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    whats the name of the music

  • Motivational Philosopher says:

    How is it a fact that nothing is impossible? Because nothing in the universe can be created or destroyed. Everything already is. Imagination and creativity is merely energy signals within our minds. Those signals are energy. That energy already existed. And just like how the internet was once impossible, it is now fact because that energy to create it was imagined. Anything that is imagined can be done. We just have to imagine the steps in between where we are now and what we are trying to manifest. #MP

  • Jim Waters says:

    Your work reminds me of film school.. in my Freshman year I was told to forget about  blaming sloppy work as being and artist. There is no good art if it's born out of laziness.. out of taking  a shotcut or saying .. well I was being creative.  That you cannot sacrifice eternity for a moment. I came to love Mary Ellen Mark as my go to for Documentary truth and creativity. We were forbidden to hold a film camera till we spent the year with a view camera and Nikon or Leica with Light Meter. I'd spend hours on my own with old B&W film just  eyeballing exposure for each film stock. .. I worked hours upon hours in the Darkroom till I became the first freshman allowed to buy a used Bolex 16mm camera. Took it the summer of my Sophomore year to Northern Ireland in 1972 to shoot the riots and troubles. How else to learn documentary but by doing. 
    Also.. met Philip Glass and Both Robet Moog and others who pushed the limits.  

    Love your work. And in a way my own work along with injuries received on the job in combat zones to find breath work.. I'd go into Altered States of Consciousness.. such as Rebirthing.  Found  I resonated to a certain sound which led me to a Korg Synth which led me to create my own music then found images I shot changing from what I saw to the tape .  Life is more than what we see.. far more. 

    Thanks my friend,

    Jim Waters sanctus media

  • MeIIowtone says:

    A couple quotes I'm thinking of in response:

    Jeff Tweedy: "Writers tend to get pretty mystical and metaphysical about these things. You hear people talking about channeling something like it’s coming through you, or being “given” a song. I think that’s all bullshit. It’s obviously coming from you. But it’s your subconscious. The gift, I think, is the ability to be able to go into your subconscious, come back unscathed, and present something from it."

    Christopher Hitchens: "I think that we are certainly made in such a way as to be worshipfully inclined, shall we say. That tendency is surely within us. And when people think that there's something awe-inspiring, what they feel is awe–and then what they feel is, 'Well, maybe there's some majesty I should be acknowledging here,' though that isn't at all a logical step."

  • Asheek Khan says:

    LOL at all the butt hurt atheists, that last line is open to interpretation, but he didn't literally mean kneel down and start praying. It was a metaphor for aspects of life in general. Ancient Greeks and Indians had multiple gods to represent different aspects of life as well as abstract concepts. Just like there was a god for almost anything (i.e. the sun, moon, war, fertility, sex, wine, partying, chaos, death etc.) you can literally find inspiration in those anythings and let the concepts flow through you.

    Picasso has a  famous painting believed to be a response to the bombing of Guernica during WWII. He metaphorically channelled and "respected", the gods of war and death amongst other concepts for his painting. Hell, a modern painter might channel the gods of cubism or Picasso himself as their god to channel that energy and influence into new work. It's all a metaphor, anything can be your god or your influence. When 2 Chainz raps about butts, he is metaphorically channeling the god or godess of ass. It's all a figure of speech guys, you can relax. And I'm also sure the guy in the video is an atheist.

  • type. says:

    These videos are top notch and I know you put time into them but I would really appreciate it if you put the songs name in the description, keep up the good work!

  • Crystal Lee Cubillos says:

    He didnt ruin anything. What hes saying is to Be humble that what we create is us but doesnt necessarily belong to us. Its a flow of something greater than ourselves, something being channeled through our finger tips. Something we cannot put into words, but can only express in art, in wonderment. Keep it up Jason Silva. You are my hero. Finaly someone in the new age who knows what they are talking about and wanting to spread the light to everyone, a Modern philosophier.

  • Crystal Lee Cubillos says:

    Creativity is a state of being where time doesn't exist, as a matter a fact nothing exists but that feeling you get when your painting something or playing an instrument. You know, that feeling of being lifted out of your body. Just floating, levitating. Its a rush of energy igniting every molecule and fiber that makes up of our being. But also extends out, touching other souls. Like a big musical bubble that keeps growing.

  • Lain says:

    You lost me, when you said "respect the gods".. dont bring religon into everything.

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    legenda em português por favor  🙁

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    Jean-Philippe Rio-Py – Brave heart << name of the soundtrack in the video.

  • Larry Milford says:

    It amazes me how easy it is for some people to miss the whole point of something by picking it apart. Do you also feel that the grass is too lush or the sky too blue?

  • David Nowak says:

    Respect the Gods indeed… may they continue to bless us all with the Divine Spark

  • Devani Anjali Alderson says:

    "Respect the Gods… There's poetry in every moment…"  LOVED that line.  ANOTHER Awesome Shots of Awe from @Jason Silva !!!!

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    sounds like bullshit to me.

