Where To Get Your Art Printed- CatPrint Review

Where To Get Your Art Printed- CatPrint Review

are you an artist and you want to sell prints online or an artist ally but you're not quite sure where to go to have your artwork printed I got good news for you greetings people of the Internet I'm Scott with surfboards art labs welcome to the underground laboratory where we create robots alien zombies and other imminent threat schematic but today we're going to talk about where you can go to have your artwork printed you know anything okay you know what that means that means we got mail now I think I know what it is and if it's not what I think it is this is going to be a real short show but I think these are my prints so let's go to the back Alexa as you know the vacuole X is how we get our mail here in the underground lair so let's see what we got alright as I expected these are the prints that I've been waiting for now they are quite small as you can see they've been dehydrated because that's the only way we can get in through the vacuole X so we are going to bring these back to actual size little drop of water okay see how easy that is everything is now actual sized and we can open these and I am looking forward to that but first I want to talk a little bit about some options for getting your prints printed or where I've been going and everything and why I decided to go with a different place and we'll get into where I got my new prints from and everything but so there's a few different places you can go some people print at home and we'll probably do another video on that later on down the road I'm looking at maybe getting this set up where I can I can do my own prints at home some of you guys do that another option a lot of people do an artist alley is to go to like a Kinkos or something and have color copies made now in artists alley a lot of people are selling fan art and because I'm not really selling fan art I don't have the advantage of having characters that people are already familiar with and everything and to be honest you can get away with color copies and stuff a lot of people do if you're selling fair because most of time people just want the character they're not really concerned about so much about quality and things like that but if you want better quality for your fan art or if you're like me and you're doing original artwork you got to kind of go that extra mile because like I said these aren't characters that are just going to fly off the shelf these are concepts that people know so you got to go a little extra so that's why I always go a little high more high quality my prints so if that's what you're looking for then this is the video for you so I have been going up until this point I've been going to Costco now Costco has they're basically like oversized photographs so they're photographic quality they're archival that they're little pricey for my most my average-sized print is 12 by 18 that's this size here so a little bigger than your 11 by 17 color copy these are lustre finish and it's on Fuji archival film very nice and at one point when I first started off they were like three dollars which is nice you can mark those up and everything they kind of bumped up the price a dollar so now they're $4 no again a lot of people aren't paying $4 per print because they're not as concerned of quality if you're concerned with Kali that's still a good route to go but I am looking at some other options and the good thing the other good thing about Costco is they have like a 24 hour turnaround now of course if I'm talking about if you're in the United States because I don't know if they have Costco where you are or if maybe they don't have it in your area and you are in the United States so that might not even be an option for you but what we're going to get into is going to be an option because you can order online so anyway so that's what I've been using and I'm pretty happy with the product and like I said they got the 24 hour turnaround so if I'm in a show and I'm running low on a print I can I can find might even be less than 24 hours actually I think it is I can place an order in the next day or later that day I can get more prints to sell and everything so that comes in handy and that's something I'm still going to be using if I run out of the prints that I ordered so where do I order for my prints this time I order from a company called cat print now if you haven't heard a cat print the thing that really intrigued me about them is that they offer a short run which I don't think there's a minimum order I think you can get like one print that might not make sense when you add in the shipping and everything but you can get low run you know short run prints and you can mix and match your different prints you don't have to you know you don't have to get like a big you know it's not like offset printing with the gut get this huge run of all these prints that you may or may not sell so that's cool the other thing is they offer custom sizes a lot of printers a lot of places only offer that you know that 11 by 17 I want to go that 12 by 18 and keep everything consistent with the way I've been doing so they offer all kinds of different custom sizes I even like to play a showed here I got some super big posters like this this is the one I'm not really sure about we're going to have to see if this matches up to this and we'll talk about that in a minute so anyway so we're going to unbox this thing so let's get down I gotta find my little razor to open this thing alright so here we go and I love unboxing stuff and would be careful you want to be careful obviously I don't know if the prints right here so just be real careful over that all right here we go all right there we go and so that is because it's cat print that's sort of a sample and that's cooling it the other thing is they offer these little sample packs and want to show you so before I place my order I got from Capra and I asked for this little little