• Andrew Bird says:

    Agreed… I just used this for a few cues talky talky Spy Film.  However, might get fired if I submitted a tasty Arp for a Rom-Com! 😀 … challenge accepted anyone!?

  • Christopher White says:

    If you like the tunes I write, please follow me on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7wXaQr8O1ZAXHLPnqoDVyS?si=3mIOXTQpRdyy8qtKuF7tKw

  • John Richardson says:

    prophet 6 filter step ping

  • xblyn says:

    Trent and Atticus would agree

  • JVMC says:

    Thanks for the demo, I really like this module it has dual arps, can do a wide range of cinematic textures, a synth string preset that is amazing liquid , I have the prophet 6 , but looking at the pro 2 or the matrix brute right now to round out my studio…..the challenge with the P12 is it can sound like a tin can sometimes so you have to watch the resonance and filter settings, if you are looking for your first DSI synth check out the REV 2 , pro 2 also before you decide. by the way this module interface is superb, very good workflow.

  • Brian Burger says:

    film composers @ sound designers nowadays are usually using mstly stuff like kyma..

  • Alejandro Luengo Gómez says:

    Great video Chris

  • Juan A. Matos says:

    Sounds great!

  • Joe Rodwell says:

    Really enjoying these Prophet 12 demos, I've been back and forth in my brain with this and the 6, though just found a great deal on the 6 module, so finances may have dictated. Would quite like to have both some day though!

  • Miguel d'Oliveira says:

    Great stuff, Chris

  • Aviv Cohen says:

    man, when you opened up that filter.. killing!

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