What Is the Best Martial Arts Style?

What Is the Best Martial Arts Style?

Hey. Ando here from SenseiAndo.com. Just answering some emails and one question
I always get is, “What is the best martial arts style?” Now, that’s a crazy question. That’s like asking, “What’s the best movie?” Or, “What’s the best food?” It all depends, right? So, I’m going to tell you right up front,
that there’s no such thing as the best martial arts style. But that doesn’t mean the discussion is
over. We just need to ask better questions. So, let’s do that. When someone asks me to name the best martial
arts style, I always answer back with a question: “The best style for whom?” You mean for you? Your grandmother? An eight-year old kid? Who are we talking about? Is this person strong or frail? Aggressive or shy? Are they blind? Did they lose a leg in a bear attack? How can I recommend something to you if I
don’t know who you are or what you’ve been through? I can’t. I won’t. Once I know who you are, the next question
is, “What do you want?” Are you interested in martial arts just to
get in shape? For self-defense? Self-control? Are you looking to compete in tournaments
or make it to the Olympics? Let me ask you—how do you feel about swords? How about backflips? Do you like the sound of a gong? Are you looking just to change up your routine
for a couple of months or are you looking to make a long-term commitment to change your
life? Hold up–it’s possible you don’t even know
what you want. Maybe you just think martial arts looks cool
and you want to be part of it. That’s okay. It’s okay because even if you figured out
the best martial arts style for you today, it may not be the best style for you two years
from now, 10 years from now. Time changes everything. Personally, I started off in Tae Kwon Do. At the time, it was the perfect style for
me because I was an arrogant jerk. I needed to learn how to shut my mouth, stand
in line, and show some respect. But once I figured out how to not be an arrogant
jerk all the time, I realized there were new challenges that I wanted to face and that
required switching styles. Here’s the point—each martial art offers
a different experience. That experience might be priceless to you
at one stage of your life, but redundant or worthless to you at another stage. So, don’t worry about signing up for the
wrong style. Just get started in something and see what
that experience can offer you today. So, now you know– the question isn’t, “What’s
the best martial arts style,” it’s, “What is the best martial arts style for me today?” To figure that out, I’ve got four quick tips
for you. Tip #1: Go visit your local martial arts schools. All of them. Sign up for a trial class or just go sit and
watch a class. Either way, go in and get the vibe. If you feel comfortable, sign up. If you don’t, well, then get out of there
and move on to the next one. Don’t overthink this. Just trust your gut. Oh, and don’t let anyone bully you into
choosing a style. If you like grabbing people and rolling around
on the ground, well, then don’t let a boxer or a Karate guy talk you out of it. If you like sparring and kicking people in
the head, then don’t let some Judo or BJJ guy make you feel like you’re wasting your
time. This is your life. It’s your journey, not theirs. Tip #2: Seek the best teacher, not the best
style. Look, there are some styles that get made
fun of all the time, like Aikido, or Systema, or my beloved Kung Fu. But I promise you, I’ve known guys in each
one of those styles who you would definitely want on your side if a fight breaks out. That’s because, in the end, it’s not about
the style, it’s about the person practicing the style. So, even though we can’t say that one style
is better than another, we can sure as heck say that one student or one teacher is better
than another. So, seek the best teacher you can, not the
best style. Tip #3: Observe the students. If you’re not sure about the teacher or
the style, well, then just take a look at the people who have been training there for
a year or two. Ask yourself, “Is that what I want to be
doing in a year or two?” How about the people who have been there five
years or 10 years? Think about it—your fellow students are
a window to your future. If you want to do what they can do, well,
then sign up and do whatever they’re doing. Tip #4: Practice. Look, even if you knew you had the best teacher
of the best style in the world, if you don’t practice, you’re going to get nothing out
of it. Just because your teacher is famous or your
style is popular right now, that don’t make you bulletproof, boy! There’s a lot more to martial arts than
walking around in a hoodie with a famous person’s face on it. So, remember this—a style serves the student,
a student doesn’t serve the style. If you’re lazy, well, you’re going to suck
no matter what style you pick. So, don’t be that guy. Whatever style you practice, practice. One more thing. There’s a lot of trash talk out there between
different martial arts, which is ridiculous! It’s ridiculous because we’re all on the same
team. The big difference isn’t between the people
who practice this style and the people who practice that style, the big difference is
between the people who practice martial arts and the people who don’t practice martial
arts. I got news for you–to the people who don’t
study martial arts, we’re all a bunch of weirdos! If you practice martial arts, then I’ll
bet your life has gotten better. And I’ll bet you want your friends and your
family to share in that same experience, right? So, instead of trashing each other’s arts,
let’s start promoting them—all of them. Because I’d rather see my friends and family
training in a style that I don’t practice than not training at all. Wouldn’t you? If you liked this video, hit subscribe. To keep up with everything I’m doing, find
the link to sign up for my free email updates lsit. Until next time, let’s keep it friendly,
and keep fighting for a happy life.


