Why I Left My High Paying Job to Become a Street Musician | Morf | TEDxKlagenfurt

Why I Left My High Paying Job to Become a Street Musician | Morf  | TEDxKlagenfurt

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I've been searching for my mind tonight pink I'll lift it on the rock drive around so days when old erection ago run a faster than a hurricane and all alive to my perception it should pay to learn this is where I feel it this is where I know [Applause] wah-wah like you like you good afternoon everybody how is TEDx you good that's good that wasn't really an answer that was just a massive noise how is everyone great all right my name is morph I'm gonna tell you guys I'm on the theme of curious minds sorry I'm just gonna tune very quickly we'll cut this bit round the theme of curious minds I'm going to talk about and this and then kind of like what do you love doing as a kid I always had one dream and that dream was to be a rock star why not I had this cassette tape the young people in the audience won't know what that is but it's a thing that played music that wasn't an iPhone and and it had a mixtape with 12 songs on it and then I rinsed that mixtape I played it every day in the morning in the evening and all the time and as I play this music I kind of listened to it and I pictured myself playing that music on a stage like all over the planet and like you know I kind of was all I wanted to do I daydream in class and get slapped around the face by the teacher like that's and and it was all I wanted to do but my journey into music and doing this wouldn't start for a very long time after being a kid back then and like many people I always taught the value in the importance of security and a long-term stability the kind of idea to do something that you might not really want to do but for the benefit of in the future being able to have you know that security in that cushion to buy like you know the fancy car or the five bedroom house or the or the wife Khanum anyway so I went to university after and you know graduating uni I got a job with a huge company I had no purpose being in it was a big IT company and this company would go on to pay me more money than I deserved doing something that I didn't really like doing and it would relocate me over to Sydney and Australia when I got to Sydney with that job I went and got a nice flat like two minutes from the Opera House I filled it with really expensive stuff a big TV and one of those vacuum cleaners that kind of drives around and and makes me hide in the bathroom all evening because I'm terrified of artificial intelligence annum and all my friends and my my colleagues and my my family that all tell me that they were proud of me I'd done it like this was success congratulations and my mother is here today no the problem was it didn't feel like success I look back at the seven-year old me and this seven-year old me unfortunately like many people when I say unfortunately lightly it's not really unfortunately when you move on into the future as diagnosed as autistic and depressed seven years old party start us and I couldn't really fit in the seven-year-old didn't fit in around him and the people in the school you know get bullied and the one thing that he did every day they gave him a purpose to be here was to hide away in the music room and play the guitar to his very unenthusiastic music teacher and I looked at where I was and I was being told by everyone I'd ever met that you know you've done it you're such a young guy and you're in this position like wow how do you feel and I was like oh great I thought the seven-year-old version of me would look at me now and go like I hung on for this what are you doing man and I thought about that for a while but I couldn't bring myself to act on it until one day I walked through the shopping mall and there was a guy playing music in the middle of the mall a busker and I watched this busker play a whole like hour-long show and as I watched him I looked at his face and it was thought some ink I realized that this guy that was just playing the music on the street how did that I didn't have and that was he was smiling and I realized really quickly that I hadn't for like quite a while and I thought that's not how I want to live so the next week I quit my job I walked in and I told my boss hey I'm out of here I wish it was this Viette record that it was like an excuse me I just want to smile me soon and then now when they asked me what I was doing I said I'm gonna become a street performer that reaction is exactly the same when I got that day it was a combination of laughter and a couple of faces especially my boss in the audience of pure concern what are you doing man you're a crazy guy we knew you were crazy but not that's great now fortunately I realized that that look was based around fear fear and around the idea of doing something like that you know we're not supposed to quit an amazing job where everyone's like yeah and you got a nice suit you're not supposed to quit that to become a street performer or do something that you love doing that is specifically reserved for the films and the Disney movies and as much as I wish that my boss busted into like a beautiful kind of harmony with all the office workers like in a Disney film and the janitor did like a triple backflip and landed in the full splits instead that didn't happen I was laughed out of the office quite literally hmm now I realized that day something hit me and that was the thing about the fear that fueled both my hesitancy to leave the job and also their reaction to me doing so and that was that that fear kind of is the best parts of life hear me out anyone that's done something phenomenal in their life has experienced some crazy amount of fear beforehand for example if you jump out of a plane before you jump out that plane you're terrified if you bungee jump the same those of you that have got married before you go and you say I do oh I mean I'm just saying this I'm assuming based on the people that I know that don't tell my wife all right but what happens is that fear correct leads to some of the best things you all ever experienced in your life and you took a jump you were faced with fear and you jumped and when you took that leap it led to pure pure bliss and you did that without knowing what would happen you jumped out of that plane just basically relying on the fact that that parachute would open and you wouldn't die he jumped off of a bungee jump that cord won't snap and you won't die you got married that you won't die you know yeah hopefully your wife or your husband's nice you know but you did all that anyway and if you could live your whole life in one massive leap living all those little moments regardless of what it is have you not lived the best life you could possibly live at some point everyone including myself sits there and they go is this it it's the unavoidable question of being a human and the sad answer is unless we take those jumps unless we face that fear and we do go then it is but if we take the jumps it leads to something really nice so I don't know much about life I don't know what any of us are here and there's people that have spoken today that are far more qualified to talk about the mind than I am however I do know one day hopefully I'm gonna be a very old man and when I look back at everything I'm not gonna miss the money the car the five bedroom house or whatever the one thing that I'm gonna really miss or more the one thing that I'm gonna kind of carry with me as I go is the ability to go back in my head and speak to the 7 year old me and I'll tap him on the shoulder and I'll say take your earphones out cassette players are outdated we've got the iPhone 56 now get rid of those things you're popping them and it's happening and I say look one day you're gonna be a rock star one day you're gonna make some crazy decision and I know right now everything feels weird I know you feel like you're on your own and you want to do something and the world's telling you you want to do something different and you're gonna believe that for a while but one day you're gonna know what you want to do and when you know you're going to be faced with a jump and I'm telling you to take that jump because if you do you're gonna save us both a lot of time and you're gonna enjoy the rest and when you're my age you'll thank yourself and he's gonna turn around to me and he's gonna look at me and say thank you so everyone in this room and anyone watching in the cyber cyber world at some point think and you're gonna sit there and you're gonna say what do I love doing can I do it and it's not whether you know that you can do it it's that you have to do it so I'm gonna play one more tune and this is an this is an instrumental piece I'm gonna kind of relive that day that I quit i sat in a field in Sydney in a suit and played this song this one's called seven thank you very much I'm very fortunate that I took that leap and it worked out I hope you all do the same and I hope at some point to see you all on this stage and making terrible jokes and talking about things you love [Applause] [Applause] very much you


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