Writer wants to cheat on her husband; justifies it with "studies", "research", bad rationalizations

Writer wants to cheat on her husband; justifies it with "studies", "research", bad rationalizations

and now your man sharp what's up guys at your man Donovan sharp and welcome to the 488 edition of TSR live it is Monday July 15 2019 we're halfway through the month of July adjust about halfway through this summer swim by rather quickly hope you guys had a good and safe weekend we are streaming live to YouTube Facebook and Twitter so however you are watching wherever you're watching from thank you for making the sharp reality live a part of your daily routine all right let's get right to it so Devon sent me another article that was rife with red pill truth she's actually quite good at that lately if I could afford her I'd hire her to be my producer but for now I'll just take what she gives me and pay her with penis anyway she sent me an article entitled what happens when your sexual awakening hits and you were already married that is on your screen let me remove that I'm gonna show you guys that later it's already on your screen for those of you guys watching and listening on the replay was published last one today and was written by a Hannah Hickok which sounds like a sounds like an adult-film star which probably is in an accident but the title itself is very transparent what the title is really saying is that I want to sleep with other guys but I married does this make me a bad person so let's go ahead and get this started I'm gonna break this down in the customary Donavan sharp way so it starts out it says quote when I told my husband about the time I almost slept with a woman before we met he got an intrigued look in his eyes probably imagining threesomes in our future and sure she says we might try that someday but I'm less interested and whether the possibility turns him on than what it means for me at 32 with only straight relationship experience and less than a year of marriage under my belt I've grown resistant to the idea of clinging to a certain sexual identity for the rest of my life the prospect leaves me with a specific kind of FOMO a fear of missing out on the sex I haven't had but still might want to though my husband and I are currently happy in our hetero monogamous marriage how could we know if that format will continue to meet our needs for the next several decades in parentheses she says it seems presumptuous to pretend to know what my vagina will want at say 64 first off she definitely slept with a woman I'm here to tell you guys women never almost do anything they go all the way if she says she almost had a threesome with a roommate and the power forward of her college basketball team she had that threesome if she says she almost let two football players run a train on her in college she definitely did it and it was probably more than two players girls use this almost did this or that to gauge your reaction if it is if it's not a negative reaction which means your kind of indifference they will later admit to you that they did it because she feels a little bit better about it if you have a negative reaction like if you Blanche Rafi flinch like whoa what the hell she will never admit to it but make no mistake this chick absolutely slept with another woman and she told her man this because she is gauging his interest in a threesome now don't get it twisted guys don't get it twisted this is exactly why she did this she wants us to think she just so happened to mention she almost had a threesome but women never just say things out of the blue for no reason there is always a reason there is always an ulterior motive well you already give us a reason Donovan it's because she wants a threesome with her husband and another woman negative the threesome with another woman is a means to an end and women have been using this trick on men for decades you see gentlemen no woman ever really wants to have a threesome with a dude and another chick they'll do it to satisfy their husbands or boyfriends if he insists on it which by the way is always a bad idea just as a side note guys never ever have a threesome with your wife or girlfriend it always ends bad I speak from personal experience more than once I was too hardheaded to figure this out it's burned me more times than I can count it's all fun and game until she sees you sticking your dick in another chicken trust me when I tell you it warps it sort of warps her sense of connection to you and it is all downhill from there this is for another day and time but trust me threesomes are for side chicks friends-with-benefits one-night stands not wives not girlfriends not significant others anyway the reason a woman floats the idea or insinuates that a threesome might be on the horizon is not because she wants to go down on another woman and it's not because she wants another woman to go down on her it's because she wants to see you it's and it's not because she wants to see you plow another female in front of her oh no no no no no it's because she wants to fuck other men that is the reason so many guys fall for this trap guys they say oh I owe em G Ashley wants to have a threesome with me and Carla how lucky a mine is given his height his homeboys are all giving him high fives right then a week later actually hits him with okay it's my turn and he's like whoa and she says oh don't worry you don't have to be involved if you don't want to be I can find another guy and when you tell her well wait you can't do that she'll say oh yes I can I let you bang me and Carla and now I want a