swatch palette I guess you would call it I don't know what you call it but these are samples per day of their printing and on all kinds of different papers they've got they've got some shimmer it's really hard to show but they've got this really nice shimmer finish they've got where's the one here's one that unlike a felt yeah they got all kinds of cool stuff where is the warm there was one in here that was like where is it I can't find it oh here here like a natural color can you see that so that this is really helpful because you can you can judge the thickness you can decide how thick of paper you want what kind of paper you want and then when you print it you can just choose based on that so awesome not super often all right so like I said oh and this this is cool to the artist of the month so they have different artists of the month and they send you a little print that's pretty cool so that's awesome supporting this artist the other thing that's pretty cool is they're an environmentally friendly company which you know as a mad scientist you want to take over the world if it's ruined so you want the world to be nice so that's why we want to environmentally turn this stuff and so these packing peanuts and everything are they're like biodegradable so I think you can even like eat them yeah it's like gum at melting in my mouth is kinda it doesn't taste the best maybe needs a little salt that's all right so let's delve into this order yeah see it's all recyclable everything that it's super cool and here are my smaller prints and we'll open those in a second here are my large size print not my extra large but my large size print and some of these are I have on like shimmer paper so everything shrink-wrapped everything looks nice the corners are perfect no damage on the corners we're going to open these here and so I'm going to compare it to this one here so let me find that particular print and we can see we find that okay so pull that out oh man these are nice these are nice so as you can see the one thing about Costco that I wasn't crazy about is it's a little they're little darker than than I anticipated so I got kind of pretty much the same stock now I'm not crazy about a lot of people think the thicker stock means better quality that's not always the case not that if you got a thicker stock of this all the paper is great it's really good paper but I don't really like the card stock because a lot of people again going back to the Kinkos and everything to try to make their stuff look a little better that put it on cardstock but I don't know I'm not crazy about that at least for the large print the smaller print so we'll get into that I go a little heavier stock but I wanted this to be similar to this and I'm really happy with the color it's a lot more true to the original artwork so that is super cool now I want to check out the special prints all right so just as a test I wanted to have some printed on the shimmer paper because it's really cool it's got kind of like a pearl finish oh man and unfortunately I don't know if you can see it on camera but I might I don't know I kind of like it I might switch after me after I sell these I might switch everything isn't that is really nice I don't know if you could see that shimmer but that's pretty awesome so the other thing is they can do that they'll do full bleed whatever you want i I just I prefer I prefer to have a white border around on my prints even when I was going to Costco where you don't necessarily need that I still went ahead and did that so but that is an option full bleed is certainly an option and man I can't tell you how excited I am about that now there is one thing that I want to check out and we'll get leading up to that particular print all right so this is this is my Costco print for a 3d print that I got and it you know uses 3d glasses and everything but because it gets a little darker the 3d didn't come out as great so I'm going to that is a little closer to what it should look like so I'm going to get my 3d glasses out and see how that looks oh man if you could only see what I'm seeing now it is perfect the other one is weight is a little too dark and the 3d just pops man I am so I mean I can't tell you and the other thing is compared to what I was going before with with uh you know Costco and I don't a bass cockscomb because they do great Princeton like I said I'll keep going back there I need thing if I run out or whatever so that's awesome but it's a little pricier so I probably paid half the price that I did so that is super awesome alright so now to check out the smaller prints these are my small prints so this is the one again this is the one from Costco it's just a bag so it's a little shinier than you would expect but I always know these again are sort of that photographic it's like the the texture not the texture but the the weight of a photograph is but I've got this back because the way I display my smaller prints it shows I have people flip through them so it's easier to put through if there's a back so I've got the back here so in this particular case I did don't want to go with a little heavier stock because people are going to be flipping through them and I want to find that same print oh here it is here it is so I'm not going to have to you know invest in extra backings it's going to be nice and thick oh man it is a nice thickness here and again I don't know if you can tell it's it's way true or to my actual my actual piece the the colors and everything not quite as you know saturated I guess so I just can't tell you how excited I am and I was really nervous doing this video because I didn't want to like do a video about cat print and then bash them but they came through for me like crazy now this this is the test cat print in you can you improve on what I get here on now I do oversized prints now these are my big prints and at first I'm just kind of doing them as a display because they're bigger people can see them I didn't