Writer’s Block – NBA Free Agency

Writer’s Block - NBA Free Agency

welcome to the writer's block our weekly look at all things sports i'm jenny carlson here in the studios at the oklahoman joined by the great the one the only Cedric golden from the Austin american-statesman how's it going said what an introduction man I've never been called great at anything okay hey let's uh let's see how great we can be today talking about NBA free agency because that's our lead segment everybody obviously looking toward this weekend Sunday it starts 5 p.m. Central time we don't have to wait until the wee hours of the morning for all the stuff to get kicked off but obviously so many big headline players out there Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard klay Thompson Kemba Walker on and on and on the first question I think a lot of people have because it's the biggest rock in the stream it seems like is Kevin Durant he declined that player option with the Warriors so where's he going Cedric I don't know and I don't think he's got a return to the Warriors gin I really don't I think I think he might end up with the New York Knicks so the Brooklyn Nets that's what that's what the tea leaves are saying he could come back to Golden State for 221 million bucks but I just get the feeling that he's not gonna be doing that so I think I think the fact that their Los Angeles Lakers just brought in Anthony Davis and teamed him with LeBron James that has to put them at least in the conversation you aunt Katie to that mix and you're looking at an NBA championship contender so it's not it's not as set in stone that the New York Knicks would contend if they picked up Katie and Kemba Walker they'd be a good team but I don't think they'd be able to unsee the Raptors if they keep Kawhi Leonard so I just think that katie has his pick of the litter la represents the best chance to win a championship the Knicks represents the best chance for him to be the guy along with the kowai kowai Irving so championships and money aren't are aren't always mutually exclusive but I think Katie's won championships and I just think he wants to be the man where it goes yeah it's an interesting decision obviously with that injury and a lot of people of the belief from from all the reports is that you know Kevin Durant is gonna be unavailable this next season so you know he's obviously done these short term deals one-year deals with the Warriors over the time he's been in Golden State I thought he would maybe do another one of those with Golden State for this rehab year so to me that's surprising that he I thought maybe he would stay after the injury I felt like before the Achilles that he was for sure opting out for sure headed in the free agency but then I thought that introduced some questions now you know that it's gonna be interesting to see how that affects Golden State but you know the Lakers Cedric the only thing and we've talked about the Lakers at different times over the last four to six months here and they're just such a mess and I know that sometimes players ignore all of the the bad juju and the bad signs that are out there and they just roll with it but you know I it just feels so uncertain I know they've got two superstar players there right now but gosh they're just it just seems like the upheaval there is really I mean not it's not unprecedented we've seen stuff like it before but it's just crazy to have that you know highly esteemed of franchise in such disarray I think it opens the door as you mentioned possibly the Clippers possibly the next possibly the Nets I don't know where he goes but it seems like to me we're seeing sort of a almost a flattening out of these super teams Cedric because you know Kawhi Leonard another big fish out there looks like he may stay in Toronto I don't know if we're gonna see teams necessarily with three plus superstars on their teams it sort of feels like we're seeing that maybe flatten a little bit maybe I'm wrong maybe there will be another team with three plus but if there is I don't know who it's going to be well one thing you have to look at is with the dysfunction with the Lakers with magic Johnson abruptly resigning his post and allegations of backstabbing and all of that the one the one panacea to any kind of drama is wins you get KD you get Durant you get LeBron on the same team all of a sudden we're not gonna be talking about generosity we're gonna be talking about how they probably win 55 to 60 games so at the end of the day it's about what's on the floor and what's off the floor if LeBron James and Anthony Davis bringing Kevin Durant they're gonna they're going to get another mid-level exception player that's very great to go with the young cow Kuzma who's already on that team so if Kawhi Leonard stays in Toronto and it's a big possibility Jim because number one he's happy right now there's a shot of him at a Toronto Blue Jays game in a in a private box he is smiling and giggling and having a great time so and and Toronto is a great city it's not in America but it is a great city for young people so he may stay and if he does then the power base is still gonna be with the Toronto Raptors in the