threesome with you and Kevin and if you don't his friend Dave will guys this happens all the time understand this ironclad truth gentlemen if a woman suggests a threesome unprovoked or unsolicited meaning you didn't mention it she's thinking about being the cream filling and an Oreo cookie pun definitely intended she knows that you would never sign off on that but she wants she wants to fuck other guys with your permission so what does she do she gives you what every she gives you permission to do what every guy dreams which is a threesome with two girls then on the back end like a gang leader in a prison who's nice to you in the beginning gives you cigarettes and protection when you first get there and an extra honey bun from commissary only to find out later he's gonna make you his bitch your girl is gonna hit you with well I let you do it so now you have to let me do it and if you did and if you didn't head this off at the pass guys she's got you as a sidenote a lot of people are probably thinking okay well how do we handle this not even as a side note the easiest way to avoid this once she floats the idea hey you know I mean a threesome is not out of the realm of possibility say this to her actually you do understand that if we do this I'm not going to give you permission to have a threesome with two other guys right just so we're clear I will never give you permission to do this with two other guys whether I decide to do this or not so that's what you're thinking you might want to reconsider you might you might want to consider rescinding your offer and leave it at that then she says FOMO fear of missing out on the sex I haven't had but still might want to translation my husband doesn't do it for me anymore and I'm getting sexually Restless this woman wants to cheat gentlemen that's what this is but instead of coming right out and saying I want to cheat she wraps it in a pretty little package by saying quote I've grown resistant to the idea that clinging to a certain sexual identity for the rest of my life which means in woman ease I don't want to fuck this guy right I don't want to fuck this guy and only this guy for the rest of my life these are the musings of a woman who has given her body to too many men guys happens to all of them any woman who has slept with more than ten men will get will get what we like to characterize as the 7-year itch that's the nice way of putting it that's seven-year itch that you don't want to know what that is that is simply the hoe tendencies resurfacing because she is 100% certain her husband isn't going anywhere which by the way turns her off sexually then she says how could we know let me find how could we know if if that format will continue to meet our needs for several decades guys this is hamster and overdrive this chick is literally saying I want to have sex with other men but I want to stay married so that I am never single and alone and she says it seems presumptuous to pretend to know what your vagina will want it's 64 uh at 64 miss Hickok your vagina can want whatever I want but it ain't getting anything and you know it and because of that she wants to jump on the carousel just one last time let's continue I am part of a wave of women she says seeing their sexuality through a new lens one that renders it increasingly fluid and shame free as we shed culturally imposed roles and explore new kinks and curiosity but what if you're already married when you do that internal accounting rather than begrudgingly accept ale rather than begrudgingly accept a limited sex life as a condition of long term partnership a rising number of women are acting on a feeling of fear of missing out FOMO about sexual experiences we might not have had before or after marriages I love how this chick wants us to think that she hasn't had sex with at least 100 men I love how she wants us to think that she hasn't had a train run on her my three dudes that she hasn't been in an orgy that she's never had sex with two guys or more in one day that she's never had anal sex that she's never had public sex she isn't missing out on any kind of sex because she's had it all already all she is talking about gentlemen is having sex with men other than her husband that's it there's nothing complicated about this there's something psychological about this miss chick wants to bang other guys that's all there is to it a quote limited sex life is a monogamous sex life and that's what she means when she says this she wants us to think that she means a different kind of sex she wants us to think that she wants kinky sex Dom sub sex BDSM sex role playing and all that stuff but she is talking about different men not different sex again guys this is what happens when a girl sleeps around for too long unless you know how to keep her in line and keep your value high she is going to want to step out on you and even then she still might regardless of how higher value is guys listen devin loves her some donovan but don't think for one second that just because i'm a high-value guy and i keep her ass in line that she wouldn't want to take some dick on the side if she no wouldn't find out Devin's a good listen Devin's great but Evans also a woman Devin has slept around she has been a hoe those urges are still there I know it she knows it and when those urges become too much to handle she'll do something stupid because she's never gonna come to me and say hey Donovan it's over no she's gonna end up going out sleeping with some other guy I'll find out about and I'll kick her ass up out of here right I take nothing for granted gentlemen and neither