Writers Chat: Book Campaign Marketing

Writers Chat: Book Campaign Marketing

hi everybody and welcome to this week's writers chat we're so glad you're here with us today this is the place where writers like to gather together but all things writing items and poor writers so really glad you're with us here here today it's so good to see all our good friends over in the chat room and we'll have some of them back on later and if you're here watching the recording thank you for taking time to learn more about our craft and our skills in writing I my name is jean wise i'm joined today by our two co-hosts johnny alexander and Bethany Jett and we're gonna turn it over to Bethany today to kind of run the show she's got some slides to share with us and a really good update I'm excited to hear about so Bethany let's turn it over to you and see what you have to share with us writers conference then some of these slides might look a little familiar but I have updated and actually hold some of the most current stuff that I could find off of one of coop tweets blogs it was chock full of information and I'll make sure that I drop the links to that like in the chat and then we put it in the Facebook group as well so okay so I'm super excited and I'm going to share screen and hopefully we'll be able to like see slides well so I'll need you guys to tell me if it looks good or crazy so it looks crazy then I'll just look at it and just talk all right so looks good you guys can see that okay all right well one of the first things is that social media is a gift so for everybody who is in the chat with us participation wise if you are why don't you like rate your level of love for social media like from a 1 to 5 maybe and the chat for me I love it it's a 5 and I think that we are blessed to live in a time where um we are my phone we're like one click away you just think I always say we're one click away from sharing our message and so as writers we all have something that we want to tell and we want to say and sometimes we get so focused on getting the book published that we don't want to share content you know like it has to be proprietary like it's the best thing that anyone has ever seen or will ever read and we have to wait for it to be in the book and I think that I think if that can be a selfish way of thinking because wouldn't it be better to start sharing that content in different ways in different voice which is what social media would be versus writing a book so I think like think of social media is like a happy place and those of you who don't really like social media when I what I thought social media was stupid like when it first came out like I remember when Facebook was only for college students and I thought why would we want to connect with anybody you know from days pass and then Twitter and hashtags I thought that was just stupid like why would anyone want to search for anything based on a hashtag like what is that and so um so I have obviously evolved quite a bit from those days of hating it so very much but I you started using it as an escape from work or writing and so when they did a break from something that I was doing then I got to check Facebook I was able to go on Twitter and if you start changing your mindset it can really change a lot of how you knew these things and not as a time waste but as exciting so social media is a gift and I also think that authors and writers and businesses from even 20 years ago and all the way sense of meaning of time would have appreciated the ability to reach out to their audience and readers and consumers and we complain about it so that's my soapbox um if your goal is to sell books on social you'll lose every single time because you'll come across as a used-car salesman so the idea behind social is not to sell the book as much as it is to connect with your reader and share the idea and then selling the book if it's the third or fourth goal on your list of goals I mean it's a good goal to have but if it's a main goal it's not gonna work and so you can see accounts like this when a they'll go into groups and they'll share when their book thing and it's like this is not a self-promotion kind of thing and that's how it comes across and then you don't want to read anything by them anymore so we have to be careful that we have that our focus isn't to sell the book if the purpose is to get the message across you'll come across so much more authentic and genuine and then when you do mention the book people are more likely that you've connected with two months actually pick it up feel free to interject at any time and even an eye on the tattoo but I just want to say that in the chat I saw some threes and fours and fives and Mom here one of the threes yeah so are you at three point one or a two point nine muted million muted and I was already I don't know I did the wrong thing and I am I'm three and I kind of go up and down so it's like you know I get to where I'm really enjoying something and then I just get tired of it my life's lie back maybe even to a two and then I have to sort of work my way up the place I'm most consistent as you know is Facebook and the others are more hiddenness for me Facebook I'm I do every day and I don't always put stuff on my things but I'm liking other people's things and interacting with other people I feel like that's really where a lot of my audience is and a lot of my friends and you know and people that um even friends I've never met in real life so Facebook is sort of my deal but yeah it's it's an it's an up and up and down kind of for me especially yes but you make such what look look it's just a writer's chat you know I feel like I know and I haven't met all of you in person but I tell you you feel like you know him in person and what a neat way to use social media to build your audience and and probably find some good influencers or your worked too as a writer yeah well one of the big benefits for me as an author as a writer is the ability to do these groups and just be in so many different different groups because like there are several of us that will get together to try to do like a Barbara novella collection and we create a group so we can share research and our proposals and as we're working to get that proposal together or you know and then when that proposal sells then we're working together what are our marketing plans going to be what can we do what can each of us do so you know it's just like those groups themselves are so helpful as just an interaction relationship kind of kind of thing it can't be negative Rhonda referred to that and I'm just I am almost I just unfollow people that get political or get negative and I kind of take it as a personal mission I'm particularly talking about Facebook right now is to be a positive Christian influence on Facebook that's what I decided a long time I was going to do and if I just don't follow them you know so I almost to the place I'm over the anger it's just like okay but you know the thing I think I get the most overwhelmed Bethenny is like you said there are so many of them