Writer, Director, Producer Reginald Hudlin Talks About His Netflix Documentary 'The Black Godfather'

Writer, Director, Producer Reginald Hudlin Talks About His Netflix Documentary 'The Black Godfather'

you want support role of icon filter being show Joan I'll bring the funk fanclub every dollar that you give to us supports our daily digital shuttling ones daily digital show out here that keeps it black and keep it real as Roland Park unfiltered by going to Roland Martin on filter comm you can make this possible alright let's talk about black godfather Reggie Helen this is first of all an absolutely amazing documentary and what I love is for someone I know claims you know plans but for that person out there with no idea who the hell this black guy is he was he is I was he is the man who everybody wants to know absolutely you know one of the most gratifying things is you see people know parents very well who go you actually got him you got to hold him which is very touching and what was interesting about it wasn't you think about it again when you see you see the documentary and you you're hearing these stories and you're going seriously seriously especially the one where you had CBS and making et and all these four people the table they're like well as here for well Clarence is actually here for all of us or how he is the ultimate connector if you will right that's why I always try to have at least 200 or more people telling a story a just to get all those different perspectives on it and also do confirm it really happen because these stories are kind of unbelievable you can wait this guy did all those things and you know yes yes yes all of these things are confirmed what was also I think what was important is that when you look at the telling of this story the fact that you had this white man who was in the business who became classes Sherpa his guide somebody who said I am going to show you the business but I'm also going it's like I also recognized something in you value before what we do yeah it's an extraordinary experience I started a relationship between him and Jo glacier there was he called mr. glazier almost identically throughout throughout the entire documentary he always says mr. glazier doesn't say jump no no in the same way you know when you around people who work with James Brown and they only say mr. brown you just go oh that's that old school thing where you do that and you always do that that person couldn't be gone for 40 years they will only say mr. glazier mr. brown there's this great story not in the film where Joe Glaser loved baseball he had a section and Yankee Stadium right when there was a nameplate that said Joe glazier where he said and so he would call Clarence ago we're going to the going to the NTA pick you up at 6:30 so they'd be walking down to the seats and Clarence would stop because at a certain point black people aren't supposed to go so Joe will turn around and go what's wrong with you so you with me hey not only would he take cars down there he would tell hey gonna do it move over this is Clarence a seat he said I'm even tell Clarence just listen you're gonna learn some stuff that is wild and what Klan and then what he is seeing is he is seeing how power is wielded yes and Joe's statement at the end of that it's like this is gonna be a little well you know in the vernacular Joe is it they should just like you like there's no reason for you to defer to anyone whether they're a movie star or a politician whoever they're all just people just like you was also I think compelling about this particular documentary is the fact that here are someone not more than a ninth grade education but it shows people the value of the other education the one that you cannot get in a classroom absolutely Clarence grew up in an environment where it was a fight to survive it was a Servite to fight in a home with an abusive stepfather it was a fight to survive in a town you've you know infested with Klansmen where you couldn't walk down the street without a possible threat to your life and so through that he developed not only the instinct of how to survive he maintained a value system that said I'm going to fight for right and that's quite exceptional because you can get into a survival mode and be very selfish you know it's just you know I'm fighting to live I'm fighting to live and but he's like but I don't know let's fight for right let's fight to protect people who are defenseless that's a different higher mental state deeper conversation is going so here's one thing that also I thought is it so this is pointless in the documentary where you this is five white guys all of these music heads all of these folks are sitting there and talking about him and I'm watching it and I'm literally saying why was why is it Clarence in one of those positions because I because they're talking about his brilliance they're talking about this how this dude just how smart he is I'm going why the hell he isn't here in one of those positions earning the millions and millions of and not having to have a couple of his friends bail amount when his record label goes on he loses the radio station and I thought about other african-americans who justice smart just as brilliant but never got to sit in that top see look I agree I think in the unique case of Clarence I think Clarence ultimately decided he didn't he loved making deals he loved connecting people but he didn't enjoy being an operator you know so even though he had to record labels he had a radio station and all that what he liked most was the deal in the hunt so I think in the back half of his life he said that's what I'd like to do this is you know so I'm gonna focus on that that said there are so many enormously talented people who do not get the shot that they deserve and the opportunity to prove themselves the opportunity to mess up mm-hmm and then get a second and sometimes third shot and that's a shame and hopefully this movie will inspire more people to ask that same question that you just did took you three years to do this an enormous number of celebrities who were in this and you watch it and you go Dane didn't is do connect with absolutely and here's the thing he didn't just connect with them work with him do a deal with them those people still fill a very deep connection to the point where when you called and say we're doing a documentary for Clarence they all say yes to presidents say yes you know two of the greatest sports legends ever Jim Brown you know Henry Aaron say yes unbelievable but they say this guy made a meaningful difference in my life I love the coca-cola story and Hank Aaron how Clarence just called and and I don't use the n-word but they sleep here he tells his wife CEO blackballs Bako a lot of coke and I mean this straight up and the thing is he walks into the boardroom he pulls the champ to the desk so basically it might be his desk as much as the CEOs this doesn't say hello just cuts right to we a lot of code and that's the beginning of a negotiation now you know how it's gonna go and that's right that's the beginning of it you know how this thing is gonna have absolutely what do you plan she's 88 I called him a few days ago and he said van I've gotten more calls around the world and I never ever have in my life there's so much we can learn from from watching Buckner like this year I think about the Jerry Weintraub book that documentary oh there was so much I learn reading it in terms of how you deal with people how you negotiate how you visualize things what do you want young african-american oh it's somebody of any race but because Netflix is also worldwide they're people all around the world same ism what do you want them to learn from this that they can use no matter what their field is Clarence's ability to evolve is unbelievable this is a guy I mean ninth grade education in continent North Carolina sharecropping which is virtual slavery right that's not a promising start but somehow he made the most out of any window of opportunity he was given and he was able to rise to the occasion to the point that he's sleeping in the let Lincoln Bedroom of the White House he's doing deals with the top power brokers in New York in LA it's because he never hit a ceiling where he wasn't competent anymore he kept having triage he kept learning and he never said here's these external reasons that have stopped me from getting what I want he always checked himself and said how do I grow to be ready for the next thing that's a lesson for every person I don't care what level you are right now last question you've got a ton of stuff yeah well I'm gonna do it when I can talk to Harry Belafonte he being here 800 hours worth of content when he did his documentary mm-hmm well because I'm thinking it's a bunch of stuff you had but you haven't even used yeah there's a bunch of stuff there's some amazing stories I just you know mentioned one to you this is right which was the one about the Joe and the and going to the state that wasn't in the documentary right we have an easy hour of stories just great stories great deals great everything so look this movie is so successful perhaps we can find a way to show folks some more stuff this called the black Godfather if you have not seen it you want to see it it is an amazing documentary we've got did a great job with it and I just appreciate the Clarence laughs of the story to be told because I think we need to hear more about figures like him in hearing their stories and also celebrating them while they are still with us absolutely thanks to the Avon family thanks to Netflix and the amazing crew that dedicated their lives over all those years to make it happen okay one I'm like a Baptist preacher one final question okay you did this here is there a doc of someone living or disease that you would love to do there's several there's people that I want to do and there's also subject management events right so I mean this is my first feature length documentary I seem to be very enthusiastically received so in addition to feature films and television and comic book and live events I'm gonna 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  • immensely human says:


