Why You Should Choose Custom Home Design & Build

Why You Should Choose Custom Home Design & Build

I think people go into building houses with the idea that they want to use one of the big-name builders because it’s going to be easier, it’s going to be cheaper. ecause why would you use an undependent builder, or independent designer? Because they might go belly-up, or they might use dodgy subbies or they might walk off site and not finish the job. So you will use a big name company because they’ll definitely get it done properly. But, I thgink in hindsight, when we built our first house with one of the big name builders, it was just a production. They didn’t really look at us as individual clients and our individual needs. They just show you their catalogue of plans and said “pick one”, and stick it on the block, however it fits. Since using Building Buddy and AKS Homes, we realize that you want that customised service, you want something that no-one else is going to have and it’s going to be specific to your block, and it’s easier, and probably a lot of the time, it’s cheaper.

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  • BuildingBuddy says:

    If you are going to opt for a product that is so obviously promoted using perception marketing, you have to be prepared for surprises. Large companies have huge overheads, and since they don't actually produce any of the components, and are using industry trade subcontractors, it is a virtual impossibility that they can cover these overheads with a reputed 'purchasing power'.  
    If it is costing you, you may as well get what you are paying for.

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