and it's becomes I should be doing more with let's I get a lot of I get some new readers from Pinterest and Instagram and I should be doing a much better job over there than what I am and then I feel guilty and then I keep thinking okay in June I'm gonna work on it and the next thing I know it's July and haven't touched it so I don't know yeah so it gets to be they're calling the rat race in the chat but it's a lot sometimes it feels like a lot busy busyness to be honest you know spinning our wheels Adam and we'd rather be writing Melissa said Rhonda agrees I agree yeah I'd rather be right what's the statistic Bethany something that we're supposed to spend is it like 50/50 or 60/40 say it again I'm sorry yeah but like some people say 50/50 marketing writings and they will say 60/40 and that number can jump on the other end but I kind of think of you you can do a lot of writing as part of social media and you can call that your mark in here you can call your writing but you can be doing like many blog posts you can be writing articles all I know my fiction people in here are booking a deck they want to be writing their novels the question but I think that you can grow your readership by writing some nonfiction articles or blog posts that have to do with the concept of your book because you're doing so much research and all that research is lost from your point of view and your perspective if you're not cheering it and and you know using those skills as well so like I know it's a tough I know it's a time thing and it's always going to be I mean anything is it's social media right now I don't know that this concept is ever going to go away but it'll be interesting to see how it evolves you know over the next few years even something about yeah and I may be jumping ahead but when you were in like New York and stuff did you pick up any new trends when it comes to it are you gonna cover that am i jumping ad for social media yes for social media oh I took two panels i sat in two marketing panels and they were by bookstore owners and I realized that they market the way authors do and accept their marketing for multiple authors and so the question never came up I mean this is what I really lost away with I learned a lot in there um and I think I'm doing a part two on here so I could probably share some of that stuff next week because it's like an hour long of content that I got but what I really wanted was the attitude of the people at the book Expo America it was general market some Christian authors were there too but the people who were in the marketing classes with me it was never a question of which how long how much time all the questions that we kind ask it was how do I do this better how do I reach the audience it was all the marketing kind of questions that like a company would ask like how do I reach them at the right time like if my if I know my reader is this demographic then what platform and you know where where am I going to hit them with this content on which platform at what time which is what I'm learning in my marketing class to you about really getting the user and so the questions were just deeper and more like how do we get this message to the right people which I think saves time then because when we're not spinning our wheels thinking like throwing things on the social and trying to figure out what sticks because they don't have a plan yeah sorry planned today we're gonna focus on Instagram you know that was coming well that's one area I know I need help in so we'll turn it back over to you this is great so your audience doesn't always for the only read blog I love this concept because it was I don't know if you guys can see or read this I'm just gonna read the highlighted blue part this was from a post where the whoever the author of this was was talking about someone named at the skinny confidential what's her username and she said I engaged with almost every single bit of content that she puts out but then I started realizing I rarely go to her actual website instead she was following her snapchats and listening to her podcast every week and so that made me think huh there's a few people that I'd love and follow all the time and I rarely go to their websites – Gary be beaten one of them you guys know I love Gary B I follow him on Instagram I follow his podcast and I follow him on YouTube those are the three main ones that I follow him on and then I started thinking about some of the people that I really like and most of them are on Instagram and I thought okay we're teaching this big concept where we have to be you know making sure we get people back to our website and I still agree with that and we should be I think that we should be have some simulation of blogging and maybe a micro blogging and I think we do I think each one of us would probably to a different camp so massager for a second so for people who are horrible augers you have all this amazing content it's in the right place because you own your website and so it is safe content Facebook and Instagram went down last week and so if you jump over to Twitter when it happens it's the funniest funniest things ever like you know the means there are so fun which is why you I think you should have a Twitter too because Facebook minutes are going to go down which they did it then you have to have a place to connect but I was thinking too about the importance of having content on the website because I would lose everything if I couldn't get back into Instagram so some people fall into the blogger category I think other people will fall into they are more comfortable on social media and so they do these microblogs the shorter form content on social media and so what we have to do is we have to decide which one am I going to be primary and then give it now get this content to the other cross it over and so if you're blogging regularly on your website all you have to do is pull content and put it on to the social media posts that it's appropriate for in the appropriate tone and then if you're not blogging but you're doing your micro blogging on social media which is where I would fall I need to go back and pull some of that content and get it over onto my website and more of an article blog format for people when they're searching and so I think that no matter which side the ER in there yep step outta your comfort zone to hit the other side so that you've got this synergy happening does that make sense okay so it's more of like a partnership you're saying link them and combine them and make it a partnership I think it is yeah and I think I think what this you know the audience hasn't only read blogs they don't they're on social and so we have to be pulling content this way but on the other hand if people are searching like if I'm if I've got like three great tips on my Instagram blog post that's not searchable so I'm not allowing anybody do you find those tips if I only leave it there I've got to start going the content out and writing you know putting in like a blog post form and I think the way blogs um I think they've changed to I