Worth Every Penny – Artists At Work Studio Vlog

Worth Every Penny - Artists At Work Studio Vlog

welcome to the weekly art vlog everybody you know life as an artist is definitely not erase it as a journey and I think in large part that's because great art is really a luxury in life and the sooner we understand that as individual creators the sooner we realize the importance of focusing on long term goals and craftsmanship in our work so throughout this episode I want to talk a little bit about one of the greatest challenges we face as creators and that's figuring out the value of our work or maybe better put figuring out the value of you the individual artist you see in my mind I really don't have any competition I don't really need to know what any of my competitors are charging because I know the value of my individual time yet I do see through my social feeds constantly these flash sales and all sorts of gimmicks going on where they're trying to find ways to get people through the door and they're treating their work more like a commodity whereas I'm focused on working with clients who are seeking an opportunity to have artistry in their life and to find that life experience of working with an artist so I'm hoping really to make you think about the importance of slowing down doing personal work and putting craftsmanship first secondarily I want to take you behind the scenes of a journey I went on this week to step completely out of my comfort zone performing on a large stage in front of a pretty big audience this week and how my passion for music is giving me opportunities to introduce my photography my paintings my fashions to new audiences on an ongoing basis you know you don't get anywhere if you don't step out of your comfort zone and even in these social media times you've got to find ways to break on through to the other side and I'm hoping to make you think about that and make you realize that it's all about making personal connections in person okay what's happening everybody welcome to the art studio I'm gonna be stretching one of these giant canvases today I wrap my last piece and now it's time to get another one done starting news you're not thinking today one of the things that we have to figure out is artist is what is our own value what is the value of the work that we create what is the value of our own personal time and that's not an easy thing to do and it varies in some ways depending upon whether you are a painter or a musician writer photographer or filmmaker very nervous things just gonna be fun fun to participate you know it's kind of like you know the Grammys it's like I'm just excited to be participating nominated yeah happen like that you know I suppose it's gonna be cool I'm it's very cool I can't wait to see this theatre you know the theater is really beautiful all of that small classic it sounded everybody look at this place boy – beautiful something about a rainy day you know makes me feel a little nostalgic and why not reminisce about places and family and whatnot so a couple of originals that are just kind of a little softer side copulating this is song about you know surviving as an artist in the city and you know I think in life we all have our struggles but we can find some unity and struggle it's it can be a beautiful thing especially when we look back there and it's a little New York story forgive me because it depends on where you live most certainly the cost of living of where you live you know I know in Connecticut in New York where we are the cost of living is extremely high that's different from the cost of living in a small town you know middle of nowhere and so we have to take all of that into account when it comes to our survival and you have to take that into account as well [Applause] and one of the challenges artists in particular face is that they love what they do so much they have so much passion for the work that they're doing that they're willing to do it for free if it weren't for those pesky bills electric bills house payments cars everything that goes into just living life and you know every week I do stuff for free artistically in some form or fashion and hopes that it allows me to grow personally not just financially and the truth is success is a balance between having the things that we love and want and having the things that we need and having personal growth as well you know every week I do something quote-unquote for free artistically you know when it comes to music for instance I try to get out and play a venue or two every week and what that's allowing me to do is to network with other creative people and introduce myself and all that I do to others so you know sometimes you have to do work that you do that you're passionate about not for money but just for the sake of your own personal growth or for the sake of getting out of your comfort zone or combining it all and a way to be social instead of stuck behind the computer all the time or in front of the canvas because if you're gonna build relationships that last you're not going to do that online you're not gonna do it on the computer you're gonna do it in person by building true strong personal relationships got to be social [Applause] this guitar at home it's nothing special it's not expensive or anything don't be dumb cat scratches dust all over it and has its own sound though and what makes it special it was my dad's and I lost him mechanics for several years ago and you know sometimes I picked it up and play it I can feel his hands in the guitar you know and serve up this little song about that facility you know I think a lot of artists especially those just starting out they place short-term profits or making a little bit of money on their work over their long-term goals [Applause] then you know my suggestion is to learn your craft become good at what you do first you know even if you have to have a second job tell the story all the time about how I used to clean restaurants at night and hope the phone rang during the day to kickstart my photography career to have the time to dedicate to that craft and grow for years before I started photographing professionally fine which you know with painting I'm eight years into painting and I'm a good three years into building this collection and I'm in no hurry to do that my photography allows me to fun doing my painting and doing all the other artistic things that I do so it is kind of like a second job if you will and so yeah I I knew it took me a good four or five years to figure out that I had a vision in painting and to figure out that I was and so it's just now that this collection is coming to life and I see the value of it so it's hard to build value into your work until you know that it your work is actually good that definitely makes a difference in determining that regardless of the market you're in but of course yes the market you're in does matter but you can start thinking globally about your work if it's really good then the market doesn't matter so much it's the Internet Oh so yes focus on the long-term goals that you have not just the short-term financial gain I say that because if you focus on becoming really great at what you do and you do become really great at what you do your value will go up tremendously and you understand your value can't sell anything without having pride in your work in the backbone to do so but once you are confident in your work that gives you the ability to say I know what this is worth and it's worth it every single our channel focuses on creativity living the dream and a positive outlook subscribe and join us go behind the scenes via our vlog but also learned from us via tech talks tutorials and reviews from the perspective of two full-time artist


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