Who Was Harry’s Best Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor?

Who Was Harry’s Best Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor?

Hey, Brother! J, Hogwarts is a weird place to work, right? Like do you live there? Does your spouse live there with you? It kind of seems like Snape is out in the castle a lot at night. For some reason he just kind of seems nocturnal so.. but Hagrid lives there and Trelawney says it’s her home And if they do go home at night, does that mean we just have a castle full of kids just sleeping there alone Also why would kids even want to sneak out at night anyway They have common rooms that seem to be totally fair game and people from all of the other houses are basically the enemy anyway. So if professors don’t live there, basically at night we have one guy and his cat wandering the castle by himself. Although even then you know we see Filch during the day and that guy ever sleep No wonder He was so cranky. But I guess what I’m really trying to say is who is the best Defense against the dark arts professor? Like what does the like want ad for a new teacher position at Hogwarts look like anyway? Now hiring: man or woman, any skillset, imposters welcome, Don’t be a werewolf, unless you absolutely have to. Being possessed by an evil force MAY be allowed, light torture is not preferred but okay, open to multi-year contract, (but let’s be real). Oh and getting here is on you. Looking at you, Lupin. Honestly most of the hirees completely suck. Or they’re amazing. It doesn’t really matter They only last a year either way. But that’s good for us over here at Super Carlin Brothers. Where we like ranking stuff. Before we begin, let me clarify by saying that we are going to be ranking them based on how they performed as a teacher at Hogwarts And not necessarily how they stack up as a wizard. So let’s dive right on into the top six-ish Defense against the Dark arts teachers. Starting with number six Dolores Umbridge. [You haven’t given me any ink. You wouldn’t need any ink] Yeah, the fact that Lockhart isn’t at number six says a lot about the quality of teachers at this position Hello But seriously that little lightning bolt scar on top of Harry’s head is сhild’s play compared to what this woman does. Did you know that she is the only other person besides of Voldemort to leave a lasting scar on Harry’s body and she leaves sixteen while she was one of his teachers. Honestly out of six she might actually be in seventh place. Even J.K.Rowling describes her as being basically as evil as Voldemort himself But I think the key problem with Umbridge has nothing at all to do with torturing and the fact that she is just deliberately wasting the students time, and actively NOT teaching them defense against the dark arts, in a wake of Voldemort’s return. [Theoretical knowledge would be sufficient] The only real benefit of her being there at all is that it led Harry to starting Dumbledore’s army. Actually when you put it like that, maybe Umbridge was the best thing that ever happened to Hogwarts Except for the fact that she could have just taught them all of the same things, yeah, you know she is the worst. Moving on number five Professor Quirrell [I thought you ought to know] Yeah, the fact that Lockhart is not at number five really says a lot about the quality of people at this position [I didn’t get rid of the Bandon Banshee by smiling at her] But my real takeaway from this ranking is that Umbridge was still worse than the guy who had the most evil wizard ever living in the back of his head But let’s talk about Quirrell for a second. When you hear the description of the guy, he kind of reminds you of Neville. Like the quiet stammering kid. We do know that Quirrell spent a lot of time travelling the world trying to get as much experience in the field as he possibly could and even fantasized about being the one to take down Voldemort. But hey letting him possess you and control your actions is basically the same thing, right? I think so, but I’m a horcrux half-full kind of guy. I guess he did try to teach the students though. I mean after all he did show them an iguana That’s more than Umbridge did. And that brings us to number four Finally professor Lockhart! [Hardly any of you remember that my favorite color is lilac.] Yeah, the fact that Gilderoy Lockhart is at number four says a lot about the quality of teachers at this position. Truly a bumbling idiot it is kind of amazing that Lockhart almost cracked the top three in this list but he did serve one very vital function. His main contribution to Harry’s defensive skills come after starting a dueling club at Hogwarts. He’s not very good at dueling or teaching dueling, but he did provide the scenario that led Harry to learn the Expelliarmus. And in case you have forgotten that’s the one he uses here and here So, yeah, I guess that ended up being moderately useful a few times. But hey I’m a triwizard cup half-full kind of guy. And that brings us to number three – Severus Snape [Turn to page 394] So despite Lockhart starting the Dueling Club it’s actually Snape who teaches Harry Expelliarmus. [It was pretty obvious what you’re about to do] it really is kind of poetic. That Snape is the one who taught Harry the spell that ultimately overthrows Voldemort. And as someone who is pretty keen on getting this position for so many years he was pretty adept at it. He successfully tips Hermione off about Lupin being a werewolf during their third year, in their sixth year he teaches the class about nonverbal spells in theory and stunning spells. He also tries to teach Harry to defend his mind with lessons on occlumency but it turns out he actually seriously sucks at this. Beyond the classroom he also teaches Harry a variety of superuseful skills through his old textbook including Levicorpus and Sectumsempra Which is more of actual Dark Magic. And how to successfully brew lots of potions it kind of seems like Snape would have had a really good profession as just like a potions book author but.. And he’s the one that slows down the curse that is killing Dumbledore and cast a pretty freaking sweet Patronus, but all of those things happen outside of the classroom, so they don’t totally get to qualify towards his credentials But he’s still a super good defensive wizard. Number two Barty Crouch, Jr. and/or Mad-eye Moody? [The minister says you’re too young to see what these curses do I say different]. You know if I was an evil wizard trying to return to full power I would maybe not have the guy who was orchestrating the entire thing training my enemies in Defensive Magic, but hey I’m a the eye sockets or half-full kind of guy. Depending on your perspective Barty’s biggest flaw is the fact that he did too good of a job at teaching Harry and his friends defense against the Dark arts. the Dark arts. Like for one of the best villains in the series he’s also one of the best good guys. Specifically with the unforgivable curses he even says it is too early for you guys to be learning this Why tell them? You’re deliberately going out of your way to give them more information than they needed! You could just teach them the normal year four stuff and despite his ultimate motive and reveal, the students still seem to have seen him as a brilliant teacher. [I never thought I’d be in the same room as him, he’s really been there you know.] His teaching of Harry how to handle the Imperius curse is exactly what allows Harry to escape it when Voldemort is using it on him later. How did you break my curse? – Your dude was great! And that leads us to number one Franklin. Just kidding. Number 1 – Harry Potter! Oh, no not, not really. Lu-Lupin is number one. But I say Harry because I feel like he kind of deserves an honorable mention here He does train like 30+ wizards how to do a huge variety of hyper useful spells that are absolutely critical in the battle at Hogwarts. So back to the real number 1. Remus Lupin. [It’s alright, it’s chocolate.] Reason number 1 Chocolate. And before you say anything let me just say, it helps, trust me Yes, if I’ve learned anything from Lupin is that you can always trust strange men on the train who give you candy which why exactly was Lupin even on the train? It’s the only occurrence we ever see of a professor being on the train Whatever. Lupin is easily regarded by most students as the best or only worthwhile defense against the dark arts teacher they had. Ironically he seemed to really excel against dark creatures. Such as Red Caps and Grindylows, Hinkypunks and Boggarts. But he also seemed to have advanced knowledge on defensive spells. Now Snape may have taught Harry his signature Expelliarmus but Lupin taught him his other signature spell [Expecto Patronum!] Now of course you have to give Harry a lot of credit for being such a young wizard and being able to produce such advanced Magic But you also have to give Lupin an enormous amount of credit for being able to coax this out of his student So there you go guys that is our ranking of the defense against the dark arts teachers What did you think? do you agree? What are your rankings, please leave your thoughts in the towel section down below. Also worth mentioning that we did not forget about Carrow But he was actually teaching dark arts. Not defense against the. Also guys be sure to go check us out on patreon We have been adding loads of awesome new content to it Basically every day including some sneak peeks at skits and all of the blooper reels which I can assure you are many And huge thanks to our super Carlin friend of the week. Guys as always Thanks for watching be sure to like this video and subscribe if you haven’t already/ If you’d like to see some more Harry Potter horcrux Action from us you can click right here to find out whether or not Professor Quirrell was a horcrux or right here just to see us rank the horcruxes But, J, that is everything that I’ve got for you today, man. I will see you on Tuesday


  • SuperCarlinBrothers says:

    Who was your favorite Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher?

  • Master Morty says:

    What about slughorn

  • Frankie Santos says:

    I adored Lupin as the teacher, but Umbridge had the best acting performance in the film.

  • moonblade dreemur says:

    Tbh lockhart was cool after he lost his memory so i wish we saw more of him

  • palkó says:

    Well, we have seen slughorn on the train, not only lupin

  • Jeremy Smith says:

    Slughorn was also on the train

  • Solid Foundations says:


  • unohana Retsu says:

    Umbrich was the best teacher

  • x69CORNYPOOP69x says:

    Reason Lupin would have been on the train was Dumbldore knew the dementors were out there on the way to the school and may come across the train, needing some one who would know how to combat them him asked Lupin to ride the train in. Valid idea anyone?

  • Jason Metcalfe says:

    Everyone always forgets slughorn caught the train in Harry's 6th year

  • Manika Maheshwary says:

    Wasn't slughorn also on the train

  • Oovan Moss says:

    You guys forgot about Amycus Carrow from the Deathly Hallows. I mean if your going to rank the defense against the dark arts teachers you might as well NAME ALL OF THEM!

  • Amanda M says:

    Super side note slughorn was on the hogwarts express too otherwise awesome video you guys are great

  • Hesham Agha says:

    my favourite defense against the dark arts professor is remus lupin

  • Farhana Yasmeen says:

    1-Snape (for nearly sacrificing his half lifetime for Harry)
    4-Mad Eye (for sending Harry to voldemort)

  • Hannah Catherine says:

    Does everyone forgot that slughorn was on the train

  • Willow Woo says:

    You remind me of Sheldon cooper

  • Pxola says:

    Lupin is and will always be the best teacher in history.
    HUGE fan of the Marauders (not you Pettigrew), especially of Sirius and Lupin🌚

  • UN!TY says:

    Lupin for sure

  • Erwin Pasamanero says:

    Best Dark Arts Teacher: Remus Lupin

    Worst Ever Dark Arts Teacher: Dolores Umbridge

    Easy mode.

  • Chase Truax says:

    (2) REMIS LUPIN likeif you agree

  • Looney Lovegood says:

    Umbridge is the best. She was the person that encouraged them to start the DA. The spells they used were amazing in the battle of Hogwarts. Umbridge isn’t smart at all. She couldn’t of teach all the spells harry did.

  • Cooper O'Rourke says:

    Professor remus lupin aka moony

  • Braydon Halls says:

    You forgot SlugHorn

  • Little Elena says:

    Lupin, the end

  • Coyote Moonlight says:

    Slughorn was also on the train in year 6

  • Maggie Middleton says:

    My rankings:
    6: Umbridge
    5: Quirrel
    4: Moody/Barty Crouch Jr
    3: Lockhart
    2: Snape
    1: Lupin
    Also, I didn't put Amycus (Is that his name or is it the other one?) Carrow is because we only met him in Ravenclaw common room when his sister finds Harry and Luna, we didn't know much about either of them


    Lupin wasn't the only teacher on Hogwarts Express Slugman was also on the train

  • Gopi Singh says:

    Tbh harry is the best

  • Jeffrey Bensinger says:

    – before watching –
    Please don't say Umbridge

  • FireSnek says:

    1. Professor Lupin
    1.5. Harry Potter (yes I'm counting him but he doesn't get a full one because he isnt really a professor)
    2. Professor Moody
    3. Professor Snape
    4. Professor quirrell
    5. Professor lockheart
    6. Professor Sumbitch (everyone knows who this is)

  • Aarón Troncozo Quiroz says:

    Lupin wasn't the only teacher to ride to Hogwarts Express. Slughorn rode it too, he invited some students over to eat on their way to Hogwarts

  • Matthew h game 09 says:

    I know why snape is always awake. It’s cause he’s the defense against the DARK arts. Get cause at night it’s dark du dun du.

  • Riccardo Bater-james says:

    He showed them an iguana

  • Wildcard videos Wildcard Dom says:

    I’m not sure but I think the position of defense against the dark arts teacher is cursed that’s one of the reasons why you only get one teacher a year

  • Naive Dreamer says:

    Just check Harry Potter and methods of rationality defence professor. He's just from way higher league. And it' Quirrell by the way.

  • Hesham Agha says:

    6 place umbridge
    5 place gilderoy lockhart
    4 place quirrl
    3 place sevurus snape
    2 place mad eye moody
    1 place remus lupin

  • Pritish Nayyar says:

    8.Umbridge (out of 7)
    4.barty crouch jr.
    2.Harry Potter(in D.A.)
    1.Remus J. Lupin

  • Tyler Pike says:

    I agree that Lupin was the best DADA teacher for the overall student body, but I think I personally would have learned best from Snape. I think that Snape was overall the most skilled and knowledgeable in the subject but obviously had questionable teaching methods and a poor relationship with students, whereas Lupin possessed an adept level of knowledge, but not masterful, yet his approach to the students, especially the younger ones, was so open and positive that they all wanted to learn from him. Crouch Jr./Mad-Eye was kind of a middle ground between those two, and I think the main reason that Crouch Jr. taught the students so much and so well was because he had to keep his portrayal of Mad-Eye Moody absolutely impeccable; he taught them exactly as he thought Mad-Eye would have. As for helping Harry master resisting the Imperius Curse, remember that Crouch Jr. was absolutely insane, not to mention enthralled with Voldemort. He probably empowered Harry with the vision in mind of Harry actually putting up a fight so that the Dark Lord's triumph would be all the more impactful. Back to the Lupin vs. Snape debate though, I feel that Lupin was the better teacher for general students, while Snape was the better teacher for advanced students. I always had the idea that the teaching structure should be slightly different at Hogwarts anyway, and I thought of it because of the whole issue with Hagrid vs. Grubbly-Plank teaching CoMC. Imagine if each subject had two teachers, one for 1st-5th years (O.W.L level) and another for the advanced N.E.W.T. level students in their 6th-7th years. So if that were the case, Grubbly-Plank, whose teaching methods had more popular appeal, could have taught O.W.L students, while Hagrid, who sought to challenge the students with interesting and dangerous creatures, might have taught at N.E.W.T level; similarly, if there had been no wizarding war and no curse on the DADA job, Lupin would have been the ideal O.W.L level teacher, and Snape would have been excellent for N.E.W.T level. Those are my thoughts, but I think it's past time to end this wall of text lol.

  • taygata says:

    As much grief as umbridge brough she taught them the most. She taught them to stand together in the face of evil be your self in times darkness and that fred and george were holding back out of respect for Dumbledore how to heal small cuts and most importantly the dangers of telling lies.

  • Ageliki Girl says:

    Remus Lupin

  • Ageliki Girl says:

    Is the best for me.

  • Richly Rich says:

    Snaps he died to save the wizarding world confirmed 😐

  • MoonBlad4r says:

    The best teacher was Harry in the army.

  • TheCatPlayz EVERYTHING says:

    Mad eye moody is my fav cuz he TURNED DRACO INTO A FERRET!!!!

  • lillia_da_wolf 101 says:


  • lillia_da_wolf 101 says:


  • Lumosnight says:

    Lockhart should be at the bottom, je was so incompetent, the students didn’t learn anything from him, more like from Snape at the Duelling Club. Umbridge, as horrible as she is, was a more competent witch and she did teach the students all they needed for the curriculum…. only they couldn’t practice it. Quirrel should have ranked higher, he was apparently a very good teacher whose nerves had gone…

  • Gaming by Ranger says:

    My list:
    10. Lupin
    9. Umbridge
    8. Umbridge
    7. Umbridge
    6. Umbridge
    5. Umbridge
    4. Umbridge
    3. Umbridge
    2. Umbridge
    1. UMBRIDGE!

    She is cool, #Loveprofumbridge

  • Lahly Bird says:

    But lets be honest.
    We all knew Lupin would be number one.
    The logical part of my brain says Barty should be no 1.
    But I'm loyal to Remus.
    moody doesn't rank at all,
    I mean, hard to do much teaching when your in a trunk

  • John DeMauro says:

    Remus Lupin
    Severus Snape
    Barty Crouch Junior/Mad eye moody

  • Hello There says:

    Lupin is on the train because he is poor….

  • irteza helal says:

    I don't know why Umbridge is even included in this.

  • lucy and james and ben play roblox says:

    My list
    1 lupin
    2 umbrage
    3 umbrage
    4 umbrage
    5 umbrage
    6 umbrage

  • Pritish Nayyar says:

    You know whatq is DADADAM???
    Dumbledore's Army's Defence Against the Dark Arts Meeting.

  • Calum Cooke says:

    7:52 hate to be pedantic but in the sixth book we see slughorn and the slugclub on the train

  • Chris Vossler says:

    Something occurred to me watching this today. Lupin riding the train is the only time any professor is on the train (obviously), so what if the reason isn't because he's poor and can't get there any other way? After all, he could just apparate to Hogsmeade and walk. What if the reason he's on the train is because Dumbledore told the faculty that the Dementers might decide to search the train en route, and he considered it his duty (as the new DADA professor) to be there if it happened? After all, this is the first experience any of these students probably ever had with Dementers, and who better than the new DADA professor to help them through it?

  • Aubrey Summers says:

    Everyone's favorite is Lupin 😂

  • Aubrey Summers says:

    After all this time?

  • ako180 says:

    Why Lupin was on the train. Well, he is very poor, and cannot afford to get there every day. Anyway, that's what I got from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF56wges7_U at 16:00. NO, I don't know why the heck he didn't apparate or use floo powder into Hogsmeade, so don't ask.

    I also know that there are theories that he isn't actually poor, he is. He was found at a run-down cottage by Dumbledore. When Dumbledore offered him the teaching position. Also, he intentionally went from low-paying small jobs because, if he stayed too long then they would realize that he got "sick" at the full moon every month. Yes, he could be less poor if he wasn't a werewolf. Also, if he wasn't poor why would he dress like he was? It isn't really something to be proud of, is it?

  • Katherine Luttrull says:

    you were wrong
    2 moody
    3 harry
    5 lockheart
    6 quirl
    7 carrows

  • *insert surprised pikachu face * says:

    i wanna point something out about professor umbridge.

    a few days ago i decided to check out the script for the cursed child and there was a scene where Scorpius Malfoy (Draco's son) is brought to a place (It's too much to explain how he got there just trust me) where voldemort is still alive and rules the wizarding world. it just so happens in this universe umbridge is the headmaster of hogwarts and she completely agrees to voldemorts ruling.

    so yes she did probably support voldemort throughout her time of literal existence.

  • jimmy_stumps says:

    Sometimes I think to myself, why doesn't this guy have an Irish accent and start his videos with "TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIES!"

  • Santi Mejia says:

    Did you forget about professor Slughorn in the 6th book taking the train to Hogwarts.

  • Ihsaan Quader says:

    This is an easy one. Lockhart was OBVIOUSLY the most skilled and professional.

  • Riley Manwell says:

    me: looks at title
    cough cough Lupin
    sorry, just allergies

  • Ajeetha Kamilla says:

    Professor slughorn was on the train

  • Millicent Barker Hussar says:

    1. Snape
    2. Moody
    3. Lupin
    4. Lockhart
    5. Umbridge
    6. Quirrel

  • dragonweyr44 says:

    Horace Slughorn rode the train to Hogwarts in Half Blood Prince. The first meeting of the Slug Club took place on the train going to Hogwarts

  • Aress says:

    Voldemort put a curse saying that if someone becomes a teacher of Defence of Dark arts will only last a year after Voldemort died the cruse was ended and someone became a permanent defence of dark arts teacher!

  • Alejandro Molina says:

    Harry Potter should retire as an Auror and be a Professor Defense Against of the Dark Arts.