don't know if people want to read a blog post about your daily life because they can see that on Facebook or Instagram or snapchat like that's where the visual comes in so I think what must do really well now when they are searchable their tips or how to's there are things that people are looking for so that Google picks them up and then they can have access to that content they're looking for it that's like how am I to be here you these blog just as a personal note that's what I'm looking for something specific on social media or marketing and I'll type his name in plus whatever I'm looking for to get to his website but other than that I'm on I'm following him on YouTube and Instagram mostly you know I'm gonna say anything in the comments probably keep going well I think people are just agreeing with you yes what did Dora say earlier is she says the issue is that since I've been trying to build my platform I don't personally know so many of my friends and I'm losing the personal touch people who read my post because they know me how do I fix that I'm not sure that's something to fix is it really I mean I think it's I think you can just still be that be as personable as before but just that you're reaching perhaps a wider audience and and I don't know what the statistics now are either as far as and I'm sorry rugby is digging through the food we get any cake rugby we're happy anyway well okay not everyone's gonna see what you post anyway right I mean if I think it's those those percentages have just really dropped so where it used to be almost everybody you're friends with would see everything you did that doesn't happen so my advice to where you would just still be yourself just be who you are write it like you're writing to your friends and then other people will read it or not I mean you know they'll just skim by it if they're not interested and I think so engaged with them you know the comments or do questions or some sort of discussion or general it kind of makes it more two-way – you know it's you and Rhonda said the ones who want personal contact in the comment or like and don't worry about the others and I I agree yeah yeah uh Melissa has a different take on it someone want to go back okay so what's the said I think Victoria's addressing is that Social Feeds become filled with input from strangers you can't always get your friends and family are posting it can make you feel disengaged so the way the algorithm works is you're seeing content that you're interacting with and so if you do not want to see the stuff from strangers and don't like or click on them and start clicking more intentionally onto the people that you do want like for Instagram for example specifically kids in the back and you'll stop seeing them even also on Twitter you can mute people so even if you're following them and you don't want to unfollow but you really don't wanna see their stuff you could mute and then Facebook has like a top 10 or see first I think ten people can be put in there so you'll always see their content so they do give you different ways to do that but like I said on Instagram anyway the more you interact the more they'll show you those people's feeds which is actually a good thing for us as marketers because Gary Vaynerchuk says you can't over spam on Facebook or Instagram because the people who are seeing your content are the ones who are interacting with it and so I mean you don't want to do like five in a row but you could do multiple on a day and you know the chance of them seeing at least one of them is then higher and the more you can get them to interact with your post the better it is the more you'll show up like in their feed so yeah Josie is busy back here but I like what you said because actually that's the next slide is it's all about engagement so the different platforms reward you for different things like Instagram have a Save button now so you get people to save your post the that no tire for you you know the like and the comments also push you know base book and share and things like that so I always say that um platforms are like kids because they each have their own personality even if like all three of my boys are so different and yet I think how anyone talked about the green kids or nosed kids you know like it's different and so with social media it's the same thing so like if you were to take the very same two sentences and put them on all of your social media probably meaning Facebook Instagram Twitter and LinkedIn you would probably get different feedback and different results from all five some of them you might get nothing you know on one of them you might get a higher thing because it actually sounded like that platform so it's a lot like author voice and how we learn our writing voice you have to have the right voice for each platform and that can include things like style or hashtags like the number of hashtags being used can look awkward on Facebook especially whereas on Instagram it's expected or on Twitter if you use too many it can feel weird Pinterest has pulled hashtags back again so it's okay there again to but you just got to know how conversational you need to be how business you need to be how personal you need to be all those things and this is just a look at I pull this off of gary vaynerchuk's website this was at the bottom of his and he has all the social media platforms here and then he tells you how where what you're gonna get from each one of them I love this because he says how he uses it and then what you can expect so basically he's saying I'm putting my content everywhere and if you like it this way then this is where you're gonna want to follow me he's not telling you what follow him everywhere he's letting you pick the way he wants to om i am on can you tell us each of those things for sure I said I think I know I'm there's I don't want to sure if I know what the lower right one is um okay so the lower reimann would be as podcast Oh the person in the circle okay read him how he worded them if you buy I think it's really smart and the first the top one this one is Instagram he said my favorite place quote stories in your chance to win the hashtag 60 SEC SEC club first 60 second club which is something that he does like if he posts with that hashtag um everybody who comments within the first 60 seconds goes into a drawing and to win something and so the way you know that is by turning on notifications so he has a bunch people getting notified every time that he post something because sometimes they'll be a prize that's a really smart marketing tactic to do even if you were to do it only once a month for the $5 Amazon gift card right haha YouTube is next he says documenting my life through hashtag daily beat and hash tag askgaryvee which are two shows that he does um Facebook's was next he says my biggest platform enjoying the vaynernation which is his tag line name and stay up to date on everything I do then he has Twitter he says the most direct and personal way to reach me for one-on-one conversations whoa snaps and inside look at my life not shared