XP-Pen ARTIST 15.6 PRO – REVIEW by a Professional Animator!

XP-Pen ARTIST 15.6 PRO - REVIEW by a Professional Animator!

hey there everyone how are you today I bet you are beautiful tastic as always today I want to talk about the latest model from XP pan the artist 15.6 pro I'm going to talk about the core features of course but I will not go too deep into the super mini technical boring numbers now don't worry I will mention some technical stuff but I promise I will try to do it as user-friendly as possible now a couple of things I need to be clear about before we begin number one this video is not sponsored XP band asked me if I want to try this product on my intensive animation workflow and I accepted the challenge just like my other reviews I'm going to share my honest opinions about this product based on my experience number two if it's the first time you're watching my videos I am NOT a reviewer I'm not trying to be one I am a pro user I am a professional animator and everything you see on my channel I do on my spare time now the main idea of this video is more than just a typical tech review who's trying to bend the product or hear it with a hammer or something to be honest I don't get it why are you going to war with it anyway the idea is to test if it's good enough to handle studio production like a pro since frame by frame animation is the most intensive work you can do on a graphic drawing display compared to any other workflow in other words if the product can handle to the animation environment project it can handle anything else so I push the limits of this product without throwing a block on it or something like that and I'm going to share with you my experience for the last three weeks hopefully this video will help you decide if you should or shouldn't invest your money on this product or maybe consider different one this is the artist 15.6 pro the latest model from XP pen now let's see what's in the box as you can see the new box is very clean and organized and you can pull out every device one by one easily also the box is smaller and thinner compared to the last artist 15.6 now that's a smart packaging we get different adapter options for almost any country you can think of and that's great for traveling now the cables are all-in-one you get HDMI connection 2 USB connections then one USB type-c I'll talk about the different USB later also you get a USB extension just in case now we get the usual things to clean your screen all the papers warranty the glove and of course the manuals the next thing is the case of the pen which I really like and it's divided to few parts now let me show you the pen supports 8,192 levels of pressure no need to recharge it's battery free and the new feature is the 60 degrees tilt support now I prefer my parents a little bit heavier but don't get me wrong the pen feels premium the buttons and everything in it feels really good you get eight extra nibs and all you need to do is to put the pen in the center in angular and pull it out that's how you replace a nib that's it easy-peasy the AC 41 model of the stand is very simple you have one angle and it's very stable the screen is only 11 millimeters thin that's insane and it's not too light or too heavy it's perfect now before I continue with the specs and the features I want to show you a quick setup that how I installed everything from scratch in my case I need USB hub but you don't need more than one available first we connect the HDMI from the all-in-one cable now I'm using the black USB because it will drive the power from the laptop and I believe that the labels were opposite in my case the last one is the USB type-c and we're ready to go the last thing is to peel off the screen protection nylon thingy and as you can see we already see the difference between the very glossy to the net okay power glove let's go it's very hard to see but the screen is full laminated unlike the other models its IPS display and the active part of the screen is 15.6 inch the resolution of the screen is 1080p full-hd there is higher color coverage up to 88 ntsc and 120 srgb as you noticed I like to test the edges of the screen which stop exactly where they should also I'm testing the pen latency which is 200 RPS and it's amazing as you can see on the screen it's almost real-time the next thing is to download and install the drivers now it's easy peasy all you need to do is click install and wait a little bit done with the drivers you get more control to change things and we get for example you can change the buttons the pen or the monitor you control also you can change the sensitivity of the pen or calibrate the screen and of course you can change the Express keys which is the main feature I really like about the drivers because I like to change the Express keys on a specific software so for example if I use Toon Boom harmony I lack the buttons to do something but if i use photoshop accreta I want the buttons to do something else and the drivers allow you to do it beside the eight express keys you can also tweak the red wheel and make it do whatever you need it to do beside just zoom in or zoom out now instead of using the red wheel for zoom in and zoom out by default i customized it with the drivers as i showed you before to scrub forward and backwards on the timeline as a frame-by-frame animator this is a must and i would say that this device is very animate or friendly the eight Express keys feels really good no they don't feel cheap if you wondering I'm using them as much as possible unfortunately they cannot cover all my art keys but I'm using it a lot now another thing I'm curious about all the time is the lines now unlike others I don't do it too slow or too fast I do it in natural speed it could be fast it could be slow but it's combined together as I just sketching on a paper and this is a real test of the line in my opinion this is how I do it all the time and I can say that I am very impressed with a new model I think it's the best one compared to any work on compatible so far ok so I know that a lot of you are wondering about the parallax issue and if you already watched my videos before you know that for me the parallax issue is not even an issue let me explain the parallax is basically the space between the pen to the sign of the mouse so it's the space between the glass to the actual screen the pixels so if the parallax is big enough there will be a big gap between the tip of the pan to your actual brush in the software now that you understand what parallax is let me explain why I am saying it is not even an issue back in the days when I used the very first Wacom Cintiq and even the motives before called Cintiq from Wacom they had a really huge gap the parallax was crazy and it was almost impossible to work with since then people are keep talking about it but the thing is that on the last 5 or 6 years there is no such gap it's very thin the glasses brands are making and I'm not talking about Wacom but on almost any alternative I touched it's something that you are not actually noticing the reason people are talking about it because there is another thing to talk about just ignore that and let me tell you how it's very simple after your drawing for a few seconds your brain is not even noticing that you are holding a pen it will focus only on the brush itself on the sign of the brush on the software so if you're looking so hard for the parallax it's everywhere but if you ignore it and start being creative it's nowhere that's enough about brain science now let me share with you what I think about the artist 15.6 Pro first of all the design is beautiful and it's slim 11 millimeters that's crazy you can feel it in your laptop bag and take it with you to any place you can think of that's the first thing I really like about it the 8x press keys and the red wheel are very useful and I bet it will be useful not only for animators but for any creative workflow the pair not only feels good when you grab it the first time I notice that the buttons of the pen are not popping out too much so you won't press them by mistake that's a great design by the way to be honest I'm not using the tilt feature of the pen on the animation process but I'm using it like crazy on the backgrounds and the effects the tilt feature is not perfect but it does the job and I used it all the time I don't think I can not using it anymore the overall experience I had on the last three weeks with the device was amazing I had no issues from installation to drivers to using it to animate with it and to draw as you can see on this review I just did some drawings to the process I had zero issues and everything still works perfectly fine now I do have some suggestions for the XP Pentium as I already asked for extra buttons last time they actually added two more buttons now if you could do this extra idea many people are gonna be extremely happy with the Express keys if you can put color-coded on the buttons maybe with LEDs it will be insanely useful because when we draw we don't remember which of the eight black buttons to press so if one of them will be red for example and red means and do we can remember the red is undo the blue is redo and so on if you can design that each Express key will have a lead and we can customize the color of the lead on the drivers that will be crazy useful and amazing as well now should you buy the artists 15.6 pro or should you avoid it if you're traveling a lot or maybe you don't have enough space on your desktop go purchase this device now but if you're working on a desktop and you need a serious workstation go check out my other reviews for the artist 22 Pro and the artist 22 Pro they are almost the same but the only difference is the Express keys and I highly recommend you to check them out because I'm still working with them all the time the reason I'm not talking about the prices on my videos is because they keep changing if it's a special sell if it's holiday the prices are changing all the time so I put all the links on the description to anything you need on this video also to the other reviews so check them out and make sure that before you buy anything click the link of the device and beside watching the current price I want you to check out all the details even that I talked about most of them go check him out it's very important that you know what you are investing your money in I hope that this video helped some of you to decide if you will buy it or not and if you still have questions leave a comment and if I can answer it I will oh and by the way if you like insane short random cartoons click on my channel you may enjoy some of them and if you will I'll be happy if you consider to subscribe in the meanwhile see you later alligator [Applause] you [Applause]


