Why Most Artists and Musicians FAIL

Why Most Artists and Musicians FAIL

it was good it's Eric Stanley currently in the middle of nowhere as you guys can see how you doing reason I'm on here is one to talk about the importance of staying consistent I know a lot of people who follow my youtube channel you guys are musicians you are you know the older players violinist cello players so many people are musicians who follow me and consistency is the one thing that I think hurts a lot of musicians so many musicians will will start and then give up right because nobody's telling you hey you need to work on your album hey you need to work on your your next single you know nobody's like you haven't posted a video on your Facebook or YouTube in a while what's going on nobody's gonna do that so you have to have the the strength to be able to stay inspired and and not give up it's so many people who want to be a musician I think it's it's become more popular now you can just grow on Instagram and see a whole bunch of people who are aspiring to be musicians but the one thing that separates the ones who are successful and the ones who are not to just give up is the fact that they're consistent here's the crazy thing right you don't even have to be good right you can be successful if you aren't consistent at what you do and as long as you're inspiring somebody else to be better then your job is good you never know what song will reach somebody what song will change somebody's life when I was going through my my toughest time back in 2012 you know I was a I believe I was like a sophomore junior at VCU in college and I was so depressed I was like I didn't know what I was gonna do with my life but I kept making youtube videos and some of those some of those videos have impacted so many people and I never even knew it when I was in my depression right I was in this funk of like man I have all this college debt and I haven't paid it off and I don't know I'm gonna do with my life it's so important to stay consistent guys everyday is not going to be perfect but you're gonna have good and bad days right but the most important thing is to focus on the good days I've played violin at about with like 300 elementary middle and high schools around the country and when I will visit the schools I would just play violin and and talk about my experiences starting my youtube channel you know all the way back from 2009 and just inspire the kids to keep going because a lot of the kids are interested in entertainment and music they're interested in like beat-making producing you know music has this allure of oh you just get up there make a youtube channel or make an Instagram page and then boom you blow up but being a musician takes years and years of consistent grind right it's not just one week where you're like working your absolute hardest and it's easy to look at successful people that you look up to on on the internet and think like man they just got there overnight and it's not true they work for years years of consistent grind so for everybody who was thinking about being a musician right you want to be a musician you want to be an artist and producer stay consistent make sure you do something every single day that furthers your music career man I'm 28 years old I wish I could go back and I have no regrets but that's if I could go back to like 18 with the knowledge I have now about just music and life in general man most of you following me are about 18 24 years old and the reason why I started my youtube channel I wanted to get criticism I wanted to get some feedback on my violin playing and you know my first few videos you ever kind of kind of iffy right and people were in the comments they were cracking all types of jokes they were making all types of fun of me and stuff like that but I kept making videos I kept going I didn't stop just because somebody said Eric you suck or well you're not a great violin player this person is better than to you and you get to the point in your life where you don't care about being the best you just want to be better than you were yesterday there's a million violin players out there who can run circles around me but I feel like you don't have to be the best you don't have to be better than the next person you just got to be better than you were yesterday it's it's no competition it's absolutely no competition I guess what I'm trying to say is as a musician is so competitive you know when I was in college my freshman year I remember how competitive it was I went viral for the first time in 2011 right and I was a sophomore at and I remember having Stan partners telling me like oh that your YouTube thing is a waste of time I remember professors telling me that your YouTube thing as a waste it was so disheartening to be a young musician at a college and I'm just like oh I can do this yeah being the best it doesn't matter like I remember being in Orchestra class in college everybody was so competitive like they were fighting for first chair I already knew back then I was like I really don't care about their first chair I don't care about being the best you got a start man for really you got to start you have to start you can't you can't wait three months you can't wait a year you can't wait four years you got to start right now if you want to be a musician if you want to do this for real do it now do it now I'm so glad that I started I'm so glad I pressed the upload button on my first video on YouTube I was scared to put myself out there I really was I remember I like hovering over the upload button like oh my goodness I don't know what these people were gonna say I don't know what they're gonna say they are gonna clown me they're gonna make fun of me when I press the butt and it was so freeing I was like man I did something I thought I couldn't do and I know that maybe you watching right now you're probably hesitating you're probably like I don't know if I can I could put myself out there I don't know if I could follow my dreams you know my mom told me I couldn't do it my sister said I couldn't do it you have all these doubts all this noise in your ear right but you gotta block out the noise everybody's not gonna like what you do for example when I started making YouTube videos I hardly had any support in my hometown but you best believe they were watching and now the fact that I stay consistent I didn't quit now that inspires the people in my hometown to follow their dreams right when I started making videos on YouTube I wasn't thinking about numbers I wasn't thinking about subscribers followers retention all these terms that come about when you you open up a youtube account or Facebook account and I think it's important to forget about the numbers when you're starting just to ignore the numbers don't even think about it just make great music make great content make great videos think about the person that you want to impact that one person write that one person who's in in Sweden or that one person who's in the Philippines or even Egypt I remember making my first youtube video and I didn't have a haircut I was in my dorm room I had like two other roommates and they were in the background one was sleep their room was like Mad junkie but that video is my most viewed video on the Internet it had millions and upon millions of views it got shared everywhere I went to super super viral back in 2011 you can have like the most highly produced super scripted video and it really if you don't focus on the message it doesn't really reach people they're kind of like they're kind of like next so just focus on impact in people's lives and the followers will follow you won't have to worry about getting a following or getting an endorsement deal or you know getting more shows just focus on impacting people I'm pretty sure it's something in your life that can inspire somebody else to keep going stay inspires your boy Eric Stanley so I'm walking right now currently somewhere in Richmond Virginia I got my buddies here in the back they like they like no we don't want no part of you bro I just checking up on you guys see what y'all doing I appreciate you for subscribing to the channel you already know stay inspired what kept me going was seeing other violinist like jean-luc Ponty just sends people who were actually going after it is what motivated me so that's why I'm here today just to motivate somebody else growing up it it wasn't cool to play violin so I got I got teased a lot kids made fun of me they said black kids don't play violin what I did with that that negative energy I just flipped it into a positive and I didn't stop and even though I had my moments where I didn't want to play anymore I still kept going supporters get 20% off Eric's tiny story comm 24/7 as well as access to the Eric Stanley music app the free app for all my supporters features photos videos and also exclusive releases I want to become a supporter head over to Eric's tiny store calm today you already know stay inspired