anywhere else LinkedIn is my business profile and then he has Boehner media is hiring out of that and then if next circle is medium which we talked about medium.com as a place to write he says where I share my thoughts in detail there and then the next one is his podcast and he said perfect for your commute listen daily to quino's interviews rants business and then I cut it off so yeah it is keen on YouTube he'll also put on his podcast and so depending if I want to see him or I want to listen to him I will choose one of those two it'd be interesting to challenge each of us to make a graph like that for our own business item writing ministry or speaking ministry cuz like I would have Pinterest on there because I get a lot of interest and he doesn't and I've had not very good results from medium I will tell you that and uh you know spit I like how he has specifically named his purpose for each of those and that's all kind of in my head but I don't think I've ever put it in words anyplace I think that'd be a great homework assignment for his teacher I think it tells your readers like listen this is like depending on what you're looking for here's where you can find me then this is what I'll give you and I love that take on the whole thing I love it people say the wheels are spinning and it's laid out right there I know he's he's brilliant here Liam for those of you who aren't familiar with him he has millions of followers on all the platforms not like online or – he's got he has captured beautifully how to do this across all of them and so when people are freaking out about algorithm changes and stuff I watch what he does is he getting off the Facebook business or is he posting more often like he sells you follow what I do like I'm telling you what I do and just do it – he says most people don't do it it's just why he can give all this information away for free and sometimes I think his his model is to share everything and he'll still have five near Times bestselling books because he has about the audience and created this one it's called the deficit of giving that's what I call it because he gives so much that when he finally has to ask for a book I'm so indebted to him for all the content but he's given me the way I've grown from his content I'll buy the book and maybe I'll buy three you know they'll help me I'll have a bonus and I'll have two to give away you need a target challenge or if he took a picture in front of target with his book the day that it released the first 100 people would get something so don't you know I already had a copy of it that I still went to Target did a photo and they said um they had I think owes 500 or 100 I don't remember posters signed and it had the number of the poster and that's we've got it framed and then a t-shirt and I thought okay how much do I love him you know like the debt generated a lot of buzz about the book release because it was a limited edition kind of thing I'm so the marketing is really smart and not hard but the thing is he build an audience of people who like to learn from him because he doesn't hide it it's the same content has on social media has podcast it's you'll say they'll tell you it's the same stuff but people learn better from a book and that's when change happens so he says he gets more emails about I changed I finally changed I finally took action after the book releases even though he's been sharing that content on all the other platforms for so long he said that's just the way they are and I think that's encouraging to us as writers and I think it's why we should be spending 50 60 % on our marketing and joining our writing because when the time comes to get the book deal to have the book sell whether you traditionally yourself publish you want the audience to be there to buy the book Wow well whoo that sounds great it's it's all I just think we should almost I bet we could develop our own cheat sheet so we have to put that at this assignment later maybe on our writers chat members page and it's great or maybe a copy of that slide to remind us that would be great on that okay what do you got yep all right here we go all right can you guys see this yes yes all right so these are the Bethenny jet questions to ask before posting on social media these is kind of like a checklist that I got through in my head but not like I have to be stupid I don't actually sit there and think every single time I post something like I don't go through all five but I realize that these were kind of the five criteria that I do ask myself depending on what kind of post it if and if it doesn't get a yes on all five it it doesn't get posted all right so here they are so let's go through them the first one was um do I believe in it as a brand and so like even though it might be something that I believe in personally like politics my brand as Bethenny jet author is not a political brand and so I usually don't post on politics on social media because if branding so like any controversial topics I'm not really a controversial kind of brand although if there is a topic that's in the news that does fit my brand and that is what I will stand on so I kind of differentiate between what I think personally and then what I think of as my brand for posting on some social media so like Twitter would be easier one to get away with talking about politics and things like that because it's so conversational but um I just think does it does it fit in line with my brand because I don't want to do a bait and switch on my audience and so if I don't ever talk about something and then all of a sudden I jab them with something controversial that I haven't built up or built into my platform that feels harsh like an attack almost and so that's why I can do it so it's like I kind of differentiate a little bit on those two things where I might talk more about like politics and things like that in a personal thing not on a business swim so that number two doesn't add value so I lots of photos that I take during the day and there's only nothing I can pull in for value or entertainment and so then it just doesn't need to be posted like it can be texted to like family or something maybe put on Twitter I don't know and then three is it visually attractive this is like photos and videos get shared a lot more than non video or photos but I also mean does the text look nice like is there white space is everything like jumbled up and just you know ten sentences altogether did I add some emojis in there and that's something I want to talk about next week is the style guide because that is something I learned during the book Expo America is creating a style guide and I think that would be fun so that'll be um number four is what are the objections and so this was something I learned in sales because there's only so many objections to somebody like booking a party or buying your stuff right so if you know how to overcome the objections it makes it more natural conversation and typically ever coming in objection in sales is there's usually fear on the side of a customer and so basically you're telling