XP-Pen ARTIST 22 PRO – REVIEW by a Professional Animator!

XP-Pen ARTIST 22 PRO - REVIEW by a Professional Animator!

hey there everyone how are you today I bet you are beautiful tastic as always today I have a special video for you I'm going to talk about the brand new product from XP pan and I will try to cover its main features without going too deep into the super mini technical stuff I will talk about the technical stuff but I will try to do it as much as user friendly as I can just to be clear if it's the first time you watch in my videos I am NOT a reviewer I am NOT trying to be one I am a pro user I'm a professional animator and everything you see on my channel I made on my spare time the main idea of this video is more than just a typical review I'm going to share with you what I've experienced with this specific product for the last three weeks so I know how it react in an intensive environment of frame-by-frame animation and some other software so pretty much I know what I'm talking about and I'm ready to share my own experience with you and hopefully it will help you decide if you should or shouldn't invest your money on this product or maybe on a different product I will talk about it this is the artist display 22 Pro the latest model from XP pen I must mention that this is not a sponsored video XP pen were kind enough to send me a review unit so I can test it on my intensive workflow the main reason I chose to do this video is not just to make another typical review so for the last three weeks I have the chance to test this specific product on an animator intensive rock flow which means if it works for an animator it works for any artist it's time to see what's in the box so let's begin with the most common item of all the electricity cable of course and we will connect it to the adapter box which is this one and you will connect the adapter to the screen and the next item is the USB cable which you need to connect from the computer to the the next one is the HDMI cable which you need to connect from your graphic card to the screen in case you don't use HDMI you can always use the VGA cable the next cable is for the Mac users but I'm a PC Windows user so I didn't use it and you get double recharge cables from usb to the tip of the pen to recharge the battery and this is the amazing love that I'm using every single day and I love it and of course to the legendary new pen holder why legendary well in my personal opinion I think it's the best design so far from XP pan you get the nibs on one side and you get the pen on the other side let me show you here we go I present to you the new pen of the artist 22 Pro I like the new design and I appreciate the new material because it doesn't feel like cheap plastic it feels like a professional digital pen it's lightweight and this is the tip where you connect the USB charger now the cool thing about the battery in the pen is that whenever you need to recharge it it takes like few minutes there is a light in the pan and it will hold you for a few weeks and I killed it for the last three weeks and still I didn't need to recharge it yet that's how powerful the battery is now back to the pen holder this part is actually the pen holder it will hold your pen next to you so you have full access to it whenever you like and now to the other tip of the pen holder which have two uses one it holds the eight nibs if you need to replace them and the other is the replacer itself which is in the middle of it and all you need to do is to put the pen in the middle part in an angle and pull it gently so you can replace to another nib whenever you need it and in case you don't know what the nibs are for let me try to explain after a while when you draw with the pen you will notice that the nibs getting sharper so you can always replace to another new round at one or you can just keep using the sharp one if you like it another cool thing that xpp and included in the package is an extra pen as a gift and you can never know when you need an extra pen and here you get the manuals the disk on key and piece of class to clean your screen I highly recommend you to use the lattice drivers from the website now let me tell you about the main features of the artist 22 pro the panel of the screen builds very well you can feel it when you actually work with it and touch it on the bottom right of the screen you have five buttons to control contrast brightness and more the active area of the screen is 21.5 inches the screen is reflective there is no doubt about it in my case it didn't bother me I was focused on what I do and I didn't notice my reflection the glass material feels so good and so smooth that I really enjoy drawing on it for many hours the screen resolution is 1080p which is full HD and it's an IPS display with an extra-wide 178 viewing angle the flexible stand came installed and all you need to do is to change the angle to whatever suits you the new pan have 8,192 levels of pressures it's very sensitive another major upgrade to the pen is that it's now having 266 RPS that means that the brush or the mouse sign will follow the pen much faster with lower latency after everything is connected the next step is to install the drivers visit XP pen calm and download the latest driver version and now it's easy-peasy double click the file press install let it do its thing and that's it the driver panel will give you some more options such as checking the sensitivity of the pan changing the buttons on the pan if you want to reprogram it