  • Alva Burnett says:

    I like that😉

  • Candy West says:

    Another part of black history that was not taught in school .

  • Big Jay says:

    Loved this documentary!

  • Ole Junior Boy says:

    Brother Roland

    Nice Video on Black GOD Father, but Brother Roland! In The Comments, Sister Stephanie went very Deep, on the film.
    I would like you discuss her comments with your PANELS.
    I will take the time to watch The Black GOD Father, film.

  • Stephanie Drake says:

    I said the same thing Roland! about why isn’t Clarence at the table with the old rich white men. Why ? The main reason is because he was a black man. Rich white men used and exploited Clarence to the fullest to extract good talent from the black community . Remember in the movie ( The Black Godfather ) Clarence ran out of money several times and had to be bailed out by rich white men. He even started his own and that business went bankrupt. Why ? Because they didn’t want to help him succeed. If they succeeded in the business , why couldn’t Clarence ? He knew the business. This explains white supremacy.

    Also, one of the saddest thing successful black men go through is denial. They can’t call out and criticize white supremacy too harshly. This director is lying his ass off saying hopefully this movie will inspire others to do what Clarence did. Really ??????

    The only success to power that Clarence has is that his daughter married a white man who has a top position at Netflix. That’s it. I’m sure his daughter is taking care of her parents. She is the reason why this movie was made. Let’s get real. I don’t advocate black women marrying white men inside a system of white supremacy. However, black women have been known to persuade their white counterpart to help with their racial issues rather than black men marrying white women. We know most educated black men who marry out don’t necessary take on racial issues to help black folks.

    People wake up and learn about white supremacy / how it works and how to navigate around it.

    Doing a good job Roland .

    Remember , if you don’t understand white supremacy and how it works , everything you think you know will only confuse you .

    Stop trying to get in bed with white folks …. it’s a game and they ( white people ) know this.

    Clarence took his own money and helped his community. I’m greatly grateful for his efforts in trying to help black men and women in the business. If white supremacy wasn’t a thing in this country, Clarence would have been a billionaire. The problem is white people. We ( black people ) are not the problem.

  • Libras In Space says:

    The Black Godfather… Sounds like it's worth watching after When They See Us

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