Wim Hof breathing tutorial by Wim Hof

Wim Hof breathing tutorial by Wim Hof

Great! Here we are. We are going to do the breathing. This is the first video of the Mini-Class. The breathing. Breathing, how to change the chemistry? You know stress? Oxidative stress? It comes through shallow breathing and a lot of stress coming in So much pressure on our lives… And that deregulates our chemistry. Now, I found a very effective way How to deal with this deregulatory stress coming in Chemistry inside of our physiology. Body and mind are suffering, normally, with this wrong chemistry. And with this one With these exercises I’m going to show You are able to regulate Your chemistry in depth. We have shown this in the university studies. And right now, here it is! Here it’s going to come. Don’t do this in a swimming pool! Don’t do this in a car! Do it like me. I’m gonna do this lying here. Do it in your bed, on the sofa Wherever, because this is very strong. Very, very strong! And it is able to knock you out of consciousness. Just for a couple of seconds. But imagine what happens if you are in a car or in a swimming pool doing this. Don’t do this. We are learning how to go deeply within our physiology The way nature meant it to be And that is going past our normal conditioning. Okay, you can all read it up! Go into it. Make you notes – your retention times See what happens with your body and with your mind. The thing is… This is a very effective way to become alkaline. We have shown this in the studies. So, become the master over your chemistry. Do these three rounds in the morning. And during the day, your blood is right on. This exercise goes as follows I’m sitting here, but I’m gonna lie Because then I’m most relaxed. So, I suggest you do this in your bed or on the sofa. If you feel really relaxed sitting, that’s okay. So, what I do is … I’m relaxed. I’m gonna lie down. I got a belly. I got a chest. I got my head. And with these three parts Actually, the whole body. Not only the lungs are breathing. We are able to manipulate by *inhales* Belly breathing is the deeper part of the of the lungs The chest is the upper part of the lungs. That is deep breathing, and even within the head.
*inhales* We are able to… Receive more oxygen in the head, in the brain. It’s logical because it’s part of your body and oxygen gets in there. We all found this out. So, belly, chest, head That’s the way it goes. Like this!
*inhales* Let it go!
*exhales* Fully in! Letting go! Not fully out, but fully in! Once again! Fully out means…
*exhales forcefully* There’s still more coming out. Don’t do that! Just let it go! So, fully in… And let it go. Once you get this rhythm, you do this 30 times. Your head becomes lightheaded. You become loose in the body. It feels like *woah* Tingling in the hands and feet. It’s all possible, and it’s all ok. Breathe toward it! Intensify those symptoms. Lightheadedness, loose in the body, and tingling Make it stronger, because that’s your charge. And then, you go 30 times – 40 times. It’s okay! Fully in, let it go! Don’t think in time! Don’t think in numbers! Think in intensity. Think in feeling. Feel! Follow the flow of your breath. Then at 30, you take it fully in. Let go! You could time it. After the exhalation, let go. You stop breathing. Press the time device, stopwatch, and go! And feel! Round number one – you will be able to stay for one minute, one and a half minute without air in the lungs. This is round number one. When you feel the urge to breathe after the exhalation And then staying in, stopping breathing Timing. You take the urge to breathe, okay? You take a breath, hold it. Squeeze a little. For 10 seconds – 15 seconds to your head. Breath hold. And stop the timer. And then, you let go. That is round number 1. Then we go again. Round number 2. Fully in! Let it go! Fully in, let it go! 30 times – 40 times Whenever you feel lightheaded, loose in the body, tingling. Okay, those are the symptoms Intensify those symptoms by breathing toward it. Go with the flow! Feel! When you feel charged You feel very lightheaded, loose in the body, tingling is strong. That’s a charge! You take it in… You let it go… You stop! Then time again, and let it go. When you feel the urge to breathe again Fully in, and hold 10 to 15 seconds. And then round number 2 is done. Then we go into a round number 3. Same thing, only every time the retentions are longer. Because you bring in more oxygen. Because you relax. Deeper. Every time more and deeper. Thus, more oxygen is able to get in And the retentions, that is the stopping of breathing after exhalation Will be longer, and longer, and longer. And it is longer because it goes deeper into the lymphatic system Then your chemistry becomes alkaline. More oxygen gets in. Acidity goes out. Alkalinity comes in. Amazing how simple and effective. After round three, if you like to do You do another round, like round number four Because you love it, because you like it, because you feel it. You will understand ‘high on your own supply’ when you do this. Round number three, round number four, high on your own supply! It’s gonna be great! How to do the breathing best, is a question asked a lot of time I say on an empty stomach. In the morning, before you go have breakfast. That’s a great time to do it. Or whenever you stomach is empty and you feel ‘Hey, I got some spare time’ ‘I don’t feel really good. I want to have some peace.’ Then go into your breathing on an empty stomach On empty stomach, empty stomach! It’s the best! Then you are able in three rounds to change your chemistry full on! Good luck! Hey guys, thanks for doing the breathing with me! It was great! So, from here we go into the cold, the next video. I got a great exercise for that. I mean, the mystery of the cold is going to be revealed. Let’s get into this! It’s there, it’s beautiful! Good luck!