  • Aka U ToTo7 says:

    The hidden Ultimate fighting Art (UFA)
    (Break the arms that throw the punch)
    (Paralysis the leg that does the kick)
    Revelation in the making.

  • Frost Byte says:

    Best Art is running for self defence

  • MrGoku says:

    taykwon do

  • Like Water Productions says:

    This is a great video. I agree with you about finding the best teacher, not the best martial art. Even some of the best martial artists I know aren't necessarily the best teachers. But when you can find a teacher that can break down a difficult technique and make it easy to learn, that's as good as gold.

  • Marky Marco says:

    02:17 – 02:36 can't anyone say it more eloquently

  • Navid Saadati says:

    You had me at “How do you feel about swords”

  • Eric Wong says:

    What's the best? depending on where you fight, when you fight, and how you fight.

    In MMA, lots of Asian martial art styles are deemed illegal, therefore using Kungfu, Karate, Muay thai is a bad idea.
    If you are competing in Muaythai ring, then having MMA is bad, because your head will be their main target from elbow and knee
    If you are competing in Taekwondo, then learning Jiujitsu is the fastest way for you to get knocked out
    In boxing match, any kick is illegal, so you may want to stick it with boxing style
    If you fight against multiple opponent on the no rule street fight, then Krav Maga is your best option. Make sure you have weapon equiped

    I remember watching first UFC where all martial art style was heavily competed in tournament style. That day, everyone realized how their martial art skill is pretty much useless against Brazillian Jiujitsu.

  • Shayne Guthrie says:

    When I first started training, a punch was just a punch and a kick was just a kick. During my training I realized that a punch was not just a pumch and a kick was not just a kick. When I became experienced after many years, I realized that a punch was just a punch and a kick was just a kick.

    Styles are like religions, its simply based on one persons experience…yet, you are not that person and those are not your experiences…

    Express yourself, not some one else.

  • ChatNoir says:

    This is a very good guide into Martia Arts, Ando. Even for me, and I've practiced 5 different styles + a combat sport, makes me aware of what to look for in the other Dojos.

  • Dharna Erilis says:

    Is it fine to start taekwondo at the age of 13?

  • Frank Magdalena says:

    Jiujitsu and Muay Thai

  • 10mikemikeshooter says:

    Bruce Lee to the big Aussie in "Enter the Dragon", "The art of fighting without fighting."

  • Olivier Le friec says:

    Bjj easy

  • Twitch TFK 001 says:

    I do a mix of karate, tae kwon do, judo, ju jitsu, kobudo, and aikido (not just the fake stereotypical aikido), and can surely say that they work best together. In tournament, I always combine them

  • Aditya Rokade says:

    Wow!!!! Very nice thought u have sensei!!!

  • The aimless wanderer says:

    One that fights with random attacks a does not teach high kicks and more takedowns and hand to hand combat there is one guy who fought a bear with his only and won he would not be able to do it if he used feet

  • William Poynter says:

    Since the majority of lay people interested in martial arts are there seeking self defense they should seek an art that offers that against most would be attackers. In 1914 the Wright brothers flew around 115 feet. today we have jumbo jets that can fly around the world with hundreds of passengers assuming refueling. While the ancient martial arts may have been great for combat. They have lost much as they became Americanized. When Karate fighters fought boxers in the first boxing vs Karate tournaments, the Karate fighters lost most if not all of the matches. Because they spent a lot of time practicing Kata and not enough time practicing free style fighting. The Karate fighters and many other martial artists spend a great deal of time practicing against a known attack. Anyone can defend when you know what's coming. Learning self defense is about being able to anticipate moves in time to defend which takes years to learn. Just as technology has improved over time so have fighting systems. Today many martial arts masters lose badly to MMA fighters. Because they are practicing a watered down version of the actual battle field arts. MMA fighters must learn to both attack and defend with no knowledge of what his opponent will do next. Traditional martial arts schools could be more beneficial to their students seeking self defense by focusing on preparing them to fight not just defend against a known attack. Students who eventually become instructors can only teach what they were taught. And preparing for a known attack fails to prepare their students for anything except flight instead of fight with some confidence you will win when there is no convenient flight path. This is not to say that Sensei Ando does not offer great philosophy on martial arts training. It's my attempt to state as Bruce Lee did, keep that which works and abandon that which doesn't. Ancient techniques can be great with much practice. But, like anything, martial arts must be made up of the latest fighting technology not methods which have been replaced by more modern effective methods

