Writer's Block – Tampa Two City Team?

Writer's Block - Tampa Two City Team?

all right let's go to segment three let's talk by the numbers and let's start with this number Rob it's two and that's the number of cities that the Tampa Bay Rays as we know them now the number of cities that they could be playing in in the not-too-distant future what's going on here any chance this might actually happen well I don't know I mean there's I think they're drawing some ridiculous fourteen thousand a game and Tampa so they're talking about maybe Montreal playing now it's like the snowbirds think you play down in Florida and then things get too hot down in Florida see go up to Montreal and you know Montreal had the Expos they would probably fill that you know maybe it's a supply and demand thing there's fewer teeth it's fewer games so maybe Tampa Bay fans will turn out for it but I think it's you know this could just be the beginning of something great I mean you could do teams could play the Texas Rangers could play in Baltimore Baltimore doesn't have a team right [Laughter] there's all kind of potential gear for Moop yeah it's definitely interesting I don't know if it's going to happen at this point Tampa Bay is just they've asked to explore the possibility so whether it could be vying a viable situation or not I don't know you know there's a lot of questions for how would that go for players I mean obviously they're on the road half the year anyway so but you know families if you know would they have to relocate family potentially to Montreal or vice versa depending on where they decided to live how would that look what would the stress be that way but pretty clearly the attendance in Tampa you know there's not a lot of you know spice behind this team right now you know at Miami's largely the same I mean they got a they got a brand new stadium I mean maybe the Rays are just trying to push for a new stadium but Miami got a new stadium and their attendance is even worse than Tampa I mean right now you just don't see for a place that you would think Florida summer weather baseball is just not a hot commodity or maybe it's too hot a commodity maybe it's too hot in Florida where you look out there but those they're struggling Rob major league baseball might be out of there at some point they're not too distant future they've always said to Florida baseball for the full season full summer is going to be not the brightest idea I know that spring trainings down there and that's a different thing go out there very relaxed it's a little cooler but you're right it's just it's very very hot down there you know whether in in Miami there's so much to do you've got the beach all these things and I think probably a lot of people maybe watch on TV it's an older crowd and older you know clientele have you down in Florida is easy just to sit there in your air-conditioned watch the game on TV so again it's an intriguing option I would just be curious what happened it's one of these one of these questions is you know that if the team makes the playoffs where do you where do you play the games you play at Montreal they play at Tampa Bay where where do you play yeah it's a really fascinating question not something that to my recollection anybody's really looked at all that seriously in recent memory so yeah where does this one go I think it's a it's a wait-and-see I'm curious though what that could look like let's try this number on for size for a second before we get out of here zero I think that might be the number of friends that Baker Mayfield has among Texas fans right now I'm not sure he had many before this week but Rob Baker Mayfield former Oklahoma quarterback current Browns quarterback in Cleveland right down the road from you doing a camp here in Oklahoma for kids and got asked about Texas obviously the big Oklahoma rival and whether maybe Texas could be back on the national scene and Baker Mayfield eloquently called it crap he was tired of that crap and then he didn't like Sam Ehlinger the Texas quarterback and on and on I guess I'm not surprised are you surprised at all by this no I mean this is a guy in the shoots from the lip right that's how he is in fact when the Browns drafted him I was I was a little skeptical because there aren't a lot of NFL quarterbacks you can kind of successful who just or spout off as he does there are more corporate types anymore Peyton Manning Tom Brady but he's got it going and Cleveland they love it so this didn't shock me this is a guy that planted the flag and Columbus at midfield he's got a lot of spice to him I think he's probably got a small pocket of fans in Lake Travis Texas so not all Texas is against it but maybe they've turned against him too and I think that's sammelan you know attended Westlake I believe high school which was the big rival of Lake Travis so it goes way back there and he just he doesn't care and in one way it's refreshing the other way you wonder you know if it turns on him and Baker Mayfield doesn't have a good season or things go salad you know that that stuff comes back to bite you so it'll be it'll be fun to watch yeah he's Baker Mayfield I think we can safely say has never seen a chip that he didn't put right on his shoulder so you know anytime like you mentioned rob this goes all the way back to high school high school rivalries you know not liking a high school rival that now you don't even play against he's not playing against Sam Ehlinger same Elgar's just at his you know his old school's rival school so it's just it's it's interesting but yeah I think it is it's gonna be very very interesting to watch what happens in Cleveland they've obviously improved the talent around Baker Mayfield everybody knows that can they can they capitalize on that how much better are they gonna be people are talking playoffs does that does that change approach publicly privately it's worked pretty well for Baker Mayfield I don't get the feeling like he's gonna change much but clearly there's the expectations are rising on what do the Browns do on the field absolutely Cleveland fans who do notice is praised as anyone and I starved for success they bar their pencil on in a Super Bowl whoa whoa dog pound whoa you know so we'll say I'm I remain a little skeptical I think Baker's got he's got a personality and he does have the talent to win but I think he's being crowned as you know a Hall of Famer already and I just think he need to tap the brakes a little bit of what's going on Cleveland which might be popular among Cleveland fans to hear that yeah there's no breaking going on amongst clique Browns fans right now they are full speed ahead they want the season to start now so they can start celebrating and winning and you know I think they're gonna have a good year but it is going to be interesting to watch as they continue to try to ramp up what they're able to do with that talent how does Baker Mayfield play in his second season in the league obviously last year a lot was you know not it it wasn't sort of extra credit but he wasn't a starter at the beginning of the year you know the expectation was he was going to learn and eventually grow into that role obviously takes it over much earlier and just you know blasts off into the stratosphere so you know what does he do now to try to get more consistent to try to to be a you know a guy that defenses they didn't have much film on a year ago in the in the pros now they do well how does he combat what they now know about him he's always been up for challenges there's zero doubt about that but this is the highest challenge of them all in the NFL so what does that look like we'll find out pretty soon although I don't think he's gonna have anybody cheering from him down in Austin at least not very many they'll love the horns all right lots of stuff to talk about this week but that's it for the writer's block thanks for joining us we'll see you again next week

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