XP-Pen ARTIST 15.6 – REVIEW by a Professional Animator!

XP-Pen ARTIST 15.6 - REVIEW by a Professional Animator!

hey there everyone how are you today I bet you a beautiful tastic as always today I'm going to do something a little bit different from what I'm usually doing which is a review and no I am NOT a reviewer I'm not trying to be one so this video is definitely not going to be a typical review because I'm going to talk from my personal experience and just to remind you I'm not an average consumer I am a pro user I'm a professional animator I do animations every single day and what you see on YouTube is something I do on my spare time now this is interesting on the last year and a half I decided to take my Wacom Cintiq put it aside and instead of it I used the XP pen models different models as you can see on the screen it's the xB pen 22e which is the 22 inches Swan with express keys and I'm not going to talk about this one because there are many reviews about it but I'm going to talk about the latest product which is the artist 15.6 this is the artist 15.6 the latest model from XP pen and I must mention that this is not a sponsored video they were kind enough to send it to me for a review and as you can see I'm doing the traditional boring unboxing ritual thingy that everybody does but that's good so you can see what's in the box so let's begin with some of the features of the artist 15.6 well obviously the 15.6 inches is the size of the active view means the part you are actually drawing on and on the left side of the panel you can find six Express keys which are buttons that you can program to be a shortcut or maybe launch a software that you're using with one click it's kind of cool the design is very slim what makes it to a very portable model compared to the 22 inches and the 16 inches model which are kind of massive compared to this one so you can grab it put it in your backpack and you're good to go and that's a very useful feature and if you wondering how slim it is it's about 11 millimeters that's amazing the resolution is full HD 1080p I pS display screen with 16 to 9 ratio it supports 4k if you connect it to your PC and you have a 4k display but again the screen itself is 1080p now let's talk about the pen which is a new series of pens that extra pens started to work with and I'm very happy about it and let me tell you why in my opinion the strongest feature of the pen is that its passive you don't have to charge it anymore it's battery free how it works well magic another big upgrade to the pen now it supports 8,192 levels of pressure and that's insane it means it's four times more sensitive than the older pen model one of my favorite features on this model is that they're using USB type-c and it's about time and of course they give you this magical cable which you can see on the screen right now with the red color it's USB type-c 2 USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 and of course the HDMI port for your video card that means you can connect it to your laptop or your PC and it will use the power of the laptop or the PC instead of connecting another adapter so what you see on the screen right now is everything you get in the box it's all the manuals or the cables adapters the pen holder which contains 8 nibs inside the glove a piece of cloth to clean the screen and the slim and sexy design of the artist 15.6 now what you see on the screen right now is me exploring the artist 15.6 to see what you can do and right now I'm using the express buttons on the left side I just program it to make undo and zoom and stuff like that and it's very useful now it's time to share with you my opinions and I'm going to share my honest opinions either if you like it or not it's up to you I'm going to say what I think let's talk about the design so if you don't know they have the same kind of model in other sizes they have the 10 inches the 13 inches and this one the latest model the 15.6 from all the three I would choose this one we I think it's kind of hard to work on a smaller screen and I personally like this one for portability you can travel with it and it's very nice you have one cable and it's plug-and-play so even if you don't install drivers if you hook it up to a PC with Windows 10 for example from my experience it works the drivers gives you extra options such as the Express keys you can program them and calibrate and stuff like that now let's get back to the design so for portability I think it's great but what about a workstation like if you want to work every day without portability put it on the table I have a problem with that because it have only one option you put it on the table and that's the only angle that you have not everybody used to it it emulates like you're drawing on a paper that's nice for some people from my experience if you want to work many hours you better put your screen on an angle that you can sit right without breaking your back but if you work in couple hours a day I think it's decent also it takes less place on your table the Express keys I think that's a very useful feature but to be honest I would love if XP pen if you listening please on the future models give us one with like twelve or sixteen buttons on the side you can make them in different colors so the eye can recognize them that means I don't need to use the keyboard because this is the basic of the shortcuts I'm using when I'm animating so I really like the buttons and I hope that in the future we will see more buttons with different color groups or something like that speaking of buttons on the right side of the panel you have the button to turn it on and off and another button that it split in two like up and down so you can click it and adjust the brightness of the screen as you go I like these buttons they feel great they feel strong and very stable what about the pen I like that it's passive we don't need to charge it anymore but I feel that it's too light it's lighter than the older pen and I in person like that the pen have some weight so that's the only thing I have to say about the pen beside it it's great it feels great but it could feel much better if it had more weight to it some people prefer lighter pen if so this is the perfect thing for you now for the thing that every reviewer is crying about the evil parallax thingy the distance between the pen to the glass now my opinion about it is different when we put the pen on the screen and start drawing after a few seconds the brain and eyes won't care about this distance between the pen and the glass because the eyes will follow the brush in the software after you draw in for a minute you don't even remember that you were holding a pen you are following the brushes it became so natural so in my case again I don't care about the parallax I don't even notice if it's there or not I'm not even looking into it because I am focusing on drawing or animating which is very intensive work frame by frame believe me the parallax issue is not even an issue that drivers well the drivers on the 15.6 are great they're looking great the UI is very friendly they are actually much better than the 22e but the cool thing about XP pen they will update all the drivers for all the models so eventually all of them will look and work great personally I had no issue with the drivers I just installed and start working I programmed the Express keys and that's it I know that some reviewers say that they had some issues with the drivers on the early models I'm not sure what because for me it works great before my conclusion I want to share two features that I would love to see in future expedient models the first feature is a touchscreen support so you can move from pen mode to touch screen mode and the second feature is for the pen yes it's already great but if you can add a tilt support we can draw with and and it will feel much more realistic now should you buy it if you are going to travel a lot definitely go for it to buy it right now there is no question about it if you're not traveling and you look for a wok station solution I would recommend you to get the 22 e or the 22 HD the differences are the buttons the 22 E is for the Express buttons that 22 HD is the same without the Express buttons I'm using it and I cannot recommend you enough to get it notice that there are differences between the 22 series to the 15.6 so make sure you check them out before you buy all the links on the description below if you want to know more about the features in details click on the link and it will take you to the page of the product and of course if you are interested you can purchase one and start animating like a pro if you find this video helpful leave a comment let me know if you want me to make more of these from time to time but don't worry my main thing is still making cartoons on my spare time of course in the meanwhile see you later alligator boy