  • Lewis Groombridge says:

    I have never been one to try this sort of thing but after listening to Wim Hof on Russell Brands "Under the Skin" podcast on the way home from work one evening I tried this when I went to bed later on. I felt a tingling sensation all over my body specifically in the legs and chest, all the way up to my face and head. Upon cycling through this process 2/3 times the feeling gets stronger and I can fully understand that "Out of body" experience feeling. I was actually worried at some points because I was able to hold my breath for massively improved amounts of time, I was worried I was going to pass out. But all that happened was a feeling of complete relaxation. I performed it laying down and have a smart watch on, my heart rate was so stable during the process, but my mind was so stimulated and active.

    Really impressive stuff, considering I have never before tried this sort of breathing exercise I didn't expect the amazing results the first time I had tried it.Can 100% vouch for this method!

  • austin gae says:

    WOAH…I can hold my breathe for 3:20 seconds after doing this a couple of times.

  • Danny K says:

    Wim is it normal when at my second round at the end when i exhaled my legs was getting seriosuly numb like left leg and it was like pressing a bit and i got slightly scared and didnt proceed to round 3

  • Liam Smith says:

    Wim Hof ​​is a scammer, he makes everyone think you can do it.
    He knows very well that it is nonsense.
    People are so easy prey on YT, Wim Hof says, thanks for your money👋🏻

  • Iamjacks Rage says:

    This my last shot at life. If this doesn't work I'll be dead soon. I have no joy, happiness, nor anyone who cares about me, and I lost both my dogs this year. In out here drowning in my depression that I've been fighting 30 years. I can't relax, I can't sleep, I barely eat, and I enjoy nothing. I'm so miserable and hate life. This was recommended to me by someone, and I hope to find even a few minutes kf peace.

  • Randy S says:

    I went from only being able to hold my breath for 40 seconds to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

  • Alex Wolf says:

    „Thats a CHARGE “ cute how he said it 😂

  • Andres Moore says:


  • avadh bansh says:

    A Great job 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Gastón Juar says:

    Namasté !

  • Sissy Hoffman says:

    I was skeptical. Now after only one time doing this, my nose is tingling and I have the urge to stay off the couch for the first time in weeks.

  • AHMED AGHA says:


  • joseph orona says:

    A 10 minute breathing tutorial dammit I can't wait 10 min to breath, fuck lol

  • erqperphone says:

    I see dislikes on this video…HOW ON EARTH COULD ANYONE EVER DISLIKE THIS VIDEO…???

  • Hans Van de Werf says:

    Ok, let me tell you in a nutshell. I have a unusual job, I work offshore for two months and do min. 12 hrs shifts. Sometimes I work only the nights for these 2 months, other times day.. it’s a continuous stress and commercial pressure on these projects. Since I’ve been doing this job I faced lots of stress / anxiety “attacks”, even knowing I’m in control with my experience.. I tried many things to control it, but healthy food is hard in my situation, most of it is conserved and processed.. and sports are time permitting (try 4x week).

