Wood Carving – Arunkumar The Artist – Documentary

Wood Carving  – Arunkumar The Artist – Documentary

Wood Carving – Arunkumar The Artist No, I don’t have any master. I learned it by myself. No, I didn’t study any course. I am ITI Electrician. or mechanism.. I have been doing Mechanical work since my childhood. It is god gifted to me. Now, I became so much powerful at work so that… I made the tools of Shoemaker just in 1 inch. CN School used to be my hangout place. I had one friend overthere He used to be Shoemaker While I was sitting with him, one day this idea came to me There should be tools for them too. it is hammer It is leather cutter It is a pin remover. It is handmade too. It has perfect movement too. You might have seen this. It is a Violin. I have little bit interest in music too. I used to be a government officer. My living expense is covered by pension. And I don’t need too much money. I get whatever I need. We people are in need of money but not behind of money. I don’t like a life that is only about money. Somehow I manage whenever I’m in need of money. These are the vises It is a vise of Carpenter It is a vise of Plumber It is for mechanical.. it is a vise for drilling It is mechanical vise And it is a clip All these are handmade only I like these people People who are real worker people who do hardwork But whenever some worker or plumber comes… or some ‘lower class’ person come… at our place to work we will tell them that Rs 500 are enough reduce some amount we would only give them Rs 300 We bargain with them after he completes his work. But first, we will get our work done We bargain after we get our work done. He would not able to do anything. He is ‘lower class person’ And in the world, there is no value of ‘Lower Class People’ But when we start realizing that he kids too He also do hardwork then.. he would get what he deserve I don’t want to do anything based on commercial lot of people told me to put it on internet do this and that sell them or give them But I.. so far don’t think so that I have to sell all these things. Basically, entire world is in need of money But I don’t need it right now When my work is ready when right time comes when I have enough work ready then I would like to exhibit my work I would do exhibition But I would not keep its ‘sell price’. This price and that price.. Only few people understand Art remaining people do bargaining This is Crocodile It is made out of one piece of wood. There are no joints Base and Top are made out of one piece of wood only. and this remaining part is it is just a steps only only those two things are different. I never listen to people I do what my mind say I make what my heart say Making something based on someone’s order I feel like I’m his slave When I get inspiration from my inside then I start working and that thing get made It get made amazingly This is another crocodile Previous crocodile was in standing position This one is relaxing This one too is made out of one piece of wood And this one is Doggy that is sitting in his own position It is too made out of one piece of wood In the world of art, I’m just a small particle Baside me, there are lot of other artist world never heard of them They are keep working in their closed room There are such a musicians who don’t have certificates yet big musicians go to them and learn from them Art is such a thing… people who give certificate to artist, don’t know what actually art is And that person gives certificate to artist No If artist becomes money minded then real art will disappear then it will become one process For example, I’ve made one thing Then I get order that make 10000 things like this Then what I do is I bring machinery for that. And machine would keep making it. When it get made by machine, its soul.. It’s power of creativity that power would end Then it is made by machine And this one is a fish made out of metal On one hand, it is a fish but in other way.. it is a design of a door handle There are some work need to be done on this one. Firstly, I made it in wood Then by casting, I turned it into metal. See, I’m not commercialized. So, whenever I’m in mood Then I start working on my art And during sleeping 1 hour before I sleep and 1 hour after waking up My work that is on production I keep thinking about that this thing.. after this step.. this step. .. and after that.. this.. and this and that step by step My work get done This one is horse carriage Once upon a time, we had it in Ahmedabad. This one is ‘soulful’ thing Art is soulful thing whatever type of art it may be If it doesn’t have soul then it is ‘deadbody’ For example, everyone sings but but singing ‘sufi’ is different thing People play all kind of things but very few who plays from heart Everyone think themself great But the one who want to become great He would never focus on any races Slowly and steadily, he keep doing his work A time comes.. if.. If he say I became Great then he ‘dies’ then he stops there then art would not come to him then he becomes commercialized Then god even start thinking that he has arrived at his ‘saturation point’ he would never able to go ahead than this then soulful thing disappears then purity of work.. real art get disappeared and artificial work take place then he would become machine for example, whatever dye you add in machine it works in that way machine don’t have sense that what am i making what am i doing this carriage is from Kolkatta’s Human takes it in hand and walk and run. We advanced so much but we turned human into animal. In world, japan also has this one Korea also has it china has it too And in our Kolkatta has it People of Kolkatta rebel against it but people who run this car they say ‘give us some work’ instead of this then we will stop doing this work If we stop doing this work then what we will eat? One day I went to exhibition There was one aboriginal person He created art by using a wood as a tool I really liked it I asked him that how many days are you staying. He replied that they are staying for three to four days. On second day, I came home And from my home, I took chisel hammer and small tools that I no longer need But I had others tool as well But he didn’t have tools He didn’t have good chisel So, on second day, I went there and gifted those tools take it.. you don’t have right? you take it. and make what you wanted then he responded only you think in this way Lot of people come here, but no one think like that This one is hammer In reality, it is a face of aboriginal people Aboriginal people keep shouting for their freedom please give me work respect me then we put wood in his mouth you are aboriginal person stay in that way Living Aboriginal Person and you stay in that way you till die You should not get succeed in life You can’t be with us You don’t have any value What I want is.. I’m trying to become Artist I’m not complete artist yet. But for New Generation people who don’t have any support People who don’t have money I want to teach my craft to such a 4 to 5 kids. If I die one day I’ll pass away but my art will keep living with our kids I have big vision I should have one small workshop I should have a showcase room where all my art is placed people come and see it but right now, that time has not came I wish someone help me for that help me to get my small workshop and arrnage my all these art properly yes, i do have such a wish I do have such a deep desire There are always such a people who understand art and need of artist. A time would come when my exhibition is ready right now i’m in corner I may be highlighted If I become highlightd then i would do something for my country and what if you wouldn’t? I have no sorrow are you happy? I’m happy whatever I make once people see it and become happy after seeing his happiness, i become more happy. Artist keep working till people say ‘wow..’ a time will come when people will know me, understand me and i’ll beginning my new journey Wood Carving – Arunkumar The Artist


  • Mehul Fozdar says:

    Awesome Short Film

  • Avinash Rai says:

    thanks for the video, you people are awesome. I would like to meet this great person. If you can, please give me his address. would love to learn from him

  • Apurva Doddakurugodu says:

    I salute arunkumarji

  • Michael Ramsey says:

    This is the best ebook for anyone who would like to begin or consider woodcarving ..it gives the information you need to begin and many ideas to add to your selection if you are already a woodcarver..the thougth and experience in the ebook shows everyone the procees in an orderly way and will help anyone interested in woodcarving new or old.

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