Why I Divorced My Husband – Gospel Musician Abena Serwaa Ophelia

Why I Divorced My Husband - Gospel Musician Abena Serwaa Ophelia

you don't know you don't know why is going on hey interview be aware of Samir Ibrahim a common Amos always been Zion Felix follow me on instagram at Zion finish those comments Rita at jr. and that's called Zion flashy I could do by now by Democrat see a Korean barbecue Ghana by John Hancock are you go for our next trip so from 8th August to fourth in August this year we are going to Singapore Singapore faith Singapore miss a whole thing Singapore whole faith also Jimmy I see as I impress my far to Moses a I feed you in Chile new baby F vehicle – Etrigan as I Americana also kubrick qualities internally across Singapore from 8 to 14 August 2019 9200 groceries coke which appear to travel and so putting everything together VPO night out or not just going to sleep everything it's inclusive your hotel your flights Emirates in a house and everything I come home it's rougher ok rocket to cut another 3 then we go to the Singapore mum could ban on Winnie it's PG / Hulu Instagram so I'm sure you saw the videos I posted recorded a safari year called the buy more I mean by frame was a nice trip it was let's go to Singapore and explore the beautiful city of Singapore cross the five zero three seven seven nine three seven one zero five zero three seven seven nine three seven wanna go separate travel and so for from the register the time is now for me possible coming on young women who me know it is the good evening formerly of lanta G now Abena Sarah of Leah probably you don't know how and why the transition came about your chiny nominee ho so nobody move why now Abernathy Ophelia from three two boys one you know we think 12 steps years I'm going so I know my leg you know still yes five years Steve single fly civilians please let me hide you when I was in without question I would say I'm sure you know what I've come to ask I mean I guess whatever yeah there's of course I mean something might have caused the divorce hoping for the sake of belonging see ya means I and come in sister beaming some Agua Blanca and Sur be me foster ain't ya see any by would be at University hey Anna yes security efficient like oh yeah nice idea fine meaning me problem be asana mcian Encino for sale in on this planet I wasn't gonna hear when we Joe area and I said even in the industry a badger is a bunny based a non-issue bastard Sarah Basso who knew those I think that people people associate with musicians especially with the chakras and a gospel artist no did any of them happen urologist meeting occurs mmm aside you know Polident million a baby on poem yeah because sabe o body OSE Bookman and estar be my BAE and I mom a BIA Vijaya Debbie Debbie sobbing our really a baby I feel some liberal Lance Lynn name in a minute regime cinnamon she sa a BIA savvy with the general hey I'm Amy I'm your by Nadia mess a beurre manié say say st. and I said mix Minister because Sabrina no mama watch I'm Emma internal components remember into momentum in can see I am phenomenal yeah Bala by the unity of Massey Serbian Church I have a secret yakaza yet seijo Oceania ma miss me a showman see of Korea began anew benefit boy on board Row two to marry a debacle Asia goofus why not because it's that mean transfer has never been more great no chasm into Masonic as I officer opium share bourbon and so I mean you don't know me taka say Otto mood or don't or being showered on Union or draw upon C and an EEPROM chrome mine so be hugging everyone son Ordonez to mine CA and see me for say SE unió bitsy maybe I said you and yet maybe no you nomicon everyone you better say but that's nothing no one catches anyone see me see me see a scene says study it be a who buy furniture know what she wanna say see its immediate no cranial me enemy enemy Michael Vick it's an idea Nami person coming edits on us a addition in C Minami chi-chuen say yeah because like new mission : Aussie Aussie obeah called baby yeah yeah fine you've incrementally a cast iron chain because me Baba Khalid in bed there was enough for the sakaba then anodic assign simony me of a sentence see the oh can you give an example of love oh beloved a droopy of was just only than attribute like like sanema beats me Aseema Oh tofu Etsy a new da normally boy a enormous and you know before say sunny see ya annyeong took part because Mimi warm and poor how yeah and I see be a public figures SABIC wanker am i wink oh sure Minami on yourself in see more and she only met America since I seen a human one yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah a new da because mnemonic ramu grandson eh tiene llamada say a connoisseur in okusama that's different man say see ya ya casa because in the moment change into means me as a man among the moment calling change are not de montijo and say I was feminine it's me communicate see not sunny Milan is so fine yeah I was coming uh sorry about audio audio byrnedm I'm a and fans were let's let's let's move three two one Casa Acharya twenty years in the music twenty years in music how has a jelly bean yes come again how has it been 20 years our two noon Jenny noise Yokosuka onion is the moon national monument at the awesome and yell on she never said much from minimum wage income on Senate 18 20 24 August LaBelle year and concerts 20 years missile launching a new album yeah it's in a MIDI Morocco do you see – I appreciate my a biscotti ine magnetic etiquette into mystery so yummy omoi me a nurse our program is much dedicate slamming on me 130 kids Yemen so I'll first have to go meet Selassie no casting are questions about choir