  • Moon Light says:

    I'll say this once an only once. "Rex Kwon-Do, Forget about it."

  • Sam Oppedisano says:

    Excellent video

  • Alpha ramu says:

    I've got it.
    1. For self defense and street fights = Taekwondo/ Mauytai/ kickboxing
    2. To fu up ur brother = bjj
    3. To show off = Systema
    4. For movies = Aikido/ kungfu

  • Jotaro Kujo79 says:

    Very good tips and very wise approach

  • NothingMaster says:

    That sound of the gong bit was absolutely and originally epic.

  • 13Ambro says:

    Very good point about how preferences for style changes over time. When I was in my early teens I trained in traditional Isshin-Ryu. It was great for a while, but after college I moved on to American Freestyle – which was a very hard style: full contact sparing, no forms, very aggressive fighting techniques. Both of these styles suited my goals and temperament at the time – and the American freestyle really got me in fighting shape that led me to some kickboxing tournaments. Now, in my 50s – (after a 25 year break from practicing Karate) I have returned to my Isshin-Ryu forms and have discovered new meaning and applications to each one. I could not even think of doing the full contact work at this point of my life. My solo practice of studying the katas keeps me motivated, in shape and has reignited the martial arts spark that I had when I was younger. My 20 year old self would have laughed at me over studying kata, but my older self thanks me 🙂

  • Heartland Dual Sport says:

    Excellent video sir, It makes a lot of sense. Very nicely done on this video.
    Keep up the fun videos and have a blessed week.

  • Antonio Diaz says:

    There is no best or worst it all depends on how thy art form itself is applied.

  • Alun Gray says:

    I think you should practice what you enjoy as in most cases you tend to put more effort into what you enjoy and therefore attain more proficiency in that art. And surely it's better to be good at a martial art you enjoy that arguably in the views of others isn't the most efficient than trying to train in something you don't enjoy that's seen to be 'better' than other arts as the chances are you won't stick with it and will never become proficient in that art anyway.

  • Charles Neal says:

    Wow gold that's exactly what I believe brother awesome job

  • cray- j says:

    Sensei thank you for ur wisdom i agree each style is ment to suit those who benifit from it i belive in being well versed in many martial arts to beter understand the meaning behind each one and to find balance in your arts and to find your inner chi and to find friendship with those who u spar, train, and teach with, if we as martial artists promote and share points and teachings we can help many to better understand peace and balance in all things and to help others understand that martial arts is not just learning how to fight for self defense but also to find who we are ment to be and to help control our emotions and to strengthen our mind and body's where there is weakness but most importantly to learn that all things have a purpose on this Earth and in the universe though each martial art has something different to offer they also have similarities in different ways and together different martial arts combined bring balance to the others to form a powerful combination and I agree we should not as martial artist talk trash on the other different martial arts but rather share knowledge with one another to better the understanding between each martial art as a martial artist I highly respect you and would like to thank you for bringing a better life to those who you teach

  • Mooncat The Fox says:

    there it is, good advices 😀 ! I promise, i'm immaculated-clean sifu ;D !

  • Albert Castro says:

    Good video. Much respect.

  • Tony Kuli says:

    The question is wrong! It’s not the style but the practitioner that must be judged.

  • sudheesh sudhakaran says:

    Great video , great information

  • Luis Patino says:

    What about mma is that the best?

  • Jeff Lardizabal says:

    As an old hat told me many decades ago – "I prefer Ching Ching, the sound the slide makes as it's being racked; otherwise, whatever you love and do best will do, as anything done ad nauseum is going to be better than nothing done but TV."