    Now I tried this WH breathing technique.. hands down.. what a game changer.. this is amazing!

  • YQD0 says:

    1:09 How did you know I’m on a sofa 😦

  • Patrick says:

    Thank you so much for this 🙏💖🕉

  • Tanya Lagunovskaya says:

    Can I get this exercise, if I have
    pectus excavatum?

  • mister obvio says:

    this is good for panic attacks? meditation take much time

  • aario _naharis says:

    Hi Guys, since this is probably the best community on the whole Internet I thought that somebody maybe could help me or share their experiences. I’m struggling with Anxiety and had some pretty good weeks without being anxious too much. Then I found out about the WHM and thought I need to try to maybe get rid of it completely. I did the breathing, exercises and showers for three days now and it all worked out as described. Especially when I did the breathing the first time I was super euphoric and just felt great. However now the anxiety came back over the last days after I started the WHM and didn’t change anything else so I stopped doing it for now. Did anybody experience the same? Is it the way it has to be before the body gets used to it? Would be great if anyone could share their experiences since I really want to keep doing it and set a lot of hopes into the method. Thank you and much love from Germany!

  • just Roofs says:

    How hard should I fight the spasms.my body wonts to start fighting the breath hold after 2 mins? Not meditation at that point.please help!!

  • Vani Sharma says:

    Mr Wim Hof-This is Yogic Breathing.
    Centuries Old. Please come to India and learn the basics.

  • Raul says:

    Can you become strong as an oni whith this breathing exercise ?

  • Pascal Damiani says:

    Parfaites explications…merci 😊🙏🙏🙏

  • Esther Noemi Zamora Barillas says:


  • Dan Bujor says:

    Man ! Your accomplishments are beautiful, but you don't know to explain ( in English). I tried the breathing after fasting and feels good.
    I'll try not to take a warm shower again.
    The breath of man is a light from God. The Good Book. (Sorry don't remember where, I think in proverbs)

  • Atif Iqbal says:

    Thank you wim hof from pakistan ❤🇵🇰

  • Sam Walker says:

    First time 60-90 seconds- had to laugh. Barely made it 30 sec. Then the second round went 60, then the 3rd round 90. Second day went 60 seconds the first time. I realized the first day it was the mindset that killed my retention times.

  • Dahomey says:


  • Furo6448 says:

    Inscructions unclear, got a weird yellow lightning-like power that apparently is effective against vampires

  • juan s-a- says:

    Feels like I'm connecting with the universe awesome thank u so much 😀

  • Kosmpolitanna Orwell says:

    This is a breakthrough for me too. Thank you 😍

  • egal says:

    Wim, you should try fasting.

  • Whispering Wind says:

