"Wizkid is an Incredible Artiste, Writer" – Banky W's Super Exclusive | XChange.NG

"Wizkid is an Incredible Artiste, Writer" - Banky W's Super Exclusive | XChange.NG

when you see me come with as the music king of the new generation I think that the title is very well-deserved I think that he's worked extremely hard to get to where he is now as somebody who you know was kind of played a minor role in his foundation and what he started from it just fills me with pride to see kind of where he came from and what he's turned that into now I think he's an incredibly gifted artist who's an incredibly gifted writer it's just he's a musician's musician and he deserves anything that has come to him so I'm very proud he's probably the fastest songwriter that I've ever met they've got do what the blasphemy no they have a party when he started out being in studios when he was much younger nobody ever wanted to give him a chance to record so he would hang out all day and of course he couldn't afford the session so he would hang out all day waiting for just when they at the end of this session when the engineer just gives him 15 minutes to get in so all day long he would be playing with melodies and words and things in his head just waiting for the engineer to just see a tick tick for 20 minutes come on record whatever you want and that kind of internally writing all day long he I think he developed that skill so much that now he has all the money that he needs but he's just so used to writing quickly and having to deliver in the moment that that has now become his default state as a song right


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