  • Alon Dan says:


    I Really hope that this video will help some of you!

    Find all the links for my Reviews, Gear, Animation Tools and more on the description.

  • Onik says:

    I want one but I don’t have a laptop to Cary around with me

  • Eerik Karlov says:

    Hello, you reviewed some time ago non pro version, so how its compared to non pro? Non pro version have a very attractive price now 100 bucks less. Is it worth that difference?

  • mechaart says:

    Just used myne for the first time and its amazing for a 379.00 display

  • GachakittyGirl101 Yourkittyschannel says:

    Question: Do you have to have a laptop or computer to actually animate or draw on? Because like I want to be able to travel and animate at the same time and I have a laptop but its really heavy and to big to carry around.. So just a small question that way I know if I want to purchase it or not!! 😀 Great videos by the way thanks!!

  • Mostly Drew says:

    I thought fully-laminated screen meant there is no parallax. Isn't that the purpose of a fully-laminated screen?

  • Phoenyx says:

    Is the screen a paper like matte feel or is it slippery? I like my display to have some tooth

  • grummie gummies says:

    thanks for this wonderful vid, very informative, and more importantly, insight from an easygoing artist and not some techie elitist

  • Tanya Jaiswal says:

    I recently tested out the XP Pen 15.6 pro as I was considering buying it myself. I found only one problem, and was hoping someone could help me with this.

    The tablet isn't detecting my light strokes, I naturally don't draw with insane amount of pressure, but rather start with light and then build up. But it wasn't detecting my pen's pressure at all. (I'm used to drawing on a Wacom 13 pro at work and it detects all my lines). This feels like a deal breaker. Is there some solution to this problem, a way I can make the device more sensitive to my use?
    Please advice .

  • Tuli0hWut says:

    The fact you have to buy the Pro version just to have the stand included is ridiculous. But then again, Wacom makes you spend $2000 on a single tablet so I can’t say much


    I don't mind paying more money for this Display tab with 4K resolution…

  • Crok Monsieur says:

    What app?

  • Hired GunSG says:

    Finally, someone who does a great review on the product and doesn't try to compare to other pen displays! You just gave us very professional review about the product itself and discussed if it was what people were looking for for their workflow with great example! Thank you! This review made me sub!

  • FleoN says:

    I'm planning on buying this!

