WHAT!? WHEN? WHERE? HOW!? | Expensive Art Supplies can be Worth It | Marker Illustration

WHAT!? WHEN? WHERE? HOW!? | Expensive Art Supplies can be Worth It | Marker Illustration

I’ve been having a little bit too much
fun with my Copic markers so let me show you something I’ve made with them
recently ♪ first, I have a little bit of
housekeeping things to get out of the way, so what I’m drawing with is this
pink prismacolor col-erace pencil I’ve talked about this many times, I just love
the way the pink interacts with the kopecks and they layer on top of each
other just beautifully so that’s what I’m using, I think all the tools I’ll be
using will be linked in the description if you want to check them out and if I
forget to mention them, in the rest of the video, and I’m just drawing on some
basic bristol board paper that my brother found in his room and he was like: “here ya go.” and I was like: “thanks I’ll take it” – so yeah that’s what I’m doing and I’m
sketching very lightly at first and then I slowly chisel away at the features
this is something I’ve been doing to try and keep my art more fluent and flowy
and less stiff and I’ve — it’s definitely helped a little bit and I definitely
need to continue practicing and I definitely suggest it if you’re trying
to pull away from having stiff art to start as flowy as possible because as
soon as you start defining the features it’s gonna get stiffer and stiffer so my
plan has always been to just start as ‘swooshy!’ as possible
and then maybe by the time I get to the line-art it’ll still maintain some of
the ‘swooshies’ – so that’s my goal at least so let’s see what happen – my inspiration
for this drawing was definitely like fantasy-princess-mermaid-fairy-thing so
I knew I didn’t want her hair to really be contained by any laws of gravity or
physics and that same sort of idea definitely helped influence the colors
that I chose further on down the road because when I start to draw and sketch
and it’s really just like guilty-pleasure art I don’t really think
about what colors I’m going to use at the end I’m really just drawing for me
and this was definitely one of those things but the colors were definitely
inspired by like pastels and pinks and blues and greens I don’t know if things
that make me think of mermaids and fairies so you’ll see that in the future
and I kept her expression very – I wouldn’t say salty but she doesn’t look
too pleased either – I’ve been drawing that a lot lately – I don’t know if it’s – I used
to draw like a giant huge smile on every single character that I drew and lately
I’ve been drawing this ‘face’ – I don’t know what you call it – it looks a
little bit like disdain–ahh… I don’t know and I’m wondering if this is having some
like deeper meaning about like where my emotional state is lately I’ve just been
feeling kind of ‘meh’ lately so maybe that’s true hey if I start drawing
characters and like they all are crying with like makeup running down their
faces or something and that becomes a trend then maybe I’ll seek some help but
I think I’m alright now it’s just going through one of those spurts – I’ve got my
eyes on the future so everything’s fine this is getting way off topic but this
is the funny thing is that I’ve always realized for the longest time that
whenever I would draw like a giant smile on a character’s face I’d find myself
smiling and when I noticed this happening I was like oh that was kind of
weird and then like a week later I was strong another character with a giant
smile on their face and like while I’m doing it, I’m just sort of like acting it
out and it helps me draw it I’ve noticed so I don’t know if it’s the
drawing that makes me smile or I have to smile to be able to draw the smile but
they definitely go hand-in-hand so if you’ve ever seen a drawing that I’ve
made that has a giant smile or a smirk or something, a smile went into that –
that’s actually kind of cute. a video a while back, I think it was like a month
ago or something, I mentioned that I really wanted to practice when I draw long hair to actually draw realistic sections of the hair and make sure that
you could follow the hair from the scalp to the ends and it made sense so
I’m putting a little extra time into this piece really trying to make it
logical yeah there’s definitely some parts where I
cheated because I’m just kind of lazy but it’s the intent – it’s the purpose – I’m
trying – if I do a little bit better each time, which I definitely did more on this
drawing then I have in recent past, eventually I’ll do the whole head
properly – so yeah – I’m proud of the growth that I’m showing and I’m going to keep
growing – I haven’t been able to find any way to practice this other than doing it
like I can’t find references that really help and I can’t find a tutorial on
how to do it because – I actually don’t know why that is there’s just like nothing that
really shows it because I’m not drawing like realistic hair it’s so ‘flooffy’ right now –