  • night cave says:

    Yeah eric

  • Kelly L Davis says:

    Great video Eric! Thank you for your words of inspiration and encouragement.

  • MulticoloredRosez says:

    i feel like i’m at a stage in my life where i really needed to hear this. thanks for posting this 🙏🏾

  • Stoic Surfer says:

    You are as wise as you are amazing at playing violin!!!

    Please keep making videos and inspiring us!!!

  • remyrack says:

    Man I had no idea you were having such a hard time when making those videos during your sophomore/junior year. I can't believe what the people around you in orchestra were saying about your Youtube being a waste of time. Your videos were always an inspiration for me.

    Was B.o.B – Airplanes the first viral video you're referring to? That, Lady Gaga – Paparazzi, Telephone, and Lil Wayne – Right Above It were my jam!

    Keep it up! Love it whenever you drop a video here. Would love to see a collab with your brother and/or sister! 🙂

  • courtney harris says:

    I needed this. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there, you’re definitely an inspiration.

  • guarantor says:

    Your art is awesome

  • Ahchaalya Ahmath says:

    Right. Your art is very, very beautiful, I enjoy listening to it and it's great to having inspiring people such as yourself. My top fav artist is R&B singer Joe… Although I am very picky when it comes to artists/ musicians because I don't just listen to everybody.

  • Eric Stanley says:

    First!! 😀

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