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    Big play

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    So say we all.

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    theres poetry in everything!!!!

  • Art Hermansen says:

    Utter hogwash, but great acting.

    The Lone Comic TM
    Defender of Creativity SM

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    l'll give my subscrption fr tht awsm-2 mins!

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    I cant even understand what he is saying cause background music is not background, his voice is.

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    No te olvides de esa gente no sabe ingles 🙁 sub en español por favor.

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    its really annoying watching so many people making jokes about drugs instead of discussing the actual video, really makes it harder to find actual interesting topics inside the videos

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  • angela maxwell says:

    I'm sharing this its so awesome and beautiful!

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    I'm in awe…everytime on your videos ^_^

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    what song is played in the background?

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    what does this guy do for a living? does he just make youtube videos? where tf does his inspiration come from? cause anybody can get on YouTube, hire some editors and talk rainbows.. anybody can.. i don't get what he is trying to do for yhe world?

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    Am I the only person who notices all his thumbnail art is from Imaginary Foundation the clothing company…?

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    There's someone about this video I love 🙂 the way you explain and put so much towards it :).. Keep up the good work, Your videos are a must watch for everyone. I wanted to keep your videos for myself but I want to share it 🙂 Your inspiring ❤

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    Holy shit, I literally just thought about creativity like an hour before I watched this video, and the quote by Khalil Gibran came into my mind and I wrote it down, and now it was mentioned in this video!!

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    should shite

  • Muhamad Andra says:

    wow… youre really inspiring by saying that the creativity actually doesnt come from our ownselves but only a mere path through our consciousness which is analogized by "unique operating system"

    and thats blowing my mind.

    and for favorite word.. "RESPECT THE GOD"
    im awed

  • 67Bigsby says:

    Thank you Jason Silva!!!!

  • ShenanigansTVLive says:

    Humans aren't creators, we are but explorers that process and transcribe that which we discover when we explore.

  • Alexandra Saba says:

    what are you saying

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    what did i just watch

  • Alexander Ross says:

    Practice what you preach… wish there was a grain of humility in your self indulgent poetic meanderings, which are quite frankly mundane musings dressed up with enthusiasm, inspiring music and articulate prose. Please don't confuse your Russell Brand esqe well articulated declarations with profound wisdom.

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    Who is responsible for this music ?!!! Where can I find more music like this!!??

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    what he smoke bruhh

  • NeonsStyle says:

    There are no gods. Claiming the source of creativity is the gods, just reduces humans. We are more than capable of creating ourselves. We don't need anything else. Claiming so takes away from the beauty of the human mind that it is capable of such beauty!

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    Its like the music is telling me I should be inspired by this video and that the content of this video is not inspiring in itsself

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    anyone knows the name of the music?

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    that was really good

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    i like the music.

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    how can I find pictures and mini videos similar to those put in this video ? @shotsofawe

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    This is a freakin awesome video! Great words my friend, I really like the way you describe creativity. I'm currently doing a 30 day challenge to see if I can learn to be more creative, and I think you hit the nail on the head. This is exactly what creativity is like. We are transcribing, constantly recording, not creating what's not there. I love it!

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    God gracious, I love you.

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    he's on cloud nine without foreign substance

  • Totino's Pizza Rolls says:

    now lets all agree to never be creative again

  • Thomas Smith says:

    First of all, Khalil Gibran was a Sufi Muslim and the 'something greater than him or herself' was none other than God to him. I think a lot of was is misinterpreted as creativity, what you describe as regurgitating what we breathe is innovation, not creativity. This misinterpretation completely devalues true creativity. Newton creating calculus to describe why the planets move in an ellipse, rather than perfect circles, Plato creating the dialogue of the cave to describe our reality, truly original things which have never been done before and change life as we know it is creativity. You 'create' something, not reinterpret what someone else has done.

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    nice ilike it

  • Patrema Gilbert says:

    ya creativity from a higher power god he does not say but good its a gift

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    What is the song called

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    OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSS!!! On freaking point. Love your videos. For real chills on each one.

  • Andy Lee says:

    Is this supposed to be a poem?

  • firekid801 gaming says:

    creativity is a sheet to blind us from the real world reality is the bed the sheet us creativity to blind us from the real world which is "reality"

  • Erkhes Maddox says:

    Respect the Gods! Those words used to cut me on my right hand nearby the river of little human lif but this time. This time was really a different. Guys , because I am seeker now. I had been a christian and believer of shaman even though I am seventeen. Being a seeker is … I hope many people feel the way that I feel. Goodnight , good evening , good afternoon and goodmorning guys , peace for everyone!

  • Michael Sargeant says:

    Hi Jason, a friend of mine sent me the Existential Bummer video via text and just LOVE what you are doing.
    The Creativity one, AMAZING! I'm hooked : )
    Great work my friend.