should you now don't get me wrong it is far less likely that Devin would cheat than other would on than other women would on other men but that doesn't mean it's impossible right a lot of guys like to come at me with oh you think Devin's never gonna cheat on you dude are you kidding me have you seen Devin have you seen her body right listen Devin might be a natural introvert but trust and believe she gets sexual attention everywhere we go she ignores it when she's with me but I don't know what happens at work I don't know when she's out running errands I don't know what's going on dude for all I know she could be banging somebody right now I mean what is it twelve what time is it quarter after 12:00 in the afternoon she might be on some lunch break she might be doing some lunch break sex with Kevin and sales I don't know it's far less likely that she is doing that I'm fairly confident that she's not but I never take anything for granted the point is guys is that there are two factors at play in terms of this woman this author Hannah Hickok wanting to take another man's dick number one she's a hoe and she's got hoe tendencies number two her husband hasn't maintained or elevated or elevated his value or number three both all of this word salad like quote internal accounting and culturally imposed roles ain't foolin anybody here in the manosphere this chick wants to sleep around again and the only thing in her way is her husband and he might not be an obstacle for too much longer if she can get him to sign off on this let's continue with traditional conceptions of marriage when do not have the right to explore their sexuality says Sandra Faulkner PhD director of women's gender and sexuality studies at Bowling Green University which is basically a bullshit department but for many women the idea of marriage is changing wanting to be sexually compatible with a partner has delayed marriage or altered whether a woman want whether women want to get married at all put simply we are prioritizing our pleasure more than ever and are less willing to sacrifice it at the altar of marriage let's take it from the top here don't have the right to explore their sexuality are you kidding me with that like are you serious so now we're characterizing the expectation for a woman to stay faithful to her husband as she doesn't have the right to explore her sexuality this is why women are horrible gentlemen this is why women are bad wives is why women are bad mothers articles like this women read this they think yeah all right to explore sexuality has been stripped from us guys nothing could be further from the truth women these days are encouraged both directly and indirectly to explore their sexuality they're encouraged to sleep around to get it out of their system and then settle down and get married okay so now that's been normalized but now they want us to be okay with them sleeping around while they're married to it wasn't enough for us to be alright with them getting the innocence the youth and the beauty fucked out of them in their teens and twenties and still and for us to still be waiting onto them with open arms on their 38 with saggy boobs a saggy ass crow's feet and a cavernous vajayjay right no you want to continue the party even after we commit get the hell out of here with that then then she says put simply we're prioritizing our pleasure more than ever and are less willing to sacrifice it at the altar of marriage this is women wanting wanting to have their cake and eat it too you see you can prioritize your pleasure and you do and if you're not willing to sacrifice it at the altar of marriage there's a solution here ladies don't get married right like I don't know buddy call me crazy here but that's the logical solution here right but once again once again women want all of the benefits without any of the cost or sacrifice they want all of the financial all of the emotional and all of the tax benefits that come with marriage without actually having to sacrifice their right to sleep around not sweetheart it don't work that way listen maybe it'll work with your husband because he's really not worth anything but for guys out here who are worth the damn that's it's not gonna fly and just as a as a note here you guys can see they're related the related topics here related women are hornier in their 30s it's science again this is these are the kinds of things you guys are gonna see all of these related articles are just telling women to sleep around and cheat it's it's just unbelievable it's unbelievable and we wonder why women are the way they are alright let's go to the next paragraph many women weigh the fear of missing out on sexual pleasure against the fear of missing out on a long-term relationship and children says human sexuality expert Lex Brown James PhD LM FTC SC founder of the Institute for sexuality in intimacy women often want to believe that if everything else in a partnership is good they'll be fine without great sex so pleasure is often shelled until the frustration is overwhelming but now women are claiming their experiences more and are less likely to be silenced about their sexuality again this is have my cake and eat it too right they want to believe that and here's the thing if everything else in a relationship is good but then there's not great sex women don't want to be in that relationship but here's the problem the men who give them the men who gave them great sex don't want them when they're in their 30s and then she says so pleasure is often shelved until frustration is overwhelming translation pleasure is often shelved