Writers.work Review – Legit Site for Aspiring Writers?

Writers.work Review - Legit Site for Aspiring Writers?

hi guys I'm Mara and I'm one of the responsible in making videos for full-time home business for anis so into this video we will talk about writers that work if it's a legit site to earn money or just another time wasting scam but first what is writers don't work writer stop work is a website that offers you an all-in-one suite where you can find everything you need to become a freelance writer if you're a person that wants to start a freelance writing career and work from home writer style where claims to give you all the tools that will both make you a more efficient freelance writer and also help you promote your work and find clients so how does writers don't work for the got started you need to buy a membership there is no way you can get a sneak peek the trial or something like that after you pay you will get access to a lot of tools like their own destruction free editor their online portfolio feature and more so how much this writers don't work cost well there are two membership options first the lifetime membership the lifetime membership cost forty seven dollars this will give you access to the platform for effort they'll pay anything in the future their checkout page they say that forty seven dollars is there a liberal price and soon it may change to ninety four dollars this is a scarcity tactic to put you into pressure and make you hurry up to make a decision second is the monthly membership the monthly membership costs $15 per month and it will give you access to everything as well now let's talk about the different features of writer start work first is the magical job finder looking for writing jobs online is definitely not a walk in the park it takes hours of research and lots of energy to find a handful of jobs with reasonable periods the magical job finder is a tool that will show you all the job listings available online in one dashboard nothing exclusive here though most if not all of the writing jobs the credit at work shows you can be found on most free job boards available online like problogger list and indeed second feature is the instant submissions finder normally you have to send your page as many websites as possible to higher your chances of being hired by many companies but what if you could avoid all the sites where your page will be 100% ignored that's worse the writers thought work instant submission finder comes in this tool gives you a list of websites that will give you higher chances of getting hired third thing is to be focused text editor this text editor comes with many great features besides your article it will show the library count that gets updated as you type readability score into great reading level there is also spell and grammar checker to make your writing even better once you finish your posts on the text editor you will be able to export it as a PDF or even publish it on your own WordPress blog or even in medium for us the project organization system the project organization system feature allows you to organize all your work in one place this is really useful for writers because you will see each project deadline from a bird's view and be able to be more creative and organized with your work this feature is the only portfolio rarest our work allows you to create your already book for you within the platform however this portfolio is pretty basic and you can build a better looking one but using canva which is 100% free sex as the writer start work career training videos this or lessons that focus on new writers you will get training here that will cover the important things and skills any writer should possess you will learn about the basic of writing copy writing how to market yourself and more now the last feature but not the least mr. writers don't work habit builder tool it is a word counter tool which will count the words of all your articles and show your words records motivates you to beat it this tool can help you build up the habit of writing longer posts which are going to make you more money for sure now let's talk about the things that I like about writers that work one thing that I like about writers don't work is that it is an all one stop for writers I like they do having literally everything you will ever need in one place you can learn how to write you live in a text editor where you can do all your work you can have any client option in the platform that's very good and obviously better than splitting your mind into many tabs and confusing dashboards this will surely increase your creativity in reduce distress of writing second thing that I like about it is that they welcome all writers whether it's newbie or experienced good thing about writer start work is good for both newbies and experienced writer experienced writers will benefits from all the good tools available in the platform while newbies will find a career training very useful because there they will learn everything even how to do the taxes or how much to charge the clients however there are also things that I don't like about writers don't work first it that they have so many negative reviews I have read so many negative reviews about writer style work most complaints are about real ones and about the absence but there are help page they clearly say that the add-ons are not refundable there are also complaints about the training and the tools some say that the training is weak and there is no guidance well some say the jobs are expired and harder still require journalism degree to get accepted I have found some reviews on reddit that assume writers that work is a scam just because they charge money without a free trial however a trash pile on all the reviews are positive but I am a bit skeptical because it's easy to fake reviews there and to me the commenters the photos looks fake second is that there is no free trial this is a red flag to me because usually products especially work from home products that are scam can't afford to give out free trials because if they did people will run away immediately I'm not saying that this is the case with writers don't work but the chances of being are so high third thing that I don't like about writers that work is that there is no about page of who is behind the writers that work didn't you notice that in the rightest at work website there is absolutely new about page who created this website who is behind it worse it's physical address there is something wrong with this website for sure this is a huge red flag in my eyes it's a very uncommon for a website do not have an about page or no info about the founders unless it's a big scam what is the greatest at work owners are behind another scam after doing some intense research I found out something very worrying the owners of raddest at work are the same people behind a confirmed scam old riding master jobs very thought work and master writing jobs share the same owner and I have read other reviews and complains that confirm that if is the very misleading advertising writer start work advertising is very misleading under a Facebook page they usually market themselves an easy way foreigners to make money they even promised newbies to start making money fast which is nothing but hype 6 is that they have an F rating at BBB BBB or Better Business Bureau is accompanied reviews businesses and work at home websites with writers that work having an F rating that is the worst rating a website could get now this register works worth the money for forty seven dollars of a lifetime membership does not sound like a lot of money and they offer good tools at this point they think it's worth it but after reading the negative reviews and the people complaining about not getting refunds then I would not invest in it that's my personal opinion only now for the final question this writer start work a scam well rather stop work is not a scam but it's borderline to be honest there are many good things about writer start work but way so many complaints in Malhar mean red flags to be considered a legitimate Trinity at this point it's up to you to decide I have shared with you my honest taken this and you be the judge if you want to learn more about writers don't work and other alternatives for it I'll suggest you to check or a full article about it I'll leave the link in the description below but if you want to learn a real way to earn money at home I recommend you to check the ultimate guide to make money online it is a simple step-by-step training that is going to teach you how to start a simple business or a simple website around your passion you can learn it at your own pace and also there is a big community which is full of active members just like you we can guide you through the process it's all explained here on the guide you can find the link in the description below don't worry is free to get started it will get 10 free lessons to see and judge the ecology of the training also don't forget to like the video if you like see another video comment if you have any questions or suggestions and subscribe to our YouTube channel full time home business you can also share it other people and your friends so that they will never be a victim of scam again thank you and have a great day


  • FullTimeHomeBusiness says:

    This is How I Started Making over $3.000 a Month After I started Writing for MySelf! 😎😎😜👀👀👀

  • Edison Kiela says:

    Good video, but the volume is very low and hard to hear you.

  • Dubsmash director says:

    why is the video volume fucking low????

  • Chelsey James says:

    You mentioned only witnessing a couple of negative reviews and that the rest of the reviews you saw were positive. It is important to remember that anyone can leave a negative review and call something a scam – it is as simple as the comment that I am leaving on here. Some people are just skeptical about everything that seems like a great opportunity due to being a pessimist. Although, having an F rating with the BBB is far from a good sign, as well as the founder of the site having a site in the past that was fraudulent.

    Overall, thank you for the review!

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