Why Is Alice Sleeping With Kirito? Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Trailer Teaser

Why Is Alice Sleeping With Kirito? Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Trailer Teaser

kitCome on Kirito! is Kirito
cheating on you geo here so what's up guys Fox in here the first SAO Alicization
War of the underworld teaser trailer just dropped. I did happen to
catch it over here at the Anime Expo pabel so taking a quick break from Anime
Expo to do this video so definitely like the video and subscribe for more sao
videos bring that bell c to actually sends you
my videos anyway let's jump into this juicy sao breakdown. SAO Alicization
of war of the underworld will be coming this fall anime season in other words
october the first or second week and yes i'll definitely be having weekly
breakdowns for this s-video season returning which is only like in three
months now so close getting into the actual sao trailer keep in mind i will
touch on only stuff that you'll find out in this very first episode their first
new teaser animation is Kirito is in a wheelchair poor Kirito. Recall the
ending of SAO Alicization Kirito had just seen Eugeo die and then the power
quickly turned off thanks America this shot right here actually parallels the
SAO light novel 15 cover once again poor Kirito and yes Kirito is gonna be
in this coma-like State thanks to his fluctlight being damaged and yes Kirito is still missing his right arm. This SAO teaser gives you a close-up Akihito
soulless eyes oh that I say sa own time for some reason as suffering two comma
let me just put it out there a fair warning don't expect much of the
previous Kirito in this on the Underworld arc. Next up you see Alice pushing Kyoto
through that wheat field freakin loved this shot heated are that spawn has been
heavily reduced to being able to do almost nothing the only thing Kirito's
really able to do is cling on to his night sky sword and the Broken Blue
Rose sword this whole scene matches up with a couple of like number pictures
for SAO light number 15 which really should be the first three to four
episodes of this war arc here you also get a close-up of valance after the
whole quinella stuff there is gonna be this short I'm skip since then Alice has
therefore remained of the integrity Knights Alice actually went back to the
roulette village to live with the damage Kirito or lives nearby it.
Next up Alice with the blue row sword or really what remains of it you could hear
Alice being in deep thought about what exactly they accomplished quinella may
be dead but this whole human Empire wasn't really left in this great state
not too long from now a war is heading towards them Alice really is lost and
broken herself she's really no longer a knight and not to mention you still have
the young Alice at back on that day that also died with the
yugioh that part of Alice is never coming back then getting into this shot
of Alice crying and hugging Kirito this really goes back to what I just
mentioned Kyoto has been in this broken state and Alice has actually been the
one taking care of him and living with him for a few months you could really
think of Alice being Lois mentally and really trying to find her place in all
of this many yes let me confirm Alice has technically been living and sleeping
with Kirito this Kirito shellfor months so go ahead cueing the people
actually saying that Kirito has somehow cheating on Asuna. Never mind the potato
Kirito has no idea what the hell is going on hopefully those SAO trolls will
stay away I doubt it though anyway next up Alice looking at some
burning scene in the distance this scene should actually be pretty obvious not
winter but war time is coming nes also a lot of pain for your favorite characters
personally I am extremely height for this a lot of Alice is coming a good
chunk of Asuna coming more Sinon, Leafa you even have some Klein action coming up
pretty much everyone else from the past SAO anime seasons unfortunately if you
are waiting for more Kirito stuff like in the earlier SAO Alicization
stuff let me just say you won't be getting too much out of Kirito. So
far I really have enjoyed SAO Alicization so far although I have had
my own issues sooner or later I still want to make a video on the best and
worst parts of SAO Alicization and the anime version that being said I'm now
even more curious to see how a lot of these teams will be adapted into the
anime version I still have my own laundry list of things I hope they cut
or change enough or the enemy most of the stuff does involve stuff
towards the end of the underworld war stuff I really really hope some of that
stuff gets changed or perhaps at least presented in a different way Indiana me
on a positive note some of the upcoming action stuff and scenes in general
really give the a1 picture studio a great opportunity to make some rich
animation and badass scenes definitely looking forward to those my
wallet is definitely not looking forward to almost updated SAO figures coming
still waiting on that quinella figure by the way hell if they actually made a
quinella figure like in the enemy that would actually push me to go against my
no nude figure policy anyway getting into some of the other anime extra stuff
shown first off was a top 5 favorite new SAO characters first off you Joe
then Alice Cardinal quinella and T say a morning a little surprised to see teeth
down the list come on what happened to Bercouli. Next up the top five character
scenes Kirito versus Eugeo, kirito and Asuna, Kirito meeting Eugeo, Kirito
and Alice climbing the tower. I'm surprised about that one and then you
Eugeo versus Bercouli so at least Bercouli gets a mention here. I'm
little surprised not to see Kirito and friends versus Quinella. I guess I
was a really drawn out battle. Anyway next up the top five integrity knights
First off Alice Eugeo Bercouli Fanatio and Eldrie so yes Bercouli made into
the top three. I think I want to only swap the Crimson integrity knight into the
fifth place as for the favorite members of the Kirito harem hey Asuna almost
tied with Eugeo Sinon and got a little bit of love Alice is fairly low then
Leafa is the lowest I'm actually surprised Leafa even made it on this
list so yes looks like there's a lot of love for you too which I'm happy to see
I do have to point out how unfortunately the English side of this and even the
English voice actors really keep on hammering this harem thing which
obviously should be a joke but unfortunately probably does more damage
than good not to mention some people that don't even want to watch SAO
because they think it's a freaking harem or perhaps equally as bad newcomers to
SAO taking this way too literal and not getting that the harem part is a
joke or at least that fans like to joke about this stuff but anyway this whole
teaser trailer was the definition of a teaser but hold up more stuff is coming
in honor of a SAO's 10th anniversary Japan is actually having this 10 hour
special on July 21st and yes another teaser or actual trailer is definitely
expected to drop hopefully a full trailer this time pretty much all the
SAO voice actors will be at this SAO special event that includes SAO voice
actors for Kirito Asuna Eugeo Alice and also Silica Yui Suguha Ronnie and Tiese. only a little surprised to see known
Sinon and mentioned perhaps she was too busy to join up. By the way in case you
are wondering what is coming for the world in the underworld arc I did make a
smaller video going into that well a lot of he actually gave a really positive
reaction to that video a lot of you guys told me you thought this was more of a
teaser and didn't spoil the major stuff coming up which was really my intention
anyway so mark your calendars SAO Alicization the world of the under road
coming October and yes I won't be doing episode reviews and break
every week even though I am trying to move away from weekly episode reviews
there's still gonna be some exceptions in the three months coming up I will be
rereading the Japanese light novels for SAO Alicization this time in Japanese
so I'm definitely looking forward to that any rate post down below does this
teaser make you more excited SAO Alicization war of the underworld
what did thing about the teaser was it way too short it's a no one disappointed
about not having much Kirito and don't forget to Like and subscribe
hopefully now I could get back into doing more so your content that I'm
doing this full time check out the other summer anime
I'm excited about and I'll see you guys later!