  • genesis obanion says:

    I feel compelled to say: slughorn rode the Hogwarts express in half-blood prince

  • Tyler C says:

    I lost it at "im a, the eye sockets are half full kind of guy"

  • Sayak Bondyopadhyay says:

    I would like professor lupin



  • Mary Anne Lavender says:

    My rank:
    1.Remus Lupin
    2.Barty Crouch Jr. AKA Mad-eye Moody
    3.Severus Snape
    5.Dolores Umbridge
    6.Gilderoy Lockhart
    This is only judged on how they teach this subject, not how they behave in the wizarding world.
    At least Umbridge didn't show off her "talent" but let them create D.A!

  • Aaron Hoover says:

    Why are you keeping it to 6? Make it 7. Count the Carrows. Then they are dead last since they just taught dark arts

  • Jupp Schmitz says:

    Not sure about No. 2 and No. 3, but all in all, you're right!

  • Tim Brickell says:

    Umbridge was a bad teacher, but because she was SO bad, it encouraged the students to put a lot more effort into learning the subject than any of the other teachers (from any subject). In that sense, she was the best teacher they could have had. Probably resulted in many of the DA staying alive during the battle of Hogwarts. Nothing Lupin taught them would have helped

  • Ratchet4647 says:

    Wait there's also a Dark Arts class?!?

  • Mr.Stan.Fungi says:

    Of course Lupin's number 1

  • magister343 says:

    The Best Defense against the Dark Arts teacher is the version of Quirrel/Voldemort found in Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.

  • BiryuTheFox says:

    Is anyone else of the mindset that Harry should have taught DADA after school? What better way to spite the guy that cursed it than by killing him and taking the job. Having tea with Longbottom and getting to see Hagrid every day and watching his kids enjoy what was basically his childhood home and get the upbringing he'd always wanted? No? Just me? Maybe my dad? No? Okay.

  • Whiskey Shaw says:

    7:52 actually no, Lupin is NOT the only professor, if you remember correctly in HBP, Slughorn is also on the train

  • Orlando Alvarado says:

    Slughorn took the train to Hogwarts too

  • Becky Sibley says:

    I bet it is lupin

  • maud ceyssens says:

    Lupin was on the train because he was poor

  • Floraxy 4 says:

    Hall! That was an introduction of topic!😅

  • Kalle Kainulainen says:


  • Koala Eucalyptus says:

    Yeah, I'd say Quirrel is still above Lockhart on my list… although in the movies he does not appear to be doing much, in the books there isn't any evidence against him being a OK teacher, albeit a little shy on the advanced stuff, going for the more simple. Of course, having Voldy's head on the back of his was an issue, but hey, if Barty is up there… haha

  • Lexie W says:

    I legit laughed when I saw the title and then saw a picture of Umbridge

  • Slevin Channel says:

    Umbridge Statements about there being No Danger is a Plot Hole. If she had said there's no Voldemort out there, ok, but no Danger? What about the JOB OF AURORS THEN?!? It's a Job, so it does not make any sense. This world is filled with Dangerous things, they are everywhere.

  • Michelle Morris says:

    You kinda look like lupin

  • Blue Purpled says:

    1.Gildery Lockhart
    2.Gildery LockHart
    3.Gildery LockHart
    4.Remus Lupin

  • Louise Anne Bateman says:

    I think it's usual for teachers at boarding schools to also board in the same building. So, yeah, during term time the teachers probably live at Hogwarts. McGonagall certainly seems to have lodgings in Gryffindor Tower.

  • Gabriel Greenberg says:

    cough slughorn cough

  • TheEddie1910 says:

    I would have swapped Lockhart and Quirrell because I think it is mentioned somewhere that he did a fairly good job at teaching besides we never get to know what exactly he was teaching

  • XxGreymoonxX says:

    Slughorn was on the train 👀

  • Georgie Galvin says:

    Lupin was not the only professor on the train. What about Slughorn?

  • Arachné Sakura says:

    i think Remus was on the train because the night before was a full moon. hes usually drained and tired after and during most of the train ride he was sleeping pretty friggin hard considering 3 teens were talking serious stuff and he slept right through it.

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