them overcome that fear to get decision anyway so I think about that in terms of social media as well so which falls in line with the last one which is am I willing to spend time defending it so I think of social media and I think we all really should think of it this way it's what would you treat someone on social media the way you would treat them if they came over to your home because that's what social media is it's rooms and if you are the host or your profile you are the host of that room and you have invited people in to have a conversation so if you're gonna say something and then you're gonna walk away and let everyone fight it out in the comments you're not doing your job you wouldn't do that if somebody came to your house same way with the trolls like if someone being ugly you've asked them to leave right so like that's why there's no problem like just muting blocking getting people out because there is a social etiquette and now that social media has been around for so long like you know at first I was like I wanna hurt anyone's feelings and now it's like you don't get a second chance like I wouldn't let you do this in person you don't get to do it online and so I think of the objections like what are people gonna say in like a negative response and then I think about how much do I believe in this to the fact that yeah see I'm here and I'll have an hour I've been an hour fighting this in the comments if I have to and so like if I can kind of just go through all those and I it's all a check for me then it gets posted any questions I can't leave a fly it out yeah cuz Dorie and I were just kind of having a conversation about that in a chat she said this is exactly what she needed because she you know if you need likes to do that but doesn't want to get into those arguments because of the business so this was just just perfect but I'm also just as to give an example of what you said about your brand and how much of it is you know what is your brain and who are you and I think about my daughter Jillian which a lot who a lot of you know and she is really within the last several months built up a brand for clothes and curves and and I'm really giving just a plug you're right I want new there's a point to this so she's doing body positivity and it's can be controversial and she does sometimes have to really think about what she is posed and she has been criticized deeply for things that she is posted and yet you know this is what she's doing this is who she's speaking to she's building an audience and she has women writing to her every single day thanking her for what she is doing and what she's putting out there and for the courage right rugby yes I will say that that's good in tone for her all of those things she's posting get checked off they get she gets a YES on all of them right because she's willing to spend time defending it and she's also the group of people where if she doesn't get to the comment first her fan base will go after the person being negative for her which is a great thing so but but I do know that for this stuff for her she would go back in there herself if she needed to some people just need to be ignored let's just say that some people are gonna be ugly ain't ignore or block them that's not I'm not talking about those trolls or anything like that I think – I learned this lesson the hard way because it was a couple years ago I think that's in the last election cycle and I made a comment that I thought was pretty tame but I had somebody follow me who had no idea my political side because I was so like for women and like she got real mad and then I realized as a brand I had not brought people into that side of me or the things that I talked about and let you know but it if if I'm going to want to say those things which I'm going to want you I need to start having that be part of what I do where I start speaking up in slow ways and small ways to get to the point where during a time like that I can say it and it's not a surprise right like just like if you were a Christian and your social media following doesn't know then you might not want to blast them with something super spiritual maybe we start easing into it right – to get there that's just let them that's that's one of the things about the objections and the brand things I thought how does she not know I thought well maybe I just don't I don't talk about it and maybe I need you and so that you know so those are the kinds of questions to be to be asking ourselves like it's what it's like identifying the elements in your brand or the the components of your persona that's online or something I don't want to make that sound like we're fake you know it's it's part of what the what is the reason why are we there you know and what what can we do about that and I think you gave a great example because if you're saying something for defending women or whatever whatever you approach was on that and they did not know where you were coming from you worth give it thrown her for a little bit of a loop you know so yes I like what Rhonda says it reminds me of a courtship there are five questions your questions would work in the courtship environment but we are courting our followers is what she was saying yeah you are gonna be strong and speak out on and you got it you have to figure out like what are those things and didn't really stand on them like Jill's doing a really great job with that and there so the things that I have next are some stats on Instagram yeah yeah okay so I did updated and again the majority is from an updated HootSuite blog which I will show the link and I was super excited to go through these all right before I tell you how many people are on Instagram every month does anybody have a guess I did see a blog post from Gary Vee he's talking about Instagram and he had a circle like a pie chart and he instead of doing like the 80/20 rule which I know we're all kind of similar like 80/20 you know rule he does a 79 81 just to be different he always has like either 79 or 21 7921 right right yeah so so in the in the tiny little 21 percent for him were all the social media platforms where he's kind of finished time except in Instagram which was in the 79 percent double by itself and so because I had the attention right now so Instagram has 1 billion users these are active users just they are the number two platform after Facebook and Facebook so that's why I real I think we should be on like Jen and Twitter as well even if they're not doing as good because when women if these go down then huge like you're stuck so 88% so I mean what's over 80 but 80% of Instagram users are not inside of the United States and so if you think of marketing in terms of Eastern Standard Time versus specific we are missing the majority of Instagram users so things to think about I've actually been thinking about using hashtags that aren't in English maybe doing some Spanish hashtags that would go along with it just to see if that might help pull um following bilingual following so just things to think about we need to be thinking about our