  • Alon Dan says:


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    Find all on the description of the video. ❤️

  • Amanda Bonini says:

    I am trying to decide against the 15.6 versus the 15.6 pro which is 100 dollars more. My daughter is a beginner artist. Do you think the 15.6 is just as good as the 15.6 pro?

  • JummyG MV says:

    אחיייי כדאי לקנות אותו?

  • John Garrett says:

    Magic Pen! :0)

  • Emmanuel Goldbergstein says:

    Is this worth it with the new pro version?

  • Elizabeth I of England says:

    Dumb question but I'm really new to all the graphic stuff!! Does the tablet come with the drawing software or do you have to buy it/pay for it?

  • Turtle Herd says:

    this is a great review i would recommend buying the artist 15.6 pro that is in the descripiton of this video because it comes with much more for only 30 dollars more

  • Dominate NG says:

    PLEASE! How does this work with Toon Boom?

  • lilith ai says:

    love xx

  • Carol Liu says:

    Hi, I'm really interested in this tablet. However, I am left handed, so is there a way to compensate?

  • Prevalent Arts says:

    Something that caught my attention in your review is that the pen does not need to be recharged. I'm confused about that. How does it get its power.

  • Myia Garcia says:

    Can this work with an apple computer

  • Andhra Olympics Team sacrifice says:

    I was a 3D designing student I need know xp will work with the software’s :-maya ,zbrush??

  • Moonstache says:

    Thank you for this review, i was thinking about getting the 22 Pro one as my first graphic display but i wanted smth more portable and fell on the 15.6 that happened to be cheaper and, from what you said about it, more convinient to use for me 🙂
    Im very excited to get my own aaaaaah

  • Rhiannon Dewar says:

    If i buy this tablet, do i have to uninstal any other tablets im currently using like with other brands?

  • Wolfy :3 says:

    My parents just ordered that tablet for Christmas and im so excited :'D (first digital tablet)

  • Suede Component says:

    I draw laying down so it laying flat with no stand is perfect

  • José Rodríguez says:

    It is necessary to connect to a computer to use it or it can be use without a PC?

  • Denise Orth says:

    I am wanting to purchase a graphics tablet for my daughter who currently has a drawing tablet (without the screen) I am interested in the XP Pen products but wondering if I should spend the extra $100 and get the 15.6 instead of the 13.3. She loves to draw, especially anime and is quite good at it. She is also a leftie so we would have to rotate the tablet screen 180. Drawing is her passion and would like to be a graphic artist/animator. Your thoughts? She is 14 and draws pretty regularly. Thanks.

  • RazzleDazzle says:

    I wanted this for Christmas and this was the perfect review! Thank you so much, now my parents are considering buying it 😀

  • Sam Draws says:

    I love your channel and this is the first vid I ever watched from u

  • كلشي وكلاشي says:

    they have a stand

  • Drue Banks says:

    Does is work not plugged in to a computer?

  • Camii ♡ says:

    Hi there! Your review was perfect! But now I have a question. Do you recommend me to buy this tablet (artist 15.6)? or should I buy the Xp pen pro 16 (new version of the artist 16)? Do you think the Pro 16 have advantage between the 15.6 because it is pro version? Or they don't have such a big difference? (I know that 16 pro have a stand and 2 pen) But in quality of the panel what do you think?
    I'm searching a drawing tablet for my workspace and my studies on College (I would have to travel with the tablet).

    It would be worthwhile to buy the pro 16 even if it has less portability?

    Thanks you so much n.n

  • Violeta Ilgūnė says:

    So 16 model is better than 15.6? I would like to buy one of the for Christmas 🙂

  • 煮干しチャンネル says:

    I’m thinking of buying this for my son this christmas 🙂
    since our family loves long trip by car, can he use this, inside the car while traveling.hope to hear from you. God Bless…

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    How did you get it working on Toon Boom without glitching

  • שחר גדות says:

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  • אור שי says:

    Hey thanks for the review !
    btw shalom

  • Kent Hansen says:

    It was a nice review i was thinking about getting it because right now im inbetween houses so im looking for something that is less then my Cintique 21 ux that kinda take up a lot of space.

  • Jackaboi says:

    thank you, this did help me

  • TigR says:

    The tablet looks nice but I want to know your personal opinion about stability of the lines. Is there any wobble/jitter on the lines when you drawing?

  • cathyfox1007 says:

    Hey, does it comes with Photoshop and Windows? Where can you recomend buying?

  • Drawella says:

    This helped sooooooooo much I was looking for a perfect tablet for my situation and I found it now!

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