  • Davey Jones says:

    I have heard this question asked or argued about so many times over the years.
    This is by far the best answer i've ever heard. Well said !
    Great job

  • Rafif Syauqi says:

    I think that is good information
    Good video
    Good tips
    Good background
    Good laptop
    Good uniform
    Good way to speak
    AND Good person

  • Ian Cannon says:

    I heard that the origins of Kung Fu came about when some bloke was walking down the street and heard his name being called out! When he looked around,a brick hit him right in the kisser, knocking all of his teeth out!!😖😨….He then said "Which kung fu that!"😂🤣lol

  • EMR80 says:

    I like what your are saying My base is Boxing, then I decided I wanted to learn how to use my feet against any Boxer. So I learned some Karate, then got into Thai Boxing and TKD. I tried a few other styles. your right it depends and the person.

  • MINT Mhara says:

    im 18 y/o turning 19
    im a girl and super fat im shy and
    im thinking that i want to learn how to defend myself and tobe fit atleast alittle

    im short and im weak im fragile ithink?
    can you suggest what style are atleast fit for me?

  • Stacey Schmick says:

    My name is Kelsey I am thinking about martial arts I am committed to want to change my life

  • Bill T says:

    Do you have any advice for people who have to wear glasses. I started karate years ago and dropped out because I kept getting my glasses broken.

  • marquis ballard says:

    Combat Sambo – Russian martial art with Judo + wrestling techniques such as throws, takedowns and submission locks but with more focus on leglocks . Also has striking including punches, kicks, headbutts, and groin strikes

    Muay Boran – Ancestor of Muay Thai, way more deadly and violent than its sport counterpart. made to kill

    Boxing – Throw punches perfectly and improve footwork

    Silat – Very deadly and effective Indonesian martial art thats made to kill

    ACT Armed Combat and Tactics – realistic weapons training and sparring

    Sanshou/Sanda – Chinese kickboxing with throws takedowns and leg sweeps, in other words a combination of kickboxing + wrestling. the most effective form of kung fu

  • dezzlok says:

    Answer: word-fu and law-fu.

  • AdamSpice says:

    my kyokushin karate is 30 min one way so i need just 1 h for traveling…next to me i have ju jitsu and mma. what advice would you give me?

  • thealize808 says:

    I'm 40 and thinking about starting krav maga. I'm interested in it for self defense.

  • Ronald Kerr says:


  • GIK Core says:

    The best style is combining all of them

  • June Sonaak says:

    Short, fat girl, low energy, loves the art, self defense and control, dexterity.

  • Al Douglas says:

    I love your open and non-biased approach to questions like this! Your answer was great! I've already chosen my art and have been training karate for coming up on three years now. But I enjoy boxing and grappling too. My karate teacher encourages branching out.

  • Hamed Mohamed says:

    Thank you!.

  • Zaffer Masood says:

    Superb explanation!!!!!

  • Spiritual Seeker says:

    I have been trying tiger style kung fu, i do for 2 main reasons

    1) to help build physical endurance so i am physically more superior than an older version of me 😉

    2) and another reason is that….

    Heck martial arts looks cool, i mean nobody can lie to them selves and say
    "oh this is lame"

    It looks cool and i surely am looking forward to future training and sparring 😁

  • Patrick S says:

    They're all useless in a terrorist incident, yet to see a martial artist taking out a terrorist knifeman.

  • Oskar Johansson says:

    Excellent video


    Again very well put Sensei Ando you never disappoint… very good way to sum it up, John

  • Emerzon Quiros says:

    I can tell the best food (for humanbeing) is the organic, fruits, vegetables, the fish and seeds.
    Something is "The Best" and other thing Absolutely different is "The best for you"

    "The best for you" is in fact a individual opinion. A preference.
    But "the Best"

    Let beside the facts that if you are undisciplined, even if it is THE BEST martial art, you are f*cked.
    Let beside the tournament and they're rules.

    So let's talk about a well teacher, a disciplinated student, In a real life situation.

    Tae kwon do (in 1400) can kill a soldier (a 1400 Korean soldier) but 2019 Tae kwon do is NOT the best martial art. For soo far. And every body knows that.

    Jui jutsu is good martial art. It's effective.
    More probability of survive in a no-fire weapon battle. Because
    1.dominates ground.
    2.The practice of this martial art is (till nowadays) based on constantly intention of dominate the partner (the effective mode of kombat in this martial art)
    It's consistent and it's effective.

    Let's talk about kung fu.
    From the biggining of the ages, kung fu was the base of many martial arts around Asia, (and the world)
    (even of Karate.)
    Practical, psicológical, acrobatic, even metaphicis knowledge, and the opinion of many OTHER martial arts Masters (not students…) , of MANY OTHER martial arts, say by his own opinion and EXPERIENCE kung fu es the best most effective martial art.