marketing globally and internationally and not just in the US because we're in the minority here and it comes to Instagram all right so I don't know how big this is on the screen for everybody but this was a chart on that HootSuite log and then distribution of Instagram users worldwide and the point here was that men and women are pretty evenly matched when it comes to age demographic about who's using Instagram so I thought this was interesting where I would have said it was majorly more women this was saying um not really it is but it's very close where he said if we're not Oh gene I think you're muted I can't Jeana I can't hear you is it just me hey how about the that better helps if I am myself anyway Dory asked if we're targeted if we're not targeted an international audience and what if we're not targeting 18 to 44 year olds should we even bother with Instagram yes I think so I don't think you have to target I think what we need to be thinking about the fact that if I don't know any kind of marketing strategy where I would say I'm only going after leg this little bit when I know there's a big bit so like you don't have to use other languages in your hashtags but like you ever know who your audience is and if they're mostly us which mine are my money is mostly then I market us-based but I also don't want to miss out on people who might not be searching hashtags that I'm using specifically because they're in a different language but they might be able to speak English maybe there's so I'm thinking about weights maybe move out of English only mom well I was gonna say too when you're talking about a billion people even if you only have like point zero zero one percent of the audience that's gonna be a lot of people yeah yeah I don't think you might overlook it and then T Nessa I've seen hashtags mimic others I don't know that's something I want to explore actually like see you know and I think that's going to be different depending on everyone's audience to like which hashtags are are most used in other languages because they might be English based I mean it might be that people in the countries are using those hashtags I don't know the answer to that yes this was a surprising statistic to me was that Instagram has surpassed snapchat in terms of the team um numbers and there's such a high number using Instagram I love this one because video is such a big deal and that 95 percent of Instagram users also used YouTube Wow and I need one percent use Facebook so that's a higher percentage of Instagram users using YouTube versus using Facebook even though Facebook has like over two billion people on it and and then they also have the highest interaction rate which I think this should make us feel better about how many how much engagement because 2.2 percent is the engagement that she's whoa yeah but yet the next highest one is Facebook and it's point-to-point isn't even up not even half of a percent like this is I think this is the big kicker when it comes to you know I'm not getting engagement on Facebook then you're probably not but kind of pointy action rate but Instagram is much higher and so it's another reason why you know on the Instagram train here and then 500 million people use Instagram stories he's kind of behind the scenes look in things in Instagram and then I was surprised by this as well according to the HootSuite blog that the highest YouTube or Instagram is a professional soccer player named Cristiano I think but the HootSuite had am like I think it had a hundred and fifty million and I checked this morning and he's at 174 million he surpassed Kim Kardashian he's what I don't even think she's next in line them according to the history blog thing Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande anywhere the next two most popular and then Instagram is the number one business account they've got the most which makes sense but anyway I thought this was crazy that's a lot of people and just a few more steps most minutes use per day Facebook and Instagram hmm seventy-one percent of US businesses use Instagram and so if you're an author then your biz and then 60 percent of users discover products and so having your Instagram be a business accounts which I recommend doing because it links to your facebook business page you can run ads and things there and I know I proper to several things through instagrams app because you don't have to leave the app you can just buy right through Instagram and you know there's just a lot of trust built in into the system now oh and these are the like when I catch an Instagram specific class these are just the things that I go over like what they are people like no but they Instagram is powerful because it's like a mini website honestly but you don't want to keep all your content there because if they go down then you lose it but stories is like these little behind-the-scenes videos it's a great place to get started feeling comfortable with video highlights are places where you can save certain stories so people come to you because we're all multi what's the word area we all have so many interests and things like we're not just one thing more complex and so somebody comes to you because like Dean for advant they might come to you max you can have an entire highlight section devoted there and then you can have a whole other one devoted to Ohio eateries or whatever you know just places around Ohio or whatever it is that you're gonna do so people can come to you from both ways and but they can go and look for specific things in the highlights and then top nine is what we used to call the nine pictures because stories hadn't come out yet and the highlight ten come out yet so you could see you know nine boxes but you don't see you nine boxes anymore on your phone so Jill my sister came up with content six which is actually the last thing that I wanted to talk about so everybody could start thinking about their own content 6 and then microblogging is just longer form posting on Instagram because people will grieve longer there and then I'm using hashtags you can use up to 30 and so if once you know your content 6 which I'll show you in a second I like to pull maybe like 10 hashtag like if I've got 3 different things in my picture that are 3 different content keys for me I can use 3 different sets of hashtags to pull people into the photo so as an example let's say I'm working on a why a fantasy novel and I have a cup of coffee and I also have my desk well I might use the tin coffee hash tags 10 famous e-reader hashtags and then maybe a workspace Tim workspace hashtags and so then if people are following those hashtags they might find me through one of those and then they might stay because of the other aspects so this was the other really cool thing from that suite it showed the majority of Americans using Facebook in YouTube and this had YouTube at 73% and Facebook at 68% and then and this is just Americans and it's going from 2012 to 2018 and it has Instagram at 35 percent of a Pinterest snapchat LinkedIn Twitter and whatsapp and whatsapp is owned by Facebook