that there aren’t really things to research about this so it really just
comes down to practicing and trial and error and seeing what looks bad what
looks good and giving it your best shot and trying not to be lazy and really
thinking through each strand of the hair and each clump of the hair and the more
I do this, the better I can feel myself getting at it so that’s kind of exciting
I’m not very creative when it comes to like dressing my characters so you’ll
notice I literally put off the clothes this characters wearing till the last
possible second but I decided with like a sort of goddess-look so like flowers
along the collar and then super flowy underneath that and like beads for
sleeves and it kind of matched the flower crown that I gave her and I
couldn’t decide whether or not to give her antler…..I decided not to give her
antlers – it just doesn’t seem quite like something that I’ve drawn I’ve seen
people do this a lot and I always love it it’s always so cute when you draw
like a little deer girl but I decided not to and I’m glad I didn’t mostly
because of the color scheme I decided to go with so I think would have been a
little weird to have antlers and so much blue and green and pink so I’m kind of
glad that I didn’t go that route but it would have been fun to experiment in
that way so maybe in the future now watch closely as I dive into coloring the skin tone, the very first thing I do I colored in the forehead next I moved
on down to like the cheek area section and I smudged the linerarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt *grunt *subtle laughs that nearly resemble tears* I know why this happened, I used two separate liners for this drawing, one I
used the micron PN for the eyelashes because I thought it would be easier to
fill in the sort of wider section and I thought they’d be a good idea – turns out
it wasn’t – it kind of smudges with my Copic markers so that was no good but
for the rest oh and then there was some one the
marker and then I did it again but I kind of found a way to hide that in the
future so just keep watching but I do want to mention the other liner that I
used was the prismacolor fine liners and those did not smudge at all – those worked
wonders so shout out to prismacolor – I think it was
the prismacolor premier in 02 or 03 (it was [03]) could have been 05 – i have
all three of those – I love them they don’t smudge with the Copics like
the PN did, *grunts a little* on the bright side I am super glad that I switched out to the
prismacolor after doing the eyes with that pn because If I had done the whole thing
in that i think it would have been a total disaster so yeah see there’s
always a bright side and this is something that you just have to really
look out for whenever you’re drawing with very pastel colors like the one
that I chose for the skin tone this ice blue color you got to be very careful
with darker line arts with those – it kind of stained the end of the brush still – I
wonder if I can fix that? we’ll see – if you’ve been following my
channel for a while you know I kind of gravitate towards flat colors and bold
line art but with Copic markers I’ve been kind of moving in a different direction
they’ve kind of been forcing me that way okay it’s not forcing me it just made me
want to experiment in that direction seeing other people’s Copic
illustrations and the beautiful gradients that everyone can make and I
remember one thing someone said when I posted my very first Copic video where I
was like using them for the very first time and I said oh I don’t need a lot of
colors I think I’m pretty set because I have the flat colors *bump* (oops, I just bumped my hand on the desk…XP) and someone even
mentioned in the comments that they were like oh yeah you won’t need a lot of
colors because of your art style and the way you use flat colors and It was almost
like a challenge *hehe* I was like “oh now I have to really try and blend these and see
what happens” and ever since I’ve started doing that oh I’ve just enjoyed blending
different colors so like here I’m using a green color now and blending it in
with the blue and like seeing the way these colors are interacting and it’s
it’s been so much fun and another thing I’ve always used
pretty cheap Copic knockoffs in the past like Ohuhu and even though those came
with a lot of colors I found myself using like the same 20 colors over and
over again because I just liked them so much but when it came to these Copic
markers I don’t know if it’s because I spent so much money on them…
maybe the fact that they weren’t cheap I felt like I need to get use out of every
single marker they each cost me a pretty penny so I need to show them each
some love, you know? and I think it’s just that mindset I have that like you know
“this costs me a lot of money I need to use it” that has led me to be
practicing with these Copic markers so much and I’ve just really been enjoying
that and I’m just glad I had that push and an inspiration to do it and maybe spending a lot of money was just what I needed to do be forced in this
