Writer E. Jean Carroll Accuses Trump of Sexual Assault in the '90s | NowThis

Writer E. Jean Carroll Accuses Trump of Sexual Assault in the '90s | NowThis


  • John Smith says:

    A "Journalist / Author" claims to be raped, but can't remember what year it was?

  • Yahusha is the Torah made flesh says:

    You people should be ashamed of yourself. This is all lies.

  • Emerick Belasco says:

    Read her memoir…she has been allegedly assaulted, groped, or raped by almost every man in her life. She should change her name to Chicken Little.

  • Engelbert Vincent says:

    I think it's time The New Yorker does another Bill Cosby accuser(s) cover story with all the faces of the accusers

  • Trev Mac says:

    Keep in mind she was close friends with the Clintons

  • Morgan Sterne says:

    This woman raped my dog in 1982. I think she was having a flashback when she imagined this silliness here, because my dog had an orange tint and bit of a pompadour.

  • KSEGNA says:

    Why now, when we are sending troops to Iran. Grumble grumble how we shift focus🤬

  • buffyfan says:

    Bit sus that it come out now on the campaign trail…..i call b**shit

  • Mystic Nova says:

    She asked for it

  • Dragonetta says:

    Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile = Donald Trump 😈😈😈

  • parkour master says:

    These woman need to go and get real jobs

  • Julio Santana says:

    oh ohhh they trying to bill cosby president trump

  • Fly Speck says:

    Scuzzy tramp , Will do anything to sell her trash book. Worst of the worse

  • kata rascal says:

    Bahahaha, not Trump's type. She is way to UGLY and not woman enough.. looks more like a transgender.
    She would have to pay Trump to look her way….

  • Becker289 says:

    Christine Ford 2.0

  • Marianne Wilson says:

    Trump kicks off the 2020 campaign to a large enthusiastic crowd and high (mostly unreported) poll numbers. The next day, an accuser from 20 years ago who's also a NY media darling, appears. I'm sure this is a total coincidence.

  • The Wolfman says:

    I know Trump didn’t sexually assault her. Look how ugly she is. Trump is around women that are 100x more beautiful and sexier then Jean and they were never sexually assaulted by Trump. Stevie Wonder wouldn’t even touch her. Yucky!!!

  • Robert Man says:

    she now comes out for book sales

  • Jim will Bump says:

    what an ugly woman….

  • Johnny Black says:

    FAKE NEWS!!! More BULLshyt to try to derail Trump.
    In case u don’t understand law, we are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, NOT YHE OTHER WAY AROUND! For that reason no one can just accuse us of anything without just cause. That’s why this country is Great!!
    TRUMP 2020‼️

  • George Taylor says:

    What complete BS, More liberal lies!

  • George Langheinrich says:

    Cop: Why didn't you report this 23 years ago ?
    Carroll: I couldn't get out of the spaceship besides I was on another planet.

  • jimmy1132 says:

    …. This one would be  great for Michael Avanti but unfortunately he's in prison & won't be available for many decades…………

  • Jess Bertsch says:

    Why didn’t she come out when he was running for president

  • MultiMicelle says:

    2020 right around the corner, gotta come up with more fake allegations against our Great President Trump!

  • Jim Jolly says:

    Well Kamala Harris grabbed my junk while joe Biden rubbed my shoulders and smiled at me.

  • Moe I says:

    ah… another "Believe all Women" attempt. conveniently before the elections. why didn't she come out before? what are her vested interests? nice try leftist but it didnt work with kavanaugh and its not going to work with trump.

  • Earl Miller says:

    Its close to election time and someone needs a book to sell again, right?

  • Bj D says:

    Yeah sure … and she’s waited until now to bring it up?!? Funny how the mueller stuff is losing traction so the left is dredging for anything. Desperation.

  • Zeus The Scribe says:

    B.S. –  I mean – if true, she could have come out when Stormy Daniels did – so ANYBODY ELSE? Again, like Kavanaugh – "Oh, I have no evidence – but I DID tell two very close friends" and although I'm supposedly in the dressing room of a very prominent, high end, popular store during store hours (a place that has service attendants everywhere), and lots of people walking around and going into and out of the dressing rooms – NOBODY worried that a man and a woman walked into the LADIES changing room area in the lingerie department together?? Fitting rooms where there are SEVERAL changing rooms and OTHER WOMEN could be trying on lingerie?? And here, in the middle of the store – with people walking around – she was unable to yell even a "HELP!" while all this was going on? (Oh! But I can prove it happened because I have a picture of the back of Donald's head and my face from a party a decade earlier where he probably said hello while passing – and is DEFINATELY talking to the black guy, NOT you lady?!)

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