think I would sell that many of them because you know sometimes people just want the artwork they you know they're not going to pay extra for the larger print but I was surprised to find out that this larger prints do sell unfortunately they cost a lot more because the weight printing works anything over 12 by 18 or maybe a little bit more than that I'm not sure thirteen something whatever but anything above that the the printing cost you skyrocket it just jumps because usually it's incrementally as the sizes go up maybe a few cents or whatever but once you get past that it just goes because they have to go with an all new printer I mean most printers only print certain size so if you want something big like this it's going to cost you so for Costco I'm paying like $20 for these prints so not not too cheap now these were a little less expensive they were eighteen but they only had one option as far as paper thickness so I don't know how thick these are going to be so we're going to set poster so I don't know maybe some posters are kind of flimsy so I'm a little nervous but we're going to check this out right here so let's open the tube and see what we do not press okay alright here we go now obviously as far as the print quality I'm sure it's going to be great because it's infected with packing peanuts all's they do all right come on months and eat those later just kidding that wasn't I wouldn't recommend eating them then okay all right it was your folks so let's see I'm really curious to see how the thickness of these are now whatever the case is that these aren't thick enough to my liking it's not going to be a big deal because I think I pay a thing these came out to about 18 bucks so I'm only saving a couple bucks so if I have to pay an extra couple bucks to have these at the very least what I can use these for is just my displays you know so but let's see no oh okay okay they came through again it it's a nice thick wow if I even be thicker I was surprised because it said poster you ever get those flimsy posters they're not really this is definitely better than the average poster that I get so this is my I love you can see it this is my mech daddy print that's one of my newer prints but man these are awesome so I save a couple bucks on these and so yeah yeah so these are you know these are like total probably paper – this is an Epson paper so quality paper all around the print quality looks awesome man I got it so cat print gets two thumbs up for me it's I mean they they really did a good job so I'm going to put their information in the in the description so you guys can check that out and I you know like I said I wasn't sure what to expect but they really did they did a bang-up job everything looks awesome and I will definitely use them again I'm just super psyched all right so cat Frank comes highly recommended the only thing that I would say I did have a little trouble when I was placing my order as far as the website it's not not really confusing the only thing that I couldn't figure out how to do and I know you were able to do it is for instance I think I ordered a set amount of each one of my prints now which you're supposedly what you're allowed to do or what you can do with cat print and say if I want if I want ten of one print or five or seven of another or whatever that I believe you can do that now I've talked with some people because I couldn't figure out how to do it based on their website I think it's I think it's just a matter of I guess you've got to call them and say this is what I want to do so and I was kind of it was after hours I didn't get a chance to do that but I hear they have good customer service they do have if it is during business hours I think they're on the east coast of the United States which also reminds me when I'm mentioning sizes I'm talking in inches sorry anyone that's not in the US we know inches here and it's all we know so but anyway so yeah that was a little confusing but I just went ahead and ordered the same amount but again you don't have to order these huge quantities and that is just a huge plus and oh the other thing is the shipping the shipping was like super fast I got a cod coming up and I had some stuff come up right before and I've been meaning to order these things and I you know and it was like down to the wire and I they I didn't even have to pay extra postage I got it like it was almost like within a week which was awesome and that and you can't and I think they do have express shipping so that is also super cool because you know that fast turnaround is everything reorder around online so all around I would highly recommend cat print if you guys have any questions about printing or anything like that want to know or if you guys maybe you guys have another printer that's awesome – let me know leave a comment in the comment section like follow all the good stuff and yeah man as you can see I'm super excited so hopefully this might give you guys an avenue of where to go to get your prints and this video is no way affiliated with cat print or anything like that um if you do want to sponsor my video give me because but anyway yeah I will be definitely using cat print again because everything was awesome and and I've heard that from other people so I had high expectations and they definitely delivered so awesome so that's where you can go if you want to have some quality now you can go to other places but if you want to have quality prints printed I would recommend cat prints and I will be back so I'll see you guys later that is all hey everyone thanks for joining me here in the art lab there's a lot other great content on the channel so click that subscribe button and you won't miss a thing if you're aspiring evil genius visit supercup for all your mad science supply needs and if you want to contact me hit me up in the con section or follow me on social media I'm looking forward to it I'll see you then


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