East if LeBron James brings in KD in LA the West is still gonna be a beehive Kyrie Irving going to the Brooklyn Nets is gonna do Celtics gonna go down a notch because he's a great player so it's gonna be really interesting those two top dogs Kawhi and KD are gonna gonna move the needle for what happens in the 2020 season yeah you mentioned Boston and that's been an interesting that's been an interesting situation for me at least to watch you know sort of the the high that they seem to be riding with Brad Stevens and the trajectory they were on and now you know maybe it's just Kyrie I don't know but talk the Kemba Walker could end up there and a sign-and-trade to replace Kyrie is that point guard that superstar but obviously our Hort Al Horford declined his player option he's now either on the move in a free agent deal or potentially a sign-and-trade situation so where the Celtics land how that affects the East it's all fascinating and you know it's probably too early at this point to guesstimate but you know winners and losers in free agency Cedric you know I'll be curious to see can you know can a team like Boston recover after losing what looks like some some really important parts can the Lakers add another piece or two I mean I'm not two superstars but add some bodies because obviously with the salary they've got out there what they've got available to them is a little bit squishy at this point but you know who ends up being on the plus and who ends up being on the – I think is a real big question and I just feel like it's a little too early to say cuz so much is so much is up in the air and so many big rocks in the stream have not landed yet you know what if I'm Boston and we've talked about this Jen Kemba Walker you got to go get Kemba yeah you know Kyrie Irving is not coming back kippa waka is 29 years old he played all 82 games so unlike Kyrie he's durable he averaged almost 26 points a game had his best year ever was named All NBA and he's a leader of men he's 29 they can offer him four years at a hundred for a hundred 41 million that's good money he's played on three all-star teams not a lot of people know that because he's in one of those markets that people didn't pay attention to so I think Michael Jordan doesn't want to pay him the big bucks so I think Danny Ainge has the money at his disposal with Kyrie leaving he also has draft picks so I think the Boston Celtics if they can land Kemba Walker and pair him with Jason Taylor and Jalen Brown and if they bring back Al Horford gordon hayward will be two years removed from that gruesome leg injury I think the Boston Celtics will be a player in the East but they need that big dog running the show and all indications are from what I've read that Kemba Walker has been earmarked as their number one priority yeah yeah it's you know with all these with all these big-name players I looked about a week ago and I think the total number of free agents that the NBA has listed is over 220 226 if memory serves me right now some of those are retired guys Dirk's on the list dee Wade's on the list so clearly not exactly the number but that's a lot of players and obviously everybody knows the headline guys so there's gonna be some teams that win with those superstars landing in different spots but with so many players and obviously as a superstar departs the the salary cap space that opens up for any team that is losing a star obviously you'd rather have your superstar but you wonder who fills in how do they how do they recover from from those losses who or maybe those second or even third to your free agents that could be super helpful but we may not be talking about it much because of those superstars it just feels like I know there's always a lot of players in free agency I think with the number of really big names and then the overall number I think it's just gonna be a lot to sort of you know sit down with a roster in another week with with all with all the teams and look okay who is where who improved who did not I think there's a lot of questions out there because of the sheer volume of numbers of moves that we could be talking about when free agencies up again starts Sunday 5:00 o'clock synchronized watches get ready for the fun it's gonna be it's gonna be pretty fast and furious I think that's right

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  • Chet Walters Ink Specialist says:

    Wish the thunder had cap space because it looks like championship is wiiide open next year… not sold on the Lakers yet… Boston could be worse possibly…same with Sixers… the bucks could lose Middleton and brogdon….possibly raptors…. the clippers arent gonna be as good if the let go of Beverly and dont sign any big names. Rockets are not gonna win it all with this team GSW in their way or not… bottom line, who is the favorite right now… whoever lands some big names and or role players to add to their team… I'm afraid the thunder are stuck and not gonna be much of a better three point shooting team as they were last year. I dont think the nets are gonna create a great team… Westbrook doesnt have the same energy as he used to…

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