  • Jorgelina Lujan says:

    I have translated this video to Spanish via Amara, could you please make it available to all? http://amara.org/en/videos/oBszzm5R4kIw/es/1767818/

  • noia st one LuftbalLoon says:

    No. Thats love. Just a second hand emotion. Love is like non cognitivism preposition meditation.. nah.. lol. But, truly. "Set them free"

  • sf e says:

    When a video gives you goosebumps by the 20th time you're watching it, it means something. Damn this is beautiful. The music, the sunset, the graphics, your words. Yes there is poetry in every moment, this is one of them

  • gracie gamer says:

    this is pretty cool

  • ArtistScottyGiffen says:

    Awesome ! Thanks

  • Néstor Abreu Jiménez says:

    Well…I'm sorry to be a bummer (not really sorry, I'm just pretending to be polite) creativity is simple, association of preexisting concepts that have been stored in your brain, the combination is creativity. I wanna buy your weed cuz you are delusional (no offense pal, don't sell bullshit to people for distracting them to learn that life isn't magical)

  • El Yariti says:

    ah u are so awesome!

  • Asha Yadav says:

    I love you Jason Silva

  • Jan Bartscht says:

    @ 51 seconds… "Are we creating something that isn't there, or, are we merely transcribing?" Why not both? What is 'there'? Maybe it's there in the universe but not there for you until you create it. Creativity is creating by transcribing yourself into the universe; transcribing your being into the fabric of reality, connecting it to others to achieve stability and replicating yourself to grow.

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    My username is very creative, don't you think? :^)

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    I just need to mention this. You resemble Justin Trudeau . Okay. Bye.

  • Andrea Elizeth Prieto Colina says:

    It took you 2:05 minutes to make me fall in love with you. That's the creativity effect right there.

  • Andrea Elizeth Prieto Colina says:

    The fact that people in the comments need to smoke to have these kind of thoughts make me sad.

  • The Exotic says:

    Lets get creative!! 😀

  • Joel Belmonte says:

    Even tough I'm critical about the content said, I'm in love with what I hear here. Amazing how he speaks

  • Catfish8 says:

    Holy shit i just wanted to know what creativity is cuz lefthanded peeps have more of it or stuff and im a left handed guy and now hes talking bout god and shit and im atheist wtf stop it

  • ralek says:

    he looks like someone on drugs discovering the meaning of life

  • aswin s says:

    This is a new channel on creativity ,Subscribe to get awesome intresting videos on creativity https://youtu.be/PnokmT2eF4w

  • jes gam says:

    I love this video the most in fact i love all ur videos thank u for existing creating beautiful work

  • Sagge Madina says:

    Pure thums-up!

  • Creativity Consultant says:

    This didn't define creativity.

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  • mostafa mezrou says:

    These ideas are wonderful, they suggest positively شكرا

  • B1-66ER says:

    justin treaduu????

  • Aobakwe Solomon says:

    Its amazing…………….how he memorized allla dat!!!

  • ?????? Loner says:


  • Hari Haran says:

    Good video! But did u take bath, cut vegetables, eat properly and help your mom and dad! and sister.. In that also there is creativity….

  • Knowledge is Spherical says:

    More video on Creativity

  • Bobbito Chicon says:

    The Universe brought me here , maybe…Idk SUBSCRIBED either way😀

  • *1.25Speed on everything says:

    I'm not a god. Just on amphetamines

  • Arvind Saini says:

    Anybody please tell me the right definition of creativity…. 🙏

  • Curious Bit says:

    Be Humble for Nature's imagination is so much more greater than Man's.

  • Rudymar Cahapay says:

    I really like to hear what he's saying, but the background music is very loud.. I hope this video would be improved… Just saying 🙂 🙂

  • WoodMan Defend says:

    Prince ea used this in his student vs teacher video.
    I honestly thought he actually read the book amd quote it out turns out he just watched some video about creativity

  • Mehdi Abouyeshaq says:

    What is it Creativity?

    There are people who talk about the creative process with such humility.

    You know there is a sense that something is larger than yourself has worked its way through you

    to paraphrase Kahlil Gibran’s notion about children. The creative process. creativity comes through but you not from you.

    Though it is with you, it belongs not to you, right? and there is that notion that we are the frontal lobes of the universe.

    So, when we craft beauty when, when we vocalize, we utter inspiration, what we actually doing, are we creating something that isn't there

    Or are we merely transcribing, the notion of inspiration means that we are breathing in and exhaling what we’ve taken in

    so, what we merely transcribing the observation of what is we are recording

    we are all Cosmonaut Psychonauts and the creative process is what we merely brought back as reporters of the numinous

    when we go to Plato’s realm of ideals we are as navigators we are as Dorothy going to Oz

    seeing the world from different lens, seeing reality through a different operating system a different set of filters.

    and thus, being able to read it differently to see something that others cannot and then bring that back and then share that back

    I think that that's what’s happening during creativity and that’s why we should be humble about it, respect the gods, there is poetry in every moment


    This piece of art that's the vedio clip along with Jason's uncanny ability to express himself and present his thoughts seamlessly is one form of creativity.

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