and you can recalibrate the screen if you want personally I didn't need to because it came perfectly fine out of the box so check out the options on the driver see what you need to change if you need to change anything and for the rest of the time just leave it aside don't touch it the very first thing I wanted to test is how the pen reacts to the edges of the screen and I didn't have any issues it acts like any other screen and whenever you go too far it stops that's it my next mission was to test if the artist 22 pro can actually talk with Toon Boom harm which is my main software for 2d animation first everything was great but then when I zoomed in I noticed that the drawing lines are jiggly and wobbly and whatever you want to call him and that's not fine but it was very easy to fix first on the XP pen driver all you need to do is to enable the Windows ink and then in turn boom harmony inside preferences go to the Advanced tab and check use QT win tab after that you need to close to boom harmony and launch it again now everything should work perfectly fine from my experience for many days now harmony and artist 2212 works perfectly fine together I had no issues no bugs no nothing it's great the next thing is probably the most common thing that everybody wanna know is actually drawing and painting something digitally which most digital artists are interesting and in my case I used Krita which is an open source free software you can use it if you like you can use Photoshop Corel Draw whatever you use I don't know I use Twitter in this test and everything works amazing I don't know how to describe the feeling of the new class material but for me everything felt much better than the older 22 HD in a way it feels so much like the 15.6 model but in a larger scale because this one is 21.5 inches and I have so much room to work with I could actually feel and control the pen sensitivity while I'm painting it's great and it's not just another number it's a big feature and if you wanna paint with more control this is a big advantage compared to the old model the art is 22 HD I should have mentioned that the art is 22 pro is actually an upgrade model to the old artists 22 HD and since I used it for a long time now I actually know and feel the differences between the two during my experimental journey I did use many other software such as Photoshop and ZBrush and others and one of them is blender which is another great open source free software which you should try if you like so I started with a simple sphere and it became some kind of a face or something I have no idea what I did there but it was lots of fun and I had no issues at all I did noticed in any software that I used the display colors are vibrant and clear in my case I'm using different monitors as a reference for printing or for TV broadcast approval so I don't use the artist 22 Pro to accurate the colors I don't mind about it so much I just care about the creation process but don't get me wrong if you need to change the colors you can always tweak it from the menu or from a software and in my opinion this is a really high quality IPS display so I didn't need to mess with it too much I only change the balance that's it so instead of talking more about the technical parts which other reviewers will do anyway it's time to share my own conclusion as a pro user and tell you if you should or shouldn't buy this product I'll try to make it less confusing and very simple to understand if you are going to use it as a steady desktop workstation definitely go get it there is no doubt for now it's the best model out there and even if you are watching this in the future and there are already new models out there from my experience with this and other products I tried on the last couple of years this product is really good and stable and it's very important that it won't follow a part while you're working that's why I did my intensive workflow to see if it's built like a tank or like a trash in this case the tank wins if you're travelling a lot and you're looking for something that you can take with you this is not the model for you you better check out my video about the 15.6 I am still using it until this day and I'm taking it with me to another meetings and stuff like that and it doing the job you just plug it and it's done this one is perfect for a steady desktop workstation now before you go and order this product or other product I want to be very clear please notice that you may use different software and different setup and you may have issues like in any other device I don't know I tested it on Windows 10 on a PC and with the software that I showed you and a few others but in case you do have issues XP can have a great support team and they will try to help you out also I will never ever recommend a product that I never used or if it's a really bad product in this case it's a really great one and for the price well if you can afford it grab it now before you are going to order it please check out the link on the description it will take you to the item page and you will see with your own eyes all the technical stuff all the parts all the numbers and of course the current price because prices may change also look on the description below because I may add a coupon code for extra sales and stuff like that I will update it whenever I can so check it out and if you find this video helpful please consider to give it a like and maybe even subscribe thank you for watching in the meanwhile see you later alligator boy