    Is a good martial art.
    It's fists are quick, devasting, lineal.
    It's F*king effective.

    Muay Tai, the same thing (add knees and elbows)

    Krav maga: IS NOT a martial art. (beggibign for that point. And I make its mention here, because I must make a contra-propaganda)
    It's zionist bullshit.
    The reality, is that was made by buying (and stealing) techniques of some many other martial arts (like kung fu and jui jitsu) ((no shit, there is a Israel version of kung fu shaolin..)) the true is that its (supposed to be) a militar defense system.
    very late
    people wake up and find out they was wasting they're mone and time. The true is that the Krav maga particiones of the "best army of the world" round the Muslim Palestinian kid, mother, pregnant mother, civilian, and then kik is/her ass (with no sistem at all) , an then make a circle and masacre shooting. But when it comes to militar defense system (we can call jui jitsu and even kung fu too) there is no contest to SYSTEMA, The Russian militar A true military sistem. Of the best army.
    of the f*king world.

    So, there is the Best martial art. Of course.

    It does not mean that there is not another good martial arts, nevertheless. That doesn't mean that you will be less happier in one of another even if it is not the best. That doesn't mean that if you don't practice well you're gonna fail no matter if it is the best martial art.
    That doesn't mean that a TKD particioner are always destined to fail or a kung fu guy will win all the battles.

    But when it comes to martial arts /defence system, there would be always the best,
    the bad,
    and the worst.

  • Dipjyoti Gogoi says:

    I practice kung fu

  • Uros Setina says:

    Excellent, well thought out yet simple advice that covers all the key points when considering what martial arts style to practice. I’ve been promoting martial arts to my friends and family in the same way.
    I couldn’t agree more that you can fell in love with a style but the teacher is the one who will make you stay or move on to the next school or even style. I did 3 styles of karate and aikido, because I moved around a lot. Aikido is the only one I couldn’t get into, but I still appreciate the experience.

  • Peps Deps says:

    We're all wierdos!

  • Joseph Kenny says:

    There's no perfect martial arts style. There I've saved you 6 minutes. But for starters, you can just the most basic styles. Chinese martial arts. Get yourself familiar with it then you can do whatever you want.

  • Matt J. Owens says:

    Yeah I just started taking an Okinawan style karate in Cincinnati Ohio. Before this I knew next to nothing about martial arts. I took a look at some other dojos as well. You confirmed my theory that the style doesn't really matter but how dedicated the student is.

  • TieXiongJi says:

    Glad you finally asked! There is such a thing.
    It's Taiji, the art of the great extremes.
    All people, all ages can learn from this teaching. The practice is possible lying down, in a chair, standing, flying. It is the best.

  • Alan Itarinau says:

    Fight with Jesse Enkamps the karate nerd guy.

  • I AM ꧁THE KING꧂, says:

    It's about the martial artist though

  • I AM ꧁THE KING꧂, says:

    I wanna learn Kung fu coz I love it

  • Watson Wallace says:

    Muaythai is still on top van damme knows from the kickboxer. Muay thai fighters get 200 and f fights I mean they train and fight for real no kata stuff

  • Ryan Brown says:

    There is no such thing as the best martial art style every martial art style is unique in its own way it just depends on on the fighter and how well you or with it.

  • Pun Bunnie says:

    The best Martial Arts style is Kawasaki-Yamaha-Jitsu
    Or… .44 Magnum

  • Dancerpointe90 says:

    Hum .. looking to add to my arts I'm a dancer injury to knee and foot prevents me from certain moves . I was thinking Gracey jujitsu might be good .. to one defend myself and to tone up more

  • kcuf7 says:

    Gun-Fu is the most effective style 🔫

  • Jerardhanz Fernandez says:

    sensei ando i joined a karate class shito ryu and i was scared i stayed there and practiced two days and my sensei told me to sparring and when i sparred with a newbie like me i got nervous and cant punch him not because he is dodging because my fist wouldn't and I quit cause I was scared now I'm going back cause you know its better to learn than nothing but im scared and gonna be scolded or getting an embarrastment from my newbie cause i saw him getting a orange belt while I didn't even get a white belt I feel scared and ashamed can you help me sensei Ando to not be scared in
    a fight please.