as well they also have a huge platform to Facebook on three major major platforms and then this is Content 6 and so this is something that I still fill out and know probably every month or two I'll call my sister and I'm like listen I don't know what to post so like if anyone's like I don't want to post I don't know where to focus so when Jill created this concept which is now being I've seen it call this top six like people are talking about this idea now but um so long ago these are really December like categories free to say okay Who am I right now because these can change and it can to change on what book you're writing or what's going on in your life right now like so I've got a mom book coming out so mom means are part of my content tips right now and in a year they might not be I might have moved to something else and that platinum things coming out so hard my content for each will be more bible quotes and bible journaling and those kinds of things as I start digging into the audience marketing for that book so um I don't know we can I can stop the screen if everyone's can you get other examples let's say in the month of July what would be your content six so mom's is one of my umbrella category so when I do this I write down the umbrella category and then I make a list of like one through seven reason that so in July I would be what I want to talk about is vacationing with kids travel with kids projects and activities to be before school start and maybe get a leg up on what's going on with school and like a good way to know what your looking for is to look in Pinterest because we go in the search bar you will see your recent searches but you'll also see what your audience is searching for and that can let you know what to start pinning but it can also let you know what kind of content you need to be like maybe talking about right away and then this is something I just started because um all the planners you guys know I love the planners um July starts like a whole new planner run and so I got this I love this one they did a collaboration with this amazing illustrator whose name is wrong wrong right here she has like all these collections out so I got this little anakata mini and then I'm using it for social media calendar so I outlined July and so I make sure I can see what they've got in here so because planners is going to be one of the big ones for me with like organization coming up I'm a new plan with me on Sunday and then I'm also gonna be blogging so I've got blog ideas for here and then I wanted to do the YouTube videos that go along with the blog content and send out an email on those days and so this is what this is becoming my calendar for how I hit my website my social and you do all from the same continent for the week I like that because then this would be the let's see a cry and stuff on there supposed to like hide me I've been on the days I thought out stickers and then um but like what I needed to do for social media why is on that day that was helpful for me to have it not in my family planner like the one that is my main one it was helpful to have it in a separate sections and if I'm focusing okay I'm gonna work on I've got an hour to do marketing and then I can look in here and say what's coming up what's next in kind of stay on track so it shows what I don't know can you pre-scheduled Instagram like with tailwind or one of those scheduler things I don't know if tailwind I know tailwind is Pinterest I don't know if they do Instagram I think that's our aim as well I use the Unger and they have ap is what you're looking for has some API connection but it doesn't automatically post Instagram for you so late you still have to actually manually put it in but like for me Edgar for example we can put the photo the captions the hashtags all scheduled and then I get a little notification on my phone saying okay it's time to post and then opens integrand for me and it it copies the caption that I wrote for me too so it's just really like two clicks and I can do it on my computer I like and Rhonda says buffer will pre-scheduled mr. him on that way yeah Doria has a question on the content 6 she says what about building brands for different genres like how do you unify them in your social media accounts like you do both nonfiction or like Michelle does children and in nonfiction you know how do you kind of move how what would be an example of content 6 for that children might be its own content about that children's books would be an entire separate category for her her other writing might all be considered in to one other thing she also does a lot with her grandkids and so being a grandma would also be one which works well with the children's books because there are the buyers um she also likes the Cubs but she didn't close a ton about that but I mean she could use that for baseball season yeah earnest I mean so you know you can identify different things can I show you guys one of the Instagram accounts that I love the most that I think that I'm gonna start um I want to start kind of modeling my own after her a little bit let me give you guys the link to the good suite and for the recording at blog hootsuite.com slash Instagram – statistics is where I got a lot of the updated content for today um and then this lady I always show her in my Instagram classes because she does I think she has a Content 3 not even a content 6 so if you're looking its Instagram calm by the book and let me just show you how easy it can be to do book things so can you see her account is it up yes good for anyone who was wondering what stories were this is her profile picture and if it has this pretty color around it means there's something in her story for the day she's uploaded a photo or a video or something and there's not that color ring there's no story there but here's where she's got her highlights current reading she went to New York I don't know well her blog so you can even have one for your blog she's got 68,000 followers here and she's really doing three things she is a book reviewer for crime fiction she I would say her content 3 would be coffee mm-hmm and maybe scarves and maybe socks cuz those are usually the things that I see her picture but she doesn't show her face so this is what she does and like this picture you'll probably see the same outfit 10 or 12 photos down because I think she takes a bunch of photos on the same day with different books hmm every once in a while she's got a bookstore post and so then let me see so this is an example of a microblog is it big enough on the screen yes okay so she gives a little bit of white space here so she kind of follows the same formula she shares a little bit about what she's doing like a personal something um talking about her lunch break and then she goes into the book itself a little bit and look how long this is this is a microblog so she's got emojis mhm and then she gets a lot of engagement and she also responds to people so responding to people in the comments also like boosts your engagement as well so like that's just one example Thanks