until she finds someone to have an affair with it's so funny how they see such frustration delivering it is so funny how they stop short of just telling women I'm just saying a woman's sheet when they get horny enough and their husbands ain't do it I'm doing it for him anymore and then if he had but now women are claiming their experiences more and are less likely to be silent about their sexuality again nothing complicated here what she is saying is that women are claiming their experiences women are claiming that they're having affairs and they're not going to be silent about it it's so funny how they try to characterize cheating as sexuality no cheating is cheating we got a lot of wives out here who were sluts fucking every Tom Dick and Harry out here but she wants to characterize it and and they're bragging about it so a woman who sleeps with a bunch of guys who are not her husband are less likely to be silent about their sexuality I love how they use this word salad let's continue a happy side effect of this reckoning has been the long overdue light shed on what actually feels good for women and the advent of new resources to that end I witnessed more information research of technologies focused on women's sexual health and wellness as human sexuality expert Emily most Emily Morris host of the sex with Emily radio show and podcast studies here we go studies and studies have shown that women more often than men get bored in a long-term relationship everyone craves variety but women often break blame their low libido as the problem when they really need to explore their own desires in their relationship research and technologies focused on women's sexual health and wellness guys all up all of that nonsense is two things number one it's a waste of money the key to land sexual health and wellness is to have a lot of sex with one man their entire lives problem solved she paired bonds with the man she makes that which makes sex even better for her because she is now emotionally connected to him like no other man on earth she didn't have anything to compare the sex – that will be the best sex she's ever had and she avoid the risks that come with sleeping around like STDs sti's venereal diseases bacterial vaginosis and then of course the thousand cock stare which manifests itself physically in the soulless eyes of a woman who has been plowed into stoic emotionless oblivion by phalluses into the hundreds number – this is just a fancy and expensive way to give women permission to sleep around all of this nonsense word salad about sexual health and wellness it's a bunch of bullshit they can't listen they can't just tell women to go out and get railed by diksa to the Dozen for no other reason but that you want to because it's easy and you're horny so they try to dress it up with research and characterize it as sexual health and wellness oh they spend millions of dollars on researching this with all of their studies and surveys so it has to be healthy to have sex with seven guys in five days in fact it would be unhealthy not to all of this money and research must mean it's true no baby girl it's just a fancy and inexpensive way of telling you to sleep around and that's all there is to it and by the way there's no such thing as a human sexuality expert this Emily Moore's character she didn't go to college to become an expert she didn't get a degree to become an expert she didn't complete some class or exam to become an expert no Emily Morse just got raw dog by 287 guys and is an expert on how to get pounded but again we can't call her that we can't call her a ho we have to call her a human sexuality expert a female who wasn't a ho would never ever if she really was a sexuality expert and not a ho she would never host a show called sex with Emily that's a dead giveaway this afternoon at 5 p.m. Eastern I am releasing an episode from the archive I had it up I don't know which one it is but it's gonna it's it's it's in the it's in the double digits is probably episode 10 or 11 on patreon these episodes were lost a while back but I had all of the audio files backed up and I will be releasing one a day for the next what three hundred and forty something days if you want 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Twitter the broadcast ends here for you but you can watch the rest of the show on YouTube just search my name Donovan sharp subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when I go live so you can watch each show in its entirety let's go to the next paragraph for some women the author continues doing that within the bounds of a marriage is enough Natacha 32 of Raleigh North Carolina didn't start to lust or ask for new things from her husband until well into their eight-year marriage she says quote I realized that marriage came with a lot of compromise and sacrifice in many areas and that sex could no longer be one of them for me she says I was absolutely shortchanging myself before the older I get the more open I am to asking for exactly what I want and who better to experiment with than the person you've vowed to spend the rest of your life with I've gone from a weak submissive a lover to a submissive I'm sorry to a dominant demanding one let's look at that first sentence here because this isn't all bad but let's look at that first sentence for some women doing that within the bounds of their marriage is enough think about that for a second for some women doing that within the bounds of marriage is enough some women means not many as in most women or exploring these things outside of their marriage which is cheating most