙂

  • Viktoriart says:

    Good to see that even big artists can be unhappy with what they created, so thank u so much for sharing! Although I think it's still very beautiful but I guess the artist himself is his own biggest critic. Lots of love ❤️

  • Hawk eye says:

    Lioba it's beautiful!!! I love it. Artist's are their own worst critic. Magic sponge removes pigment. Don't rub it. Just sponge it up.

  • Wlada Poljakova says:

    Also, can't wait to finish my studies and get a "real job" so I can finally adopt some pieces from you! This would be a prime candidate! 😍😘❤️👏

  • Wlada Poljakova says:

    Hey Lioba! I totally understand that you have to be perfectionistic about your pieces, but come on!! This is so beautiful!!! I learned so much from you already and your art tips are always great. I'm very happy that you're a "slow learner" since this way you can teach us so much better.

  • n e k r o says:

    Hey Lioba! Ich mag deine videos sehr und sie sind auch immer sehr lehrreich 😀 finde es super das du auch arbeiten zeigst die dir nicht perfekt gelungen sind :3 du hast gegen ende dein skizzenbuch erwähnt. Fände eine sketchbook tour mega spannend! Natürlich nur wenn du deine skizzenbücher zeigen magst. Ganz liebe grüsse!

  • Valérie Catanzaro says:

    Wow, so this is supposed to be your "bad art" ?! :'D

  • Shams Arts says:

    Very beautiful

  • Tartantaz Creates says:

    Good morning from Scotland. It is always good to hear other more established artists can make "bad art" though I suspect my "bad art" and yours differ so much lol I would not be able to sell mine, even at a reduced price lol having said that, I don't really mind too much as I still also produce great art that does sell 😉🎨🖌


    Stunning!! i really love the tattoo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Rashi Shibu Varghese says:

    Wonderful!! ❤️😊

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