  • autism dot nut says:

    What if i want to be a mortal kombat ninja?

  • مشعل السبيعي says:

    I don’t have any fighting schools in my country ☹️💔

  • Bobby's L I F E says:

    The best martial art is called 'shooting using a gun" lol

  • phillysfinest41883 says:

    My personal picks for the most effective Martial Arts: Boxing, BJJ, JJJ, Wrestling, Judo, Muay Thai, TKD and Hapkido.

  • Corey Urquhart says:

    For me the best style is a combination of three. Wing Chun, Muay Thai and Boxing

  • Original Bunny says:

    The best martial arts is the one that better fits you
    – Made in China

  • Jeet Singh says:

    Hi sir.. love from India.. I find you immensely motivating guru.. you really know how to inspire people to be better.. thank you and God bless you!

  • J Albert says:

    I am 60 now, I started in my early 20's in Taekwando,High kicks, styles oh we love to see those spinning high kicks,makes you look so awesome,But thats all fine for contest of the sport , even though I can still kick high,I dont … Now my style has changed,I am 60 so its about self defense, center line hits, low kicks to the knees, strong leg and hand forward,cus my goal now is to end a fight/attack quick or before it even gets started. Its about protection for me now…And thats one way you can tell what style you want! competition's or self defense and stay in shape.P.S. I always stayed in shape by lighting weights also not over done body builder style, not to build mass but stay firm and strong,I have always done planks keep my core strong,but not for abs or looks simply to stay strong….. Good video and good advice….

  • Highconsciousnessman says:

    I believe the legendary Huo Yuan Jia said it best: "I believe that there's no superiority or inferiority in Wushu. Just the distinction of practitioners with different levels of ability. Through training we can discover this and meet the true self. Because indeed the antagonist is namely ourselves. Only through training, can one recognize one's true self."

  • Yasin Yavuz says:

    Teakwando is the best

  • Andrew Attard says:

    Hey Ando, saw you on an old fight tips video. Just subscribed to your channel. Was hoping to flip the counter to 200k.

  • António Paixão says:

    Main: Muay thai
    Support: boxing
    Support 2: judo
    Support 3: taek won do
    Support 4: kioukushin karate
    Support 5: jet kune do

  • Hamza Sarwar says:

    When I was younger I was more upbeat I started off with Kickboxing/Krav Maga I am 31 now older more into the spiritual side of martial arts so doing Traditional Okinawan Karate 🥋

  • Miguel M says:

    So many good one-liners!


    To be honest it is never about the style an individual practices, it is always about the individual. I have been saying this for the longest. Blessings


    Thank you for your great videos Sifu

  • Mr,Casino says:


  • Mr,Casino says:


  • Mr,Casino says:


  • yashasupercow99 says:

    I admit when i watch some martial arts tips on youtube on work place,i usually get up and head to toilet and try some tips i learn there.
    yeah we're bunch of weirdo

  • Jazzman3121 says:

    I agree, Sensei. It's ok to start one style then switch to another. As you say, you may not know exactly what you're looking for until you get into it then at least you may know 'this isn't it.' I just realized that I've watched a few of your vids and enjoy them but I hadn't yet described. Just did, Tang Soo!


    Yeah you stole my thoughts sensei😢, but thats great

  • Lima Lima says:

    Your style.

  • Rawnok Hanifi says:

    And which style you do

  • Shambel Wake says:

    Hey ando I really appreciate if ya can help me with what’s the best martial art fo me I’m 20 started some martial art 3 months ago n looking for to be strong self defender I didn’t know any martial art before n I wanna be best martial artist not for competition just to feel good hope ya got me thx luv ya

  • Shambel Wake says:

    N I luv punching striking kicking

  • bob the builder says:

    1 Get a gun seek out a firearm instructor

    2 Train striking with live sparring

    3 train grappling with submission again live sparring is a must

    weapons training (knives and improvisational weapons)

    Live sparring is the most important part of any martial art
    Katas are great however they can only get you so far and too much kata with too little live sparring can hyper inflate your ego.
    Ego is your enemy.

    If a school claims their art is too deadly to sparr a different school ASAP! It’s probably a Mc dojo.

    Martial arts don’t have to be combat effective to bring meaning into your life. Statistically you’re more likely to be injured in a martial arts dojo then in a street fight.

  • Herowebcomics says:

    Right on!
    The best style is the one that works for you!
    …I prefer Northern shaolin Kung fu though!

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