direction and I couldn’t be happier and now I just want to like buy all the
Copic markers but I’m going to hold off figure out which colors I like the most
and really try to limit myself but I love the pastel colors and I think some
of them – if you watch my video, I bought them used, so a some of the colors that I
really like are kind of already running low so I might already have to buy some
refills though I need to save my money but I’m just – I’m so happy and I love
them and I’ve been having way way way too much fun with these markers and
experimenting with them and learning different techniques and like how to use
them because I’m so new to actually blending with these markers and seeing
the different effects that you can get and it’s just so exciting! I feel like I
keep repeating myself but it’s seriously I’m I’m just tickled! you’ll notice I added
a pretty simple conceptual background and it originally started as a square
and then I started – I kind of pulled it into more of a starburst shape and I
thought that fit the goddess theme that I had going on so I think
that fit a lot better than the plain square – here I’m using a Posca pen and I
am outlining the character cuz it’s just something I like doing I just love the
way it looks in the way it makes your character pop from like a solid colored
background so I’m doing that and I’m also using it to fix some of the
mistakes I accidentally colored in her earrings so I’m fixing that and adding
highlights to the face and lips and other places that I accidentally colored
that I didn’t really want to be colored so just going over with that – the Posca
pen is really nice especially if you’re using white paper to fix mistakes and
then if you wait for it to dry you can actually go over it with a pen and
create more liner and then go over again with the Copic marker and it’s
like your mistakes never happened! – now if this had been just a sketch in my
sketchbook I would have ended there but here I wanted to add more contrast to
the drawing so I’m shading even more into the hair and then I’m also adding
color to the flowers this is the first color I’m adding is this dark purple
almost as leaves I guess they would be leaves so it’s almost like a floral leaf
around the flowers then I grabbed a lighter purple color and started
coloring in some of the flowers really sketchy I wasn’t worried about staying
inside the lines I was just trying to see if it would look good because at
this point I still wasn’t entirely sure I didn’t know if this color scheme is
really gonna work so it’s kind of still just throwing colors around and then the
hair felt a little flat still at that point so I went in with a pink marker
and colored in some of the lighter areas and you could actually see the pink and
I feel like it really grabbed the color scheme and blended it together a little
nicer and I really liked that then I went in with a sort of green color and
added more dimension to the skin because it was paler then I kind of had
anticipated but I kept tweaking the background as well blending out those
colors and grabbing lighter Pink’s and trying to blend out the starburst to
make it look less choppy and the more I did that the more it covered over the
white Posca pen that I had outlined the character with so after that I had to
add even more Posca pen on top of that to really make that white line bold
because I just – it makes me happy and I really like it – I drew this in landscape
technically on the piece of paper even though it’s more of a portrait so I had
to cut the paper smaller I did all my swatching on the same paper it’s nice
when you have that extra space and you can do that without having to worry
about going and grabbing a swatch page especially since it’s the exact same
paper you’re drawing on so you don’t have to worry about the colors are
looking different on the paper that you’re using compared to the paper that
you’re swatching on so pretty handy dandy (I also used the scraps for other smaller marker illustrations) anyway this was my finished
illustration this was definitely one of those guilty pleasure drawings that just
really got me in the mood to draw more and so now I’m in a really good mood
I hope maybe it’ll rub off on you a little bit and you can have some of this
inspiration just feel so good ohmahgosh thank you guys for watching and
supporting my channel and just being there it really really helps me create
when I know that I’m surrounded by other people that also enjoy creating and are
putting their best into their art and it’s just such a nice community and I’m
so glad to be a part of it and to be here so thank you for being here too and
making it what it is so thank you and I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope
you have a delicious evening full of WAFFLES! ♪ BYE! ♪ ♪


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  • {Çrãžÿ _ Grøūp} says:

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