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  • Chomusuke says:

    Long Story Short
    Kirito is now a crippled with only one arm, sitting on a wheelchair with blank eyes and holding the broken blue rose sword. Asuna and the gang will dive in UW to help Kirito and also Alice to fight off the Chinese, Korean intruders including a member of Laughing Coffin.

    But hey we get to see Alice's consciousness transferred to a Android in the real world and waifu wars start again

  • Tomé Filho says:

    Kirito the vegetable.

  • Kunent says:

    Take a shot everytime he says Kidito

  • Kurumi -Chan says:

    Alice sleeping with Kirito

    Asuna Fan's Attack

  • ThatAnimePerson says:

    For all of yall who read the light novels 15 and 16, I think u already know whats gonna happen. Still looking forward to the anime though.

  • Michael Toloumu says:

    Well I was hoping for more information on my Favorite guild making a comeback Laughing Coffin

  • SpyPlayz says:

    oml lord mah birthday is on the 20th

  • Silver Legacy says:

    Yaaay More Weekly breakdowns!

  • SimmerCharlie says:

    Have to admit not overalls looking forward to this. Last part of the season was okay but not my fav :/

  • Gacha Miko Gamer says:

    Bye bye, my beautiful Asuna. Also, I hope best girl Liena will be in there


    SAO Alicization without Eugeo is tough.

  • Maxine Reyes says:

    Kirito will be Unconscious almost the whole war,Asuna,Leafa and Sinon will use super account to login in the UnderWorld.

  • OtakuAnimeGirl36 says:

    Holy crap this was uploaded on my birthday
    But then my mind is exploding on the series

  • Nini The Master says:

    Any girl in kiritos Harem wouldve done it if they were in Alices position.

    Silica: A Braindead Kirito? NOWS MY CHANCE
    Lisbeth: A Braindead Kirito? NOWS MY CHANCE
    Sugha: A braindead Kazuto? NOWS MY CHANCE
    Sinon: A braindead Kirito? Its not like he would be able to stop me!
    Asuna: Damn Kazuto.. why do you always have to rush in alone… thats why you’re like this now.
    Eugeo: Dead
    Alice: I wonder how i was before all this.. am broke as shit so we can only use this one bed

  • It's Raj-kun says:

    The beginning of the video reminds me of a certain form of anime….
    No eyes…


  • The LLHOTF says:

    To be fair, times move differently between Underworld and Real World. Kirito if he wants to can just get together with Alice till they grew and come back to the real which will probably be like…what a few weeks?

    Is not that i hate Asuna. In my opnion since season 1 till 2, Asuna has no rival as Kirito's lover till Alice. Both has seen each other on their lowest state they've been while trying to comfort each other…… in some ways.

  • Astral Phoenix says:

    Is it possible that they will make SAO S4 or just gonna mix up in SAo Alicization underworld?
    I mean how about the red players from SAO like deathgun/saza

  • rickygotclout says:

    so excited to see the LN scenes be animated😤

  • Parker Mah says:

    Kirito used to be stuck in a game but now he is stuck in another world

  • integritynight35 says:

    I just subscribed

  • The ZGX says:

    Just because Alice take cares of Kirito doesn't mean Kirito is cheating, do you realize that Kirito is suffering?? he almost can't do or don't want to do anything. if Asuna comes earlier she without any doubt will take cares of Kirito, so what's make you thinking like Kirito will cheating on Asuna?? You are troller or maybe just SAO haters.

  • iiET says:

    ik that this is an anime but these niggas must be on drugs because if my eye pops out or my arm gets sliced off there's no way in hell I'm still moving that fast

  • The ZGX says:

    i still sad to see Eugeo died but i also feel bad to see Kirito suffering too much pain. Asuna need to come fast give Kirito love and hugs.

  • Centipeeves says:

    Whew, SAO is coming out near my birthday

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