    Wim, I have to say what an honor, privilege and answer to prayer that I came across U on YouTube this evening.
    9/20/19 today is my 46th Birthday and I went for a beautiful hike today. I wanted to go out this evening to Celebrate but unfortunately I was too tired. U see the problem I'm currently facing is Stage 4 breast Cancer.
    My lymph nodes are clogged under my left armpit, like a small football shape, the size of a pinky finger and I have a golf ball sized tumor along my scar where my left breast used to be.
    Both are very painful and have been growing rapidly due to the stress I've been feeling, ruminating thoughts cause this.
    After listening I fully believe finding U and this practice of breathing and cold showers will save my life. I REALLY do.
    U speak about how it changes our bodies chemistry and gets rid of our stress, turning our bodies back to an alkaline state which is what we all need.
    I've learned from Dr. Bruce Lipton that are cells cannot heal if they are under stress, it's either one or the other, heal or harm.
    My normal stress level for the past 4 yrs has been 80-95% almost everyday due to a toxic relationship (that I'm finally out of) so it is no wonder to me that I developed this Cancer inside my body.
    It was my "wake up" call.
    I know it (the stress) is literally killing me and up until tonight when I found U I had no permanent way to get rid of my stress, no coping mechanisms. I've been feeling hopeless to be honest.
    I gave up smoking bc of the Cancer but the depression, anxiety, sadness, fear, heartbreak was still there. My mind goes non stop, then my body reacts to these horrible thoughts, naturally bc mind and body are one.
    I feel, know, believe it was divine timing, intervention, a synchronistic event that I found U and ur work tonight.
    I fully believe if I REALLY commit to this it WILL heal this Cancer.
    I have a Beautiful, Amazing daughter who is 23 yrs old that I still would love to enjoy life with. Funny thing is she always told me Mom just breathe, take deep breaths when I was frantic but instead I'd just light up a cigarette.
    I hated smoking but also couldn't take being inside my head. I was too impatient to breathe deep and I honestly didn't think it would do anything but it does.
    I am so very Thankful for U Wim!!! 🙏🏻
    This truly is the Best gift I could receive for my Birthday!!!
    I'm going to watch ur cold shower video now.
    I watched ur podcast w/ Russell Brand (under the skin) before this video and found it absolutely fascinating!!
    I have to say I'm so very excited to just breathe now, deep breaths…AND freeze my ass off!!! 😆
    Thank U~ Wind

  • Dominic Cavaiuolo says:

    What a load of crap

  • Dylan Curtis says:

    Bro I was able to hold my breath for 3 minutes like what the fuck I couldn’t even hold it for 30 seconds and was able to rep out 100 push ups like it was nothing

  • TNT BOOM!!! says:

    Should I breath in with my nose and exhale with my mouth? Or breath in with my nose and exhale with my nose? or inhale with my mouth then exhale with my mouth?

  • Ez L says:

    Last time I did this I got cancer

  • not Paul Novak says:

    When oxygen is stronger then weed

  • D. Montana says:

    Isn't this like a controlled hyperventilation…? When I was young I used to do this to pack more oxygen in my blood then I could hold my breath for a longer period of time…

  • Diane Giovanniello says:

    Hi Wim Hof thank you so much for your breathing techniques. I have practiced this while walking for I will do only sitting from now on.

  • Diane Giovanniello says:

    I will do this lying down also. I have been feeling the positive effects this is having on my brain and body⭐️

  • Sanjaya Jayalath says:

    Thank u very much for sharing this method!!!

  • A A says:

    PTSD is for pussies

  • Harry Haring says:

    Wow, after the 4th time I hit 2:17 without air in my lungs. Totally feeling different after doing this breathing tutorial!

  • Lavanya Jayanth says:

    Sir Thank you for this video.. Is it breathing in and out through mouth or nose or together. Please clarify.

  • Kyle Hooten says:

    I was skeptical, but my entire body complexion and habus changed after. I look better and feel incredible.

  • Eandres4 says:

    Hi wim, you very good

  • Poetess Aamiinah says:

    This is phenomenal and I know it works! Thanks for sharing!🎁💖

  • Jill Tann says:

    Imma be first subscriber I guess

  • Damian Alejandro Achille says:

    The third time i managed to hold 02:41 mins, when holding the breath the las seconds i felt a very strong vibration running my whole body it whats weird and powerfull thank you Wim, greetings from Argentina.

  • Kittywampus Drums says:

    Great video! I joined a modern school called Drukama, the main teaching aims to focus and amplify the internal heat and use it to drive through the knots in the energy body. I haven't heard anyone else speak of actually using inner heat for such a certain purpose. Check it out if anyone here is seriously seeking. Drukama .com! Blessings!

  • Matti Thorley-Symes says:

    Anyone know the background song? It's so peaceful.

  • Pu muckl says:

    i tried it today but on second round i feel such a strong strong tingling in my arms and stomach also i couldnt continue breathing so i held my breath for 1,5 minute now its better i will so this again tomorrow i feel good but is this right what i did or should i continue breathing, i felt as if something is gonna happen if i continue breathing its like someone tries pulling out my stomach. Dont know if i did it the right way…

  • Dan Quinn says:

    Thank you for sharing this with the world… WOW what a rush!!!!

  • Raphael Muchomba says:

    I can't Explain what I just felt.. I'm Brand New! Now Hooked on OXYGEN. Punch ur weed dealer NOW!!

  • Benjamin Galati says:

    The Embassador of Happiness and Menthal Strength. I love him. Thank you for this Life-changing experience. Everybody can do this!

  • Veronica Falcon says:

    This hurts, like really really hurts, is it supposesed to hurt this much? I could barely take 3 breaths and I feel my Chest is gonna explode

  • Drew Anne Bradbury says:

    High on your own supply 😆😊😆😊

  • Braeden L says:

    Thanks so much

  • danfor says:

    Can anyone explain how taking in more oxygen can help with oxidative stress? I thought too much oxygen would be bad. I totally believe the breathing is good for us, I just don't understand it. Thanks

  • AySh y says:

    Thanks Wim Hof ​​My digestive system is working again and is able to digest steel❤

  • Marcelo Dornelas says:

    Thank you !

  • Yogesh Patil says:

    It's a very similar to pranayama (part of the yoga). Off course pranayama is much bigger but this is one of the technic of breathing and there are many more.

  • Idrees Baksh says:

    Is there anybody feeling sleep interruptions by doing this method?

  • Jeffrey Overmyer says:

    Does anyone else go kinda deaf after the third round breath hold is? What’s that all aboot?

  • Julián Mendoza says:

    hello! I joined the mini class three days ago and I'm still waiting the 2nd and 3rd video… could you tell me when or where I can see them? thanks!

  • Olivia Bowker says:

    Wow I went like a good dizzy !!! 💜🕉

  • StevenE1972 says:

    I'm going to experiment with this as a primer to my TM. Do these breathing exercises first, then immediately follow with TM. I wonder if this could also help induce an auto-hypnotic state for use with binaural beats and self-hypnosis. Hmmm….

  • maria ekman says:


  • Alexander Rewijk says:

    as someone who had his first panic attack like 11 years ago (followed by a long period of them), i learned the importance of breathing through necessity

    it's hard for me to get into silent slow breathing meditation, never did shit for me, i just feel like a dick,
    this intense shit looks like someting i could get into

    it's crazy to me anyone would want to go there deliberately by hyper/hypoventilating, but i'm fully convinced this does push the boundaries of how much you can take

  • TheKing_Adam says:

    This man is taking all of our oxygen :,(

  • Kayla Johnson says:

    I could only hold my breath for 19 seconds before doing this. When doing this I set an intention to release resistance and fear. my numbers were: 1:24, 1:47, 1:46, 2:10, 1:58. I did it a sixth time and my number was 2:04. I dont even remember hitting the stop button. Not sure what happened but I woke up over 5 hours later. My numbers have shocked me. I had a lot of ear ringing, then just blocked out hearing after a few rounds. Seen colors after a few rounds. I did see a couple things as well. One being a lion head roaring. I do feel different today. I just feel light.. And I can say I have more energy than normal. Very interesting to say the least. I will be trying more. Thank you 😇

  • Marcelo Gondin says:

    I did this to smoke pot, i call it "catranco". I foud out when studying pneumology in the university, the full lung capacity through hyperventilation and the biochemichal pH regulation via kidney/lung. "What if i hyperventilate to reach maximum profusion in my puffs to get as well the maximum THC distribuition and absortion?" I told this to the teacher and she said "learning pneumology from a druggie". And them i used it in my workouts, meditations and all.

  • Bob Davanzo says:

    I love reading thru all these comments and seeing everyones different (and similar) responses.
    2 things i noticed my first time (just now):
    1) my breathing didn't stop 100%, it got so shallow but im not even sure it counts as breathing, is that how it is for most or am i doing it wrong and cheating?
    2) my face was on fire 1st round, got the tingles in my arms specifically by round 2 and round 3 my hands were contorting. as like, my thumbs were moving in towards the middle of my hand and it felt like they would if they were asleep. didn't really have any control over their movement for a few minutes. anyone else experience anything like this?

  • freedomofthinking says:

    I read the comments and it seems to me that everybody is on something comparing the drugs with this.Take serious what the man is explaining.

  • Jay Free says:

    Anybody know how old Wim Hof is?! Just curious

  • Helen Stedman says:

    Do you breath in and out through the mouth only?

  • Erica Rice says:

    I love you Wim! Thank you so much for teaching us and looking out for the tribe! Just seeing your face instantly makes me smile. you are breathing life into us!

  • Associatedword says:

    WIM, Create your merchandise, HIGH ON YOUR OWN SUPPLY etc,, T-Shirt, jog bottoms, baseball caps, meditation met, glass water bottles, hoodies, mugs, key rings. Thank you and namaste x

  • Finnland says:

    After 12 years of pdsd this has been best Day of My Life. Thank you Wim . 🙂

  • Tyler Mackey says:

    Is this safe?

  • Janette Davis says:

    I started deep breathing in 1994 it relaxes me and I don't feel nervous like I used to. I got upset very easily after breathing I don't I seem to handle stuff. Thank you for this info very generous of you Wim Hof.

  • June Bug says:

    You should have a billion subscribers.

  • Diego Hannon says:

    Win Hof???? 😂😂😂😂

  • Magic Philip says:

    I'm just watching this so I can take bigger dabs

  • harry seibert says:

    Learn the mystery of the cold we better
    Hurry due to climate change!

  • Jan Gregoric says:

    Wim thank you for this, really thank you! I come from Slovenia and a friend of mine told me about this method, he tried it etc and saw some amazing results. I als saw some videos online, some comments but i had not believe it….. until today, i think i just had reborn myself thanks to this method! It is amazing. God bless you Wim! Keep it up!

  • OmegaTra says:

    I've tried this breathing method twice and I don't feel any different. I suffer from depression and every minute is a struggle to keep going. All the tingling and "high on your own supply" you describe just isn't happening. What am I doing wrong? I am desperate. I need to live for my son. I am all he has. Is there any other tutorial I can watch or read that will help me?

  • Kristy Copp says:

    sooooo.any educated comments about how Bikram has you fully out push your breath……I like this idea of oxygenating my blood cells….sounds awesome… less food. healthier life…..easier sport life ……please comment [email protected]

  • Michelle Friel says:

    High on your own supply😁

  • Interview Shark says:

    I'm not one to do this sort of thing, but oh my god there's really something here. I haven't even gotten started, just been doing a few practice ones before I really try, and I already feel really…different, not quite lightheaded but different

  • Sprint Rollingon says:

    Can I do this with COPD

  • Joshua soh says:


  • Mia Ash says:

    Would you please make a complete video of your daily breathing practice with written instructions on the screen rather than verbal instructions. This way, we can turn the video on, lie down and do the breathing with you!
    Thanks a lot for your great instructions!

  • M says:

    First: breathing with mouth
    Second: breathing while lying
    Third: respirations clearly unbalanced
    Fourth: holding breathing after 30 deep inhaling

    This is fuking hyperventilation… and that’s not healthy
    Btw this kind of respiration is thought to divers for the specific reason to compensate increasing pressure under water.. my god and passing away and lose consciousness is considered good .. my fuking god science is really underestimated these days

    Indeed he achieved what he achieved under ice… this is not for regular life.. oxygen is the most oxidative element we are constantly interacting with … going hyperventilation indeed increase oxidative stress… maybe simple book of anatomic pathology or pathophisiology would help .. my god

  • Finders-Keepers says:

    This guy is awesome.

  • heiner lauter says:

    i like the breathing, but why cold showers.

  • Kacper Łukaszewicz says:

    What will happen if i will do this after breakfest

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