  • Trang Nguyen says:

    Thanks for such a good review! I'll be ordering mine next week! Eep so excited!

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    Is this more advance than the xp pen 22E Pro?

  • Crok Monsieur says:

    Hello , what application do you use ?

  • Kromatic Gamer says:

    Ok so how do I set up my red ring to scrub forward and backwards in clip studio paint during an animation?

  • LunArtsDesign says:

    Hi, this pen display antiglare layer is eye protective? and another question, you can rotate the display and setting left handed mode?

  • TheLateLateLateShow says:

    Brad Colbow and Aaron Rutten both knock this tablet for its pressure curve-spikes and pen jitter… are you encountering these issues? Also, everyone boasts about this tablet's 0 parallax… how is the parallax compared to the Xp-Pen Pro 22 models?

  • Whicker Friesian says:

    Thank You, Sir, for taking the time to share this information with the rest of us!
    THIS is the tablet for me! (new artist just getting into the digital world).

  • Conny Moon says:

    Question: do you always have to have the computer or laptop plugged to the tablet? Or is it just to transfer the stuff from your computer to the laptop

  • Lucija Stakne says:

    I want to invest into screen tablet, but I'm usually worrying over functionality, because I'm a left handed

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    Hey, cool video! Thank you very much for the promotional code I've just used it <3

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    Thank you! Best review I've seen on this and it sealed my decision. I just bought it. Thank you for the code.

  • F.f Star says:

    It def does! I'm a hobbyist who currently works off a Galaxy Tab A in a flip book style. How do you think this would work for an older laptop? I'm running an I5 with 8G of RAM, Intel 520 graphics. I would love to have a work space where I don't have to export as individual files and render in a 3rd software.

  • Socheat Chea says:

    I really wanna know the build quality, how long this product last..

  • Derpykilla says:

    jesus man, i haven't seen your channel in years. i remembered you when my little brother actually saw the Bakon video waaaay back when and i remembered that when i was in middle school i used to watch your vids religiously. MDI was my favorite channel and im sad that i even forgot about it. love your vids man hopefully you get the respect you deserve

  • Y.N. Lee says:

    It's really nice review! thank you for making and sharing. your work is also great!!

  • Mars says:

    Thanks for the review! I'd really like to get this, but one thing keeping it from me is an issue I've seen around where it's impossible to use left-handed mode. Can you confirm whether this holds true? Maybe the problem has been addressed via an update. I wouldn't be able to use it otherwise.

  • Skylar Jetton says:

    I’m really debating between this and the 22E…portability isn’t an issue for me, so do you think this is significantly better than the 22 for the size difference?

  • Marina Markovic says:

    Thanks for the review! I am new to digital art and am just not able to afford Wacom tablets at the moment, XP pen seems to be an amazing budget friendly alternative. Just a question, would you recommend this tablet for a beginner?

  • Mass Compilations says:

    Thanks for the easy to follow review, I just ordered my artist 15.6 pro and I can't wait!
    my wacom intuos died so it was the best time for me to purchase something else. I follow your work for a while and I trust your recommendations thanks Alon!

  • Christopher Slavitt says:

    How about when you tilt the pen? I know at least for my huion Kamvas pro 12, when I tilt my pen at different angles and directions, the cursor will shoot away from the tip of my stylus. I'm really hoping that it's just something that happens with Huion's models because I recently got a replacement pro 12 with the same problem. However, if this is the industry standard, I might just stick to the screenless variety.

  • Metroid OS says:

    Really great review! other tech reviewers were very confusing while you're very clear.
    I'm not sure if I'll order the Artist 22 Pro or this Artist 15.6 Pro I want both but I can only afford one. thanks for the discount I'll make sure to use it!

  • MinnaChii says:

    xp-pen is on fire these days! can't wait to see more from them in the future, I'll recommend xp-pen to my animator friends since it's cheaper than Wacom and not to mention xp-pen is almost on pare with some of wacoms tablets

  • RPG Goddess says:

    Thank you so much, I was hoping there was a great review (like yours) on this new tablet already. I am trying to decide which XP-Pen to get (I have six in my cart right now lol) and this was high on my list, since it seems that you can replace the screen film/protector? I don't like the included stand, it doesn't tilt at an high enough angle for me, but I can easily buy a better stand.
    One question, did you have trouble with the drivers on Windows 10? I have read many reviews, where users state that XP-Pen and Windows 10 are really bad together. Also some other brand tablets install drivers, that make Windows think that you are using a touch panel from now on. It's a bit annoying, because the onscreen keyboard will pop up a lot e.g. on Windows login etc, and I hate that.

  • ArtsyCosmicDreamer TV says:

    Is it true the tablet has no paper texture? He said that he had no texture BUT that was a prototype model. Does this model have tooth? It is my BIGGEST concern and no one's talking about it.

  • Jikyuu says:

    Usually when I see reviews that focus heavily on the parallax they film it from the side, where such gaps become big and obvious. But that's not the angle you normally draw at. Thanks for keeping face on ^_^

  • Jikyuu says:

    I love the power glove …

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