after kebab the last one cause you're kind of friend would you be so if I understood what you said now was a treatment and now when an animal don't succeed it be a treatment CB : cm HSN many income because meeting me and Cassie me say mean Simon to Magua born since I study medical costs a minimum and what we are doing we are able to cover more border so boom a cramming control okay so what you see sabia meracydia Collinson a thermometer bisa Bamiyan and see no Baraka caddy add a subpoena would be on being a dumb Panasonic young an iron core a lot of the youth are watching us right now imagine my boy I can afford more gonna not gonna for more outside o BBY reward leadership movie I never comprehend worry advise when every man will be out of Kokoro army advice some a moment same pain because I wonder why and yes then you miss a fat lip the Christian side by a buffet I bear and what you warning in our cry young crow for energy almost honest artists our captain's because I feel awful babe your money I Final Four baby woman I think just said a woman and no not ideally life will be to point it's a point to but once again she won't let me on track you baby bitch nee-naw nee-naw who say I wanna wanna stab you and me jump wanna come inside and just our idea oh who knows una mano I think Susa be payin I say one bone pile and then one or Yahoo one da maybe idea mister and say I was a modern anime say a bit co-host site yeah animal be brijwa real mom said yeah man you put you off yes to say cause it took me to month of him cuz we become a young guy be a cheerful yeah funny say be a fine made me who I am in favor of Iranian funny sir ABI find me a musician me PA Mecca program echo-hawk Makaha attention of Adriana me say CBO idea Minnie Oh BAE baebae so Jenna Medina sir would you huge idea and I saw it's not one gene salmon or baba auliya media and yummy new obedia mayavati our series yeah until idea my suburbano is fed up say no say no say no say no Chris Tony Anderson in sister Yami Yami Germany in Sonora sensibio me come to me Amamiya astronomy a new essay idea of a gbb say a BSA analysis at the airport cosas para the Americana mean casa abs are in a bar mini : no a seminar maker means I will be a virtual sawatya siesta beaming for OB & Conquer in cinema Demian Maia say anomaly anomaly say oh wow I feel baby I feel so much sooner 15 January absent December when the Nazi army the Hawaiian is so passionate man why you say why you say sir even put say a gift a cramp or who do not regard Obama an unaccompanied a fearsome move and the fearsome wooden appear hominid Elena I will see you anime who you say it's Obama gradually develop or love mnemonic Ostrow so much as a minimum Agra general up to determine typical shanira's I love I love you dad Dexter okay I won't say no because I throw a beer honey sweetheart nas oceana Rahu Ana's away PA Nabilah new cozy home media de Velde como vamos vamos vamos Miami many Papa regia and a reaction economy I saw my locker and CD say my name only Panama run any romantic Burma I'll see you Monday Oh bah I was so monkey with a make mistake my say I'm a means a movie for your romantic Mountain you catch all the amici what you see nah nothing yet it's our sales I did not call your any Jenny but Jessie and me yes sir maybe stop my mom may say ah because I'm in junior maybe I see my Uncle Sam it's me who gives the picture tsamina mina ho me patch of the amateur what I said ain't you know like lleana a.m. it's an idea entire and Ibaka Kumar would be before onomichi Adam II took off a bear BIA Misha Dunham and Cesaro me bizarro sure who the person was afar I face yes of RAM is referring okay let me ask my last question on the issue let's say me please very nice so coming gives you I mean after saw whirring now same previous marriage now gospel artists for the company ABC ma koala we would you know see my priests on a crusade je m'appelle I was think I was think I go sing go praise Alison Alison I was away hey I got seen I wasn't I wasn't girl I go sink my praise I got think okay so that's a Blasio Feeny news and you know sing my praise funerals idea so search for it on you to be a departure such for it oriental very a search for it AB NASA WA affiliate featuring who's Ajay Singh my priests ABR 119 years 80 70 15 years who named abrasive Ophelia part of my own una obra or the casa mi Anwar Samir a I so dr. Samir a hosta – so yeah I would give me a better need to be mummy Vanessa me domicile marijuana D and now woman me Josh I'm Emma yeah what give me a bed to me Amanda Amidala so mean you mommy Tony thing so I kind of uh huh so let's continue our interview way well does it look like I said only my presence was like what the named Yesenia brizia cassia come at the eviction intimacy banana stay with the Donna see we have in you Nina AV anyway aluminum Dominion a wish I got some more see she's Nami hey Mia what can you share Nami mucho me the Nami Nami hell me your homework um yes I know me I've been a mooch off me double you see me me and I will never forget the love you have for me I mean I don't I can i don't feel the spring behind us on the road to noon like with the passion oh I can feel that she she she's she's appreciative of what God has done for you I mean one one one quotation the bible abbé paper at the last verse in the booth of some hours and let everything that has breath praise the Lord I mean at the table there are no paths don't they say a automatic a nearby force near by a force out then also yeah I saw sorry it is by the green of the Meuse tycoon so whenever somebody is working good I just love it because we pay a worshipper it's not bad miss mezzofanti I'm just putting the now let's because the music industry in Ghana here go spoon down so alpha beats hip hop rap good booty TVs were the same thing up gospel in namu Marisa okay I see it do you seek like that a fest yes the nation's biggest Music Award economical what I mean gospel we have got supposed to go the ghost poets do the cryochamber I was home Caillou's because sample can cram poem did John croman from Cebu almost saw one guy goes for now from dating I mean at the moment I was so much fist who I wardens no more muah I'm on fabu madam wanna question was before I would even compare sacré for no media means him in Casa Ella Watson see no missing yummy awesome amused NCSA own Chi Yong amid Kyle I wanted before 100 DB 20s oh yes gia was Mikasa da da da dominate see me so a new look a new kind of I kind say or do because I'm kind of the old song as a Nazi as 20 as no know what that was not you want me cry huh me because adjoining I wasn't in immediate marriage etsy say I being yet yet demand me a friend met Bingham yes a nice to know and you need to know I was a study in common I echo and because in a mini-me no Mekhi me Sabri be our mummy would you dear for Sonny woman said Shama double dream with me Gina – oh no my mommy my affair say dear Jesus for coming and I was your mum I imagine because I was Sonia memory Besson its menthol rain showers say your mum yes – su casa na your memory a bit I was gonna be it's gonna be yummy and this that's ABS collection before music I said was that's amusing before Lehman our boomer wants me to move the data from from me in fancy metronome I was cute raise be of the shuttle the bracket praise be mokou girls Brigade nummy-nummy children in simon da from brahma Shannon and I saw a feeling in a sign a mineral me DP let's talk a little bit about EBS collection minute abs terminals TC music music noise was I the house was an Italian how do you combine the to your collection or permit area as I gospel music because as we refer to Ibis ami par they are doing to services in yeah yeah bias our program yeah then I threw wedge Monsanto said girl stands for michiochi or my real Jew moment so we knew I on Michelle's money yes there was a me a McCarty we are with Jacob and Ana if any new oh I should show I'm on my pee pee I made by the operations of Namibian I mean chainsaw ABI won't invite silly program about me to be part of a sudden man baggage so for Sunday diem a chain now say a BIA and it was a week basically da how many people are you working around maybe 17 saying yummy do baby nothing immediate Simeon may 17 or if you're more mature MacArthur will never see a case 20th anniversary would do the same 20th anniversary is a different ways gospel music that's akamaru when a NASA were formally because actually have me because the Almondine should assume in a humming because the antigen Adam Amos reunion husband's aha no before an antigen course also Dean our own young one because I'm women in the co-op program be some of them in any co-op program be nice one year friend–my friend maybe edema Dean you feeling haunted chief friends who say but pay Animal Society I never paid mm-hmm EJ Mike you know and I'm introducing yourself it because I fainted in LSD and Cochran it seemed um blue moon upon our or kind do stage in and I'm casting no more cccc finals to face me fancy nah I see let me show me more like him in Facebook Twitter I got baby yeah when I mean yarmulke see me move mr. McDonald and I'm assuming drumming I mean she remove many sodium Ouyang an official make money just by undefeated I feel Tony Albright's ashram and Mitzi Molina Nami and yarmulke see offense to me the Rose I say say me future and woman you sank my tree is no:1 paternity na o by Fe made money by stabbing but then my one Tennessee enemy papa franku do it sarkodie my father Francis for debris me brand and so the bibl guiding me pastor Bruce almost a beautiful Chapel Miramichi back mean will show BB animality Shia also answer me because on the Libya the American beyond Tommy cheap to me food just said maybe a camera fee we pour about tissue Abuja macabre cause like say us Marcus Akasaka Marco meeting Wannsee husband and I feel and shimmy Coco Cola was a goog machine moving a mimikar us my father be American vinyasa still a us man I mean I have a hope it was a kind of them epistemic ordinance mean him something yeah me green card maybe in see you right seeming to be a moment Messiah because the Hagia means means na ho me a bit yeah means means now amoeba me Bush was require me but shows we call Woodbridge Macomb a real and make aa Springfield and Jesse New York Hanina Kobo Shabri amico Vienna me bound the bushel Woodbridge praise be Baku bourgeoisie ridge in the middle kind of achievement ransom could do by System Mechanic coming Pentagon I mean Timmy's ground check him house no matter which see my name is always wins I Feliz don't forget I've ever going to Singapore Singapore sixties and it was friendly I'm guys working on the brass I wanted him to organize a Pisgah right so going for six days in Duplin Singapore 9020 Ghana Cedis Good Shepherd travel and choice in everything together yo your money in 9200 no export ticket car accommodation maybe I can just pick your bag and not eat I guess know about yeah I put not your consu 9012 gases cause goo suppress turbulent or zero five zero three seven seven nine three seven one zero five zero three seven seven nine three seven one let's go to Singapore s plot a beautiful country because I hear it's all the most beautiful countries in the world I mean off a do back where I'm from by


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