  • Alon Dan says:


    Please check out the DESCRIPTION for all the links and details to explore the product in more depth before you purchase anything, MUCH LOVE to all of you! 💙

  • Heather Animates says:

    Dose it really come with all of that ? Or do you have to pay to get the flash drive??? Or dose it come with it?? Cause I didn't receive one?

  • Rithinisha Narendra says:

    @alondan The artist22 says it doesn't come with that slick multi function pen holder like yours… It seems to come only with just a regular pen stand. So how did you get the pen holder? Please help.

  • shankar says:

    can I buy 22 hd?

  • Swapnanil Nag says:

    Can u give a opinion by comparing with huion 191 or more ??

  • Mimilaa.s says:

    I would like to know if toom boom harmoney, is compatible with artist 15.6 pro

  • Spider Kahn says:

    Is this what I need if I want to become a comic artist? My dream is to draw for marvel or dc
    great vid !!

  • Kakaroto Uchiha says:

    this is the XP-PEN Artist22E Pro or the XP-PEN Artist22 Pro cause i m a teenager and i cant aford the XP-PEN Artist22E cause i the links are the XP-PEN Artist22E but in the title is the XP-PEN Artist22? help me

  • preston Gamer849 says:

    Do u have to connect it to anything or can u just use it? Please reply

  • sky star says:

    Anyone on alon dan marathon

  • Trys10Studios says:

    Exactly what I need this for, Blender 3D modeling and animation and digitally hand painted textures. Great review 🙂. Gonna need a bigger desk.

  • mechaart says:

    I am thinking about getting this or the Cintiq 16hd.

  • Hisham K says:

    The pen is 8192 pressure sensitivity, but what about the monitor? is it 8192 or 5080 pressure sensitivity?

  • Yeti says:

    glad you mentioned blender as that was one of the things I was planning on using this for but there are not many reviewers (or any at all that I've seen anyway) that mention it

  • Ranakade says:

    I have a gaomon m106k tablet. And I hardly use the express keys, the 22 pro's perfect, just saved myself 100 bucks

  • fin says:

    really making sure i buy something good since i bought the aristul 16 and it broke, so this really helped

  • John Sharp says:

    ive just bought the artist 22e pro and ive not set it up yet my question is dose it come with a program for drawing or do i have to buy one

  • The3dgyPr0digy says:

    Wait, do I need to drop another few hundred dollars on a laptop or nah?

  • LordConnord says:

    Difference between 22 Pro and 22E Pro ?

  • Volodymyr Pankiv says:

    Does keyboard plugged to PC works with this kind of tablet as good as with standart (without monitor)? I mean does hotkeys of software (ex Photoshop) work?? Thanks ahead for the answer

  • Gal Edri says:

    תודה אלון. לא ציינת האם יש חיבור BLUETOOTH אלחוטי – או שכל הדגמים הם עם כבלים…

  • Pretty Fancypants says:

    Yours came w a usb?!? Mine came w no cd or usb. :/

  • Julien MTAU says:

    Hi ! maybe you can help me, I have a problem with my gaomon pd 1560, the problem is the inclination of the stylus, it is enough that I change to a millimeter my way of holding the stylus so that the tip on the screen is moved and is not below the tip of the pen. is it normal or is it adjustable?

  • Kentama says:

    Great video. I couldn't tell, where do the cables come out from? I've heard some monitors (like Huion) have the cables feeding out of the bottom of the screen, which can make it difficult to sit properly on a desk.

  • phillippi2 says:

    For those of you who are wondering about using this on Linux; there is a third-party driver for it. It's called "DIGImend". The driver's code is available on Github

  • 晶瑩射手 says:

    Hello ! I think I buy this XP-Pen ARTIST 22Pro. But one question again : can this XP-Pen ARTIST 22Pro be connected directly to a msi Cubi (which is a mini processor but without a screen) and then buy a keyboard separately to complete? Does the XP-Pen ARTIST 22Pro have a HDMI port?

  • 晶瑩射手 says:

    Hello, one more question about tablet, do you know any display tablets like the Wacom MobileStudio with built-in computer (which does not need to be connected to a computer) then we can install any drawing softwares to work? Finally I think this is the kind of display tablet I want to get. Wacom MobileStudio Pro is too expensive and little screen !

  • 晶瑩射手 says:

    Hello ! Thanks for this demonstration. I have one question about the screen, does the XP-Pen ARTIST 22 PRO have a glossy screen ? I saw the reflection of your arm when you are drawing on the screen, is it glossy right?

  • