Why Artists Don’t Have The Right Information

Why Artists Don’t Have The Right Information

Oh what's up everybody once again its brand man Sean and this video is brought to you by brain man network.com because I myself baby I this video I even know what I was gonna do this video but I said know what let me let me do this video nobody cares about artists now why am I saying that well I just really think about it and just the fact that since I've been doing what I've been doing through the channel and been taking that more seriously helping educate artists and hoping to move along the way like at scale I've been hearing a few things one thing and I was only like two videos in when I start hearing this was yo but I don't give game away for free like you you do what you do and you work with who you work with like you good you can make so much more money from charging people and then the other thing like when I talk to people again and again and ask them how come you don't talk about this or how come you don't put that out there and how come you don't build your own like channel or things like that people say again and again there is no money in music education there's a lot of money when it comes to these colleges and just other forms of education but people don't believe there's money in education now one some of it's the artists fault but then it goes back to you know the industry as a whole as well right because one artist a lot of times have this mentality that they don't need to be educated or they don't want to learn all this stuff why would I learn all this stuff when I could just have somebody do it for me or I just need to find a person and they are gonna make wave the magic wand they're gonna change my life that's kind of a mentality that a lot of artists still have to do this day even when you're giving out the right information artists or skeptics because they're going off of you know just I give bad experiences whatever it is I know I've had videos where I could either talk to the person or be a part of the situation then I put it out and then all kind of people are just saying to be as did they say I know I've personally been a part of a situation at times or have talked to people directly and then when I put a video out people will literally be like nah that's not happening it happened this way and it's like I call whatever believe what you want to believe but at the end of the day one of the big reasons I'm even doing this video is really more side of a frustration because I see like this thing on both sides because they literally believe it or not so any people that actually do want to educate artists but they feel like people don't value it you give away a lot of information for free and they don't even allow you or they just don't put the stuff to you so they don't value the time that's been put out and I've seen it again and again that's that's pretty much proven right and not even just in the music industry and then you have this far too industry where they really don't want artists to be educated because then they would not be able to take advantage of the artists right the people want to keep you in the dark so they can do what they do without having to hide or work too hard to scam you or scam you but on the other end you've got these artists at the same time that don't want to be educated or they don't want to spend that time on those things or they just don't appreciate people putting that kind of information out there that is a real thing and then of course I run across plenty of artists that put that stuff to work and you see them go do it right and it's beautiful when I see that but that's not necessarily most artists there's still a lot of artists that want to get in contact with one person I hope that person changes their life that's the mentality has been put out there some of it's been enabled by the music industry just keeping the artists in a dark hey we're gonna handle all this business stuff you just focus on the art right you just be in a studio all day you just smoke you know stay stay drinking what do you like you like girls with you will come to drugs you like yeah we'll give you all that we'll give you a lot of that good stuff and you you stay in your delusion over here just be artistic am we gonna handle the money and all these relationships and things that go on tough but it'd be that way so I do want to say just for artists and just you know anybody trying to come up in general because there's managers PR people there's so many different Ino positions that yes there's so much more information out there then it's been before right and it's a great thing it was a beautiful thing use that information take in that information but then there's still layers right there's gonna be things that aren't going to be just one the internet right there's gonna be in the closed environments and then you've got you know membership clubs or mastermind groups or just people in their circle with their homies and then there'll be other forms of business though that you can research steel it doesn't have to all be music and Madison matter of fact you'll benefit yourself if you don't just research music you look at the business as a whole entrepreneurship as a whole especially for indie artists and then build that way because the more that you're just looking to do music right and not necessarily be in control of other things the more you have to just be relying on your income and have to you know be stuck within that game and doing all the things within that game versus looking at somebody like Nipsey Hussle a large reason he was able to stay out of being signed for so long and wait out being able to do it his way was because he was building business the way he was building business right but he was able to invest in things get money back after that money flipped and then invested into his music but then still keep investing in other things where that money was continuously flipping getting that income and putting it towards other stuff and you have people like chance who's had investors or just certain connections like there's the money has to come from somewhere put it that way right the money has to come from somewhere and those people who really desire to be independent independent independent you don't need to be able to have some entrepreneurial sense and make sure you have income coming from other places right building your own type of business maybe you build that other type of business first right if there's so many artists that have businesses on the streets right you're you're hustling you might be slinging something on the corner then why not be able to have your own graphic design business and get money that way your tech business and and get money that way and then flip it's all the same thing the money is what you're trying to get at the end of the day to fund yourself or you get an investor but educating yourself not on just this music industry stuff one will help you and help free you up but to bringing it all back to just the fact that it's not in everybody's interest to educate artists it just isn't and nobody necessarily cares you complain about these things but certainly mentalities people prefer to keep in place and a lot of artists seem to prefer to go that route anyway specially the this one person is gonna be my Savior I'm entirely where you end up getting scammed this looks like a great deal and you get scammed that video you know I know it's just ranting in a lot of it but there was a lot of important things that I really wanted to get off my chest and I was just thinking so I was like a man let's put up the camera because it's important man like yeah I got to realize everybody doesn't care about artists out here everybody doesn't care about music and even the ones that do are having a hard time doing it because how artists are acting or responding to it on one end and then just because you know there isn't that much money in it because it makes it harder because a lot of people are saying you know this thing cost it's a lot of money this thing costs $50 or $20 or whatever and it's a lot of money but you're not trying to invest in yourself right you have to invest in your education you are you expecting people to do everything for you for free like that that's why a lot of people than we want to help all right just so I could go on that for days and days I'm not so as always this video is brought to you by brandman network.com because I saw myself and if you like this video go ahead like but if you liked you might as well share and if you're not subscribed you know what to do here subscribe


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    Good vid 👌 #BMS #moguldreams

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    The Camera you’re shooting on has 3 dead pixels (the black spots), sorry if someone has already pointed this out before or if you already know, anyway thanks as always for the information Brandman, you and Kohrey steady passing out Keys to the Kingdom

  • Hey Laffy says:

    Man I really appreciate you saying this. I've been trying to tell my homies this for like the past three years; that if you really care about your art, you should care to take the time to learn how to get it into people's ears rather than rely on a "savior" so to say

  • Moses K says:

    Brand Man Sean 2020

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    I appreciate you and I think its time i went to your site and break bread!

    Youve answered my IG Dm'd questions always responding to comments…
    Because of you Im beating my head against the wall less
    and I have suffered from depression w Music far less because of your support
    I fuck with you the long way bro!

    Ive gotten fans from Deezer with your Feature.Fm Plug
    I think youre the reason i switched to Distro Kid
    im at 40k + views on a music video because of you!

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    Fuckin' facts Sean!!! They don't hear you though smh

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    💯 Preciate Tha game bro 🔑

  • Trusno Trusno says:

    It's funny how when you are being brutally honest, these artist dont wanna hear the truth..This is the music business, treat it as such. Ain't nobody gonna give you nothing, you have to work hard for your business and grow your business with outside resources..-Trusno

  • OneAndOnlyAlejandro says:

    Thanks my man! 'If they don't pay, they don't pay attention' – Russell Brunson

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    Thank you for everything you have done for us so far brandman seriously. I truly feel as if you believe in all of us as artist and that right there is where you earn my respect. You understand how hard the road is for us and yet you make it sound so do able for us who follow our dreams and work hard 💯🙏🏾. I hope you grow into a very successful man in the industry

  • Ty Media says:

    Facts appreciate you 💯💯💯

  • FrankieDiamonds TV says:

    these labels arent making sure these artists will be around for 10 plus years. they just want the current hit songs for RIGHT NOW
    artists are better off being independent now more than ever

  • Broc Bravo says:

    This Is So True… As A Geuine Person It Can Be Frustrating To See This Happening… Keep Being Yourself Brandman… I Apply So Much Of Your Info & Share Your Videos W/ Other Artsits As Well

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    Great content, keep it up 👏🏾

  • Teule Njiri says:

    Great video!

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    you're a God send bro, keep being for the people it'll pay off

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    Sean every a&r say i need that machine behind me? Exactly what is the machine

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    Our music education space small. We are blessed have brothers like yourself here! ✊🏽

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    Thats defiantly the goal and the right approach. Thanks for the game.

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    My fan base is popping I'm almost at 10k plays for my new song I dropped a week ago on sound cloud

  • Dee Tee says:

    I see what you're saying, this is what I go through when I over analyzing the present. There is truth to everything being said!

  • Barracuda Death-wish says:

    Labels actually fund artists with drugs?

  • J-DubDMG says:

    It's the hassle of timing

  • K Dazee says:

    Focusing just on that art is what wiped out Tesla from the history books

  • Barracuda Death-wish says:

    Dang right bro, you've been giving game that other people would charge for, that's why you are my favorite you tuber in this field bro

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