women are cheating on their husbands guys doing that within the bounds of marriages is enough indirectly says that exploring your newfound sexuality outside your marriage is the norm guys to me I don't know man that is still it is still unreal to read stuff like that that it says for some women within the bounds of marriage is enough to be the exception to the rule it's just like I've had red pill awareness for a good long while this stuff still surprises me and I guess the reason it surprises me is because we have men and women utterly perplexed as to why relationships are in the shitter right now it's still shocking to me that women who remain faithful to their husbands is the exception to the rule and not the rule but then we still have people asking why are marriages in the tank now Natasha she actually had it right until about halfway through right don't listen she got married young at 24 that was good she didn't act on her lust after new guys listen your ear your wife or girlfriend she's gonna list after guys guys that this is part of the gig right Devon sees guys she's sexually attracted to all the time I see girls I'm sexually attracted to all the time this is just nothing new acting on it is what makes her the ho right Natasha didn't do that she didn't go after the other guys she also understood that marriage came with a lot of compromise and sacrifice Hey so far so good three for three and she realized that she wanted a little more out of sex which is fine but what she thought she wanted and what she is now getting will eventually end her marriage I guarantee it I'm gonna tell you why guys you know that I am a strong proponent of not caring about your woman's needs in bed that hasn't changed but when a woman realize she wants more out of sex this means her husband is not sexually dominating her which is what every single woman wants and needs she wasn't shortchanging herself gentlemen her husband was shortchanging her and I'm gonna tell you exactly what happened she said to her husband honey it'd be nice if we could spice things up a bit and he was shocked and says but how I loved making sweet love to you very slowly and deliberately it's been that same way for eight years she said yeah I know but and I like it too but I want you to be a little rougher he says hell she's like I don't know smack my butt pull my hair absolutely not he tells her you all put a delicate flower and I will not defile you like that I will do no such thing and because her husband isn't sexually dominant because her husband isn't sexually aggressive enough she became the sexually dominant one which is not the natural state of a woman guys she was listen she wasn't a weak submissive lover no no no he was not the dominant lover so she had to be you guys mark my words Natasha is going to get tired of being the dominant one and will look for someone on Ashley Madison so look for someone on Ashley Maddock Madison to fill that void and again and given that this article was written what just last Wednesday she's probably got an account right now anybody who's on Ashley Madison look for Natasha was about 32 years old who lives and who lives in Raleigh North Carolina probably Bangor probably an easy lay let's go to the next paragraph other women scratch the sex FOMO itch by opening their monogamous relationships often temporarily and within certain constraints Naomi 38 of New York was in her mid-30s when she met her husband and had ticked most sexual adventures off of her bucket list she said quote having a threesome and being with a woman was the last sexual frontier I wanted to explore she says I brought it up to my husband and four months we just fantasized about the idea finally we made a plan to have drinks with one of his old hookup buddies which led to a spending a weekend embed together and then seeing her every few months for a year Naomi notes that setting expectations with her husband was the key to making the arrangement work and in general constant communication keeps their sex life feeling safe yet exciting let's take a look at this sexual adventure bucket list here women now have bucket lists when it comes to sex just think about that for a second think about the adventures that women want to check off got a train ran on you by two or more guys check and yes when it's two guys in one girl it's not a threesome gentlemen it's a train or a gangbang don't get that twisted had sex with two or more guys and a 24-hour period check had sex with a guy in public check had anal sex with a guy in chat in public chick orgy check dungeon in bdsm sex check unprotected sex with a complete stranger check ass to mouth check asked him out with more than one guy at the same time check listen the list goes on and on but the point is is by the time a woman says she wants to check off the girl-on-girl adventure off of her bucket list trust me when I tell you that female has performed every vile sexual act under every circumstance with every size shape and color of every guy this is the extreme slut who never met a dick she didn't like but rather than calling her what we is what she is we called the act as checking it off of her bucket list as if to say a sexual bucket list is fun and exciting and adventurous and leaves a woman with no regret in fact if it's a bucket list she lives a life of regret if she doesn't fulfill every every everything on that bucket list what gets lost in translation in this paragraph when Naomi talks about setting expectations with her husband was the key to making the arrangement work that's what get lost that's what got lost in the translation here's a question what expectations does she need to set if there's another woman spoiler alert guys there isn't you see the expectations she's talking about that didn't get enough ink in this particular paragraph is that that expectation was that she expected to have a threesome with her husband and another dude what other expectations are there it is set to make it work it sounds pretty simple to me I get one of my ex fuck friends to come and share a bed with us cut and dried what other stipulations need to be ironed out oh no no it's that cock Clause right down there and the fine print that every woman wants to slip in right at the end oh by the way honey after we do this thing with Sarah we get to do the same thing with Victor wait who's Victor he's a guy hooked up with a while back don't worry it'll be fun next paragraph and by the way here we go here's another related over 30 are leaving their husbands and boyfriends for other women again endorsing more more 'this behavior it's almost like this is a rabbit hole they go down it's it's no wonder why it's no wonder why women look absolutely incredulous when you suggested them that they should stay faithful to their husbands or boyfriends this is why this is why sometimes she says coming to terms with the sex life FOMO is about is about accepting that a certain phase of your sexuality over and being okay with that choice Leah 32 of Burlington Vermont admitted that though she's incredibly happy with her husband of two years she sometimes longs for the days of no string sex when I was single she said I love the freedom of sex without the emotional baggage I could be whoever I wanted in the moment and play a new role sexually no questions asked I love my husband and his baggage but sometimes it would be nice to have sex without the deep emotional connection as young parents were working on making sex less practical and more playful monogamous marriage is totally a sacrifice but to me it's totally worth it okay now this woman is telling the truth here Leah of 32 of Burlington and Vermont she tells two truths listen she slept around when she was single and she says you know what I love the freedom of sex without the emotional baggage I could do whatever with whoever and not have to worry about it right and she and she admits listen look sometimes I miss just being able to bang guys without any emotional bag is not that that's good to crave but when you've had enough of that at some point you start to crave that again but but right there at the end she says monogamous marriage is totally a sacrifice but to me it's totally worth it think about what she said right there what to me it's totally worth it think about that for a second guys now she'd listen she said the right thing listen monogamous marriage requires sacrifice and to her it's worth it she said but to me the fact that she had to say but says to us that conventional wisdom states that monogamous marriage is totally a sacrifice is taboo among women monogamous marriage is totally a sacrifice oh my god what's wrong do you want to know wait a minute but to me it's totally worth it which means that once again the norm is women stepping out on their husbands skies you got to read between the lines on this stuff oh listen all credit where credit is due to Lia she called it like it was she says listen I'm happy with my marriage of two years had a bunch of no strings attached sex and by the way I mean Lia as good as it is now she's gonna eventually cheat on her husband because she was on the carousel for a good long while because she sits her and says listen I kind of Miss having no strings attached sex well guess what she keeps missing it what's she been married for spurt fer for two years so she's got what five more years before that seven-year itch happens so by the time she's what thirty nine she'll be sleeping with other guys right like this is just how this goes but at least in the beginning she said listen man listen marriage monogamous marriage is totally sacrifice but to me it's totally worth it she should have said right there at the end for now but to me it's totally worth it the fact that she had to say but to me it's totally worth it instead of and to me it's totally worth it speaks to the truth and that truth is is that monogamous marriage requiring sexual sacrifice requiring you to be faithful and sexually loyal is not the norm but to me it's totally worth it it's almost as though she was pre-empting the the arguments toward her in the comments let's go to the next paragraph still other women aren't necessarily creating a different kind of sex with their partner but rather the space to explore their body and interests alone space that can be hard to come by in the context of marriage and motherhood that's the case for Gini Nord Bach 31 a Los Angeles based writer who has two toddlers with her husband of five years she says quote it's important to stay connected with my husband but it's equally important to prioritize myself pleasure and embracing that time is solely about me says Norbeck who did a three-year stint as a sex worker in her 20s chronicled in her memoir the scarlet letters my secret year of men in an LA dungeon she continues quote we are taught that our sexual identity defines who we are as a partner and don't and we don't talk about and we don't talk enough about how that can change as an adze door back if you're when they committed long to partner it can feel like you're being unique to the person they fell for if you express desires that reflect the internal growth that you may be feeling it doesn't mean you were being fake before you're interested in exploring something different now it simply means you're human this chick worked as a sex worker in Los Angeles for three years she found a betta schlub to wipe her ass up despite having been a prostitute for almost half a decade she had a couple of kids and how she in in and now she flicks the bean she masturbates while thinking about the great time she had in the beds of other men while getting paid to do it but she too throws the word salad at us under the cloak of sexual health she says quote we don't talk enough about how that can change translation if we get the seven-year itch we want to sleep with other men she characterizes the urge to sleep with other men to sleep with men other than your husband as inner growth that makes you human well she's got one thing right right the other one is dead wrong guys we all want to have sex with sexually attractive people this is both men and women regardless of how many men or women you slept with this is how it is a girl who has slept with two guys once to have sex with sexually attractive men a girl who slept with 222 guys once to have sex was sexually attractive been this is how it is but that is what makes us human gentlemen not succumbing to the urge to sleep with men outside your marriage let me say this again wanting to have sex with sexually attractive people wanting to that's what makes us human succumbing to the urge to sleep with men outside of your marriage that's what makes you a slut this is why women are never regretful of cheating on their husbands you have women out here like this Hannah I've forgotten forgot her name Nick back her Hickok Hannah Hickok giving them permission to not only do it but do not feel bad about it you're growing she says you're experiencing a spiritual internal growth you're not a slut for fucking Dave the unemployed GarageBand guitar player who may or may not live in a storage unit your it's okay you're growing let's go to the next paragraph and again see here we go related I went to a nude swingers resort to save my marriage more slutty behavior every related article involves a woman having sex with men outside of a relationship this is just this is just how it is the process of facing sex FOMO she says it's different for everyone but for many it begins with an honest talk about your sexual satisfaction which married couples should be having on the regular anyway experts say while some women's partners may be happy to go along for the ride others might feel like the victim of a bait and switch that their partner committed to a long – to a monogamous forever and then asked for a way out of that promise it's an understandable reaction she says but not one that should deter anyone from voicing new needs letting go of guilt about your pleasure and its inherent fluidity is the key to getting this the kind of sex you want gentlemen this is what guys like myself rollo tomasi illimitable man Roush V until just recently the Redman group the rule zero guys we've been talking about this in the man named Matt is fair for four years guys it's the typical dating arc of the American woman girl sleeps around on her 20s performs every sexual act with all the alpha bad boys she gets married and all of a sudden she doesn't want to give oral sex all of a sudden going back door is out of the question husband gets frustrated and asks his wife well what gives then she says well I'm just not that kind of girl anymore when in actuality she means you don't turn me on enough to make me want to do the things I did with the guys who arouse me in my party years guys the same bait-and-switch this is alpha fucks beta bucks in action then asking for a way out of that promise is when a wife suggests an open marriage and the husband goes along with it because he has no other options yeah dudes are gonna feel some type of way about that then she says but that shouldn't deter anyone from voicing new needs the author kind of sort of has a small point here that I agree with but not she wants us to think she does okay here here's here's the nice every woman wants to be spanked every woman likes rough sex every woman wants to be dominated and if you are dominating or she's not she's not really gonna worry too much about role play or anything that's too complex hard sweaty rough sex that leaves her in a heap of exhausted sweaty soreness never gets old with women but ladies here is my suggestion if you are lacking sexually don't talk about it be about it you want to be sexually dominated by your man walk out wearing nothing but heels and a smile trust me when I tell you your man is gonna tear your ass up you want to roleplay come out dressed as a slutty little schoolgirl and your man will play along you want to be spanked walk out with heels and a thong and tell your man you've been a bad girl you need a spanking lay across his lap and poke your ass up this idea that communication is key in your sex life is ridiculous because it gives women an excuse to step out well he never took initiative well sweetheart you know that most guys don't take initiative the answer is not to become dominant the answer is to dress up in lingerie and serve yourself up on silver platter there isn't a red-blooded male on this earth that what if you were to walk out and some lingerie and some heels you could barely walk in there isn't a man on earth that wouldn't stand up and drag your ass to the bedroom and give you that rape fantasy you want now to the men who are watching you have to voice your expectation see men and women are different women shouldn't voice their expectations if they want to be dominated come out dressed like someone who wants to be dominated right take a shower do your hair put on some lipstick some heels and some hoops trust me he will dominate you he will want to do very bad things to you in a very good way men we're a little bit different we have to voice our expectations don't be vague okay listen take a look at your screen guys this is exactly how take a look at your screen guys don't say here's what here's what you don't say well it would be nice if you were a thug every once a while no you buy her some slutty clothes some slutty heels lay them out on the bed take a picture of them send them to your woman and say hey you're wearing this tonight and leave it at that this is how I do it with Devin you guys can see it on your screen I have thousands of text conversations or hundreds like this and Devin's never not done what I told her to do for many reasons but one of those reasons that I am very clear about what I want Devin's not the only one who likes that women like that women aren't mind reader's guys you need to be clear no this isn't communicating with her about what she wanted sex this is instructing her on what to do this is instructing her on what she will do and Willie and when you do this along with pounding her hard pulling her hair smacking her ass all our names bite in her neck guess what happens guys all of a sudden she stops thinking about her quote fantasies all of a sudden she doesn't really think about the quote 7-year itch she doesn't want to float the idea of a threesome to give herself permission of being other guys this is what women want guys there are no exceptions yes women different women have different works and kinks but by and large they all want to they all want the same thing when it comes to sex and that is to be sexually arousing to her man enough to the point to where he wants to pound her senseless that's it this isn't rocket science or something complicated about female sexuality fuck her hard and pull her hair make her feel desired that's all there is to it it's cut and dry let's move to the last two paragraphs here I'm gonna skip actually you know what let's do this there we go excellent so last two paragraphs if your partner isn't open to exploring you'll want to consider whether you're okay with leaving your fantasies in the realm of imagination there are plenty of ways to experiment alone through a literati kheh which is basically reading slutty stories porn podcasts and masturbation you can also look into ways to amp up your pleasure with your partner through a slew of cutting-edge products available now from high-tech vibrators designed to hit your g-spot to women's health focused on organic Lube if you still feel you're missing out on great sex because of your material because of your marital dynamic it's time to decide whether you can live at that trade-off whether you tackle sex FOMO with a vibrator this is important guys whether you tackle sex FOMO solo with a vibrator by experiencing by experimenting with your partner or opening your marriage or all three the key is to do it on your terms without shame my own fear of being boxed into a limiting sexual identity began to subside just by talking to my husband about my untapped fantasies and knowing that's the first step to living them out when I'm your man there we go this is where these sex experts get women into trouble gentlemen if woman has an itch she has to scratch and does it with a vibrator or porn or masturbation cool nothing wrong with that if she makes herself more sexually attractive so that so that her her husband her man or boyfriend will be motivated to plow the life out of her cool but it is not I repeat it is not okay to open your marriage this woman Hannah Hickok is conflating masturbation and experimentation with your husband with sleeping with other people and those things are very different guys and women know they're different but as we know feme all females are looking for just an excuse any excuse at all to engage in infidelity and television shows movies social media and article just like these give women the permission they think they need and no matter how much they think they've made it okay in their minds to step out on their husbands you know what's wrong this is why these women write these articles this is why these women post on Reddit and do videos asking is it okay that I slept with Kevin and sales after I gave my husband permission to have a threesome with my best friend and when she gets all the validations she needs like oh yeah girl that's perfectly okay he signed off on it and it's not like he hasn't slept with anybody else either look at the threesome you have she will tamp those feelings of guilt down once again then she'll wonder why at 42 years old she's still miserable in her marriage after 18 years ladies stop taking advice from women like this you guys know that it is not alright to sleep with men who are not your husband or boyfriend you know this if you want to sleep around ladies there's nothing wrong with that but don't get married don't commit to one man don't it's that simple it listen if you want to be a ho B do that on your own time you cannot have your cake and eat it too ladies you may think you can and you may think you're actually doing it now but you are the one who ends up getting burned out you are the one who ends up getting worn out blown out and eventually alone and you'll know exactly why that is thanks for watching guys we'll see you next time you you


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