here's another one so I found myself in the library a couple weeks ago and I pulled up her account and scrolled past all the new releases to find a book I might actually find in the library based on her suggestions and so sometimes in one of her stories last week she did look at her bookshelf it went through like ten of her most recommended books like if you hadn't been falling for her for a while I started I started screenshotting them because when I you know I'm going on vacation next week and I want to read all of those books so this is how I know about this some of your writing thriller will crying don't you want her hosting your book on her site and this all miss all it is the pictures are not Harvard she just has a filter on top of them and this is what I want to do as an author in minds on rrah I want to do this for Hawaii and I want to do this for Christian living when books are coming out maybe go to the library and take a bunch of photos at once you know maybe grab an old Starbucks copper or something and stick it on the table but just batch a bunch of photos and this is a kind of thing we should be doing I think as writers and authors and I'm speaking to myself here this is the direction that I want to go to because she builds so much trust with her readers here and I think it's mean it's so pretty that's a great example Bethenny you have shared wonders with us today just wonder here it's not tell you the time just flew that I've just got to get back on Instagram that's that's for certain on that way I like what Rhonda said that when I think she was referred to to your planner she said no when you get so much done because you're using a rifle not a shotgun and I think that is a beautiful analogy for all of us to think about is to do some of these as rifles not shotguns and stuff well that sounds violent though so we need to have a we need to have a planner day again yeah you to share how we use them and staff Melissa my dad idea down yeah we should do that so we definitely need to have us all there because I've been trying to do some unique things with planners lately to side bet we could almost make it a free-for-all and sharing a planner today on writers she's got it she says on that way hey well the recordings still go and I just want to thank you again Bethany you always inspire us and give us such an I would love your energy and your excitement for this and we know we're getting up-to-date info one between your experiences and all the context you have professionally but also because you're working on your masters how close are you to getting done you getting close aren't you yeah is the most objective greater leg I'm fighting for every point in this class right now like he has the final separated into two different weeks it's like the massive final project I'm like he lives for this class I don't know like don't have extra prayers for you right now while we're still on the recording – I want to tell you all what about next week is this sort of related to planners is that we're it's halfway through the year kiddos you believe that halfway through and we're gonna just take a mid-year kind of gold review recheck reset this is a great time to catch your breath and think and think about what you want to get done is next thing it's like Ringo we were to July well bingo it's going to be December 31st it will go quick so uh let's kind of it's gonna be just a good time to touch base o between now and next we can probably what we'll do is we'll have several of you stay on and maybe if Jan and Melissa and enormous with this web those guys come on to for a little bit and we'll just do a little sharing but I want all of you to think about because we might bring you in a little bit early to share something that is maybe his work well for you this year so far maybe that you wish you would have been a little bit better at cuz if you think about it and verbalize it or even even better write it down you will get it done it's powerful to do that you guys know that as writers and maybe figure out something you you haven't started yet but you kind of wanted to me it'll be Instagram that you wanted to in 2019 and it's been on my list every month for since the January and it's not done and that way or it may be something new that's come up I mean some of you guys have gotten contracts or have gotten a new idea since January and it's just I think it'll be good for us to talk about them I'll have some other things to share about mid-year goals next week – I mean Bethany Thank You Johnny do you want to say anything last-minute while we're still in the recording yeah the week after that Bethany will be back to do more on marketing – so it'll be the goals and then and yeah just to kind of really quick go back to this gal that Bethany was showing us you know as as writers we are all in a position to become influencers for whatever genre were writing in and and I don't know that this guy writes but she's certainly probably not but she's certainly made a name for herself as the crime book expert but if you're writing historical fiction start reading historical fiction start promoting historical fiction let those authors know that you're promoting their books put them on bookbub as your favorites put them on Goodreads make a list you start doing that and you're gonna be building a platform and you're also going to be starting to engage with these people who later you know and this isn't why you do it but you know you build those relationships and when you have a book come out they may be very happy to return the vape so thank yourself as an influencer or in your genre and how you can do that and you're not faking it you are you can be you know yeah you're enjoying the books you're loving them you're reading them anyway so you know he's right with those go ahead so when we're thinking of cons again I'm going back to Gary Vaynerchuk because I love him so much and he always talks about just documenting your day and as writers document the writing time document that's your marketing that's your social media today I learned about Joseph Stalin because I'm writing a historical romance so why not have three tips in your social media or do it did you know or something like that just pulled it out and now also everyone who loves the you know those historical things will find you from hashtags like you can document the writing life I always think it's boring but pull the research out right and look attractive on that way just document your life – good idea their stories thanks Ram that was great that's a final great tip for us to finish up with and so for those of you that are still here with us in the chat we'll have you come on back in for our after-party soon as we stop the recording or you can start coming on now and if you're in writers chat jail a lot of snow and with your chapters pad on that and we will see you all next week thank you for watching the replay if you're watching the replay and thanks again Bethany you always inspire us and keep it going bye everybody

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