Wood Burning and Painting | Preparing a wood slice | Wood art | PART 1

Wood Burning and Painting | Preparing a wood slice | Wood art | PART 1

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to recreate one of my pieces and walk you through the process of my work. Though the piece is already sold, I still have the photo of it and some sketches. Here I am just showing you the wood, which I will be using for this piece. It is birch. I really love the structure and the bark. But yeah, let’s get started! The first thing, which I always do is sanding a wood slice. It’s really important because it smoothes the surface and makes painting and burning much easier. After that, I usually transfer my sketches on wood and here I am showing you the transparent transfer paper and one of my quite rough sketches, which I will be using for this piece. There are many different types of transfer papers.All of them have their own pros and cons. But I use this one because it’s see-through, so it’s easy to place my drawings on wood properly. And if something goes wrong I may easily erase a pencil mark, which is not always
possible with some other types of transfer paper So this is how the transferred drawing looks. I am adding a few more lines, which are missing and then the
wood slice is ready to burn and paint on. See you next time! Bye! 🙂


  • Adam Kr says:

    Very interesting video but also beautiful visually and it sounds great! I hope more of them will appear here soon!

  • Celita D. P. says:

    Love this video! Easy to follow. Delicate, understandable voice. Wonderful pace. I look forward to trying to do this! Thank you for teaching me something new!

  • Карина Савкина says:

    Очень интересное видео!😁И очень полезное!😊🤗У тебя очень приятный голос!☺Какие же у тебя получаются красивые работы!😄Продолжай в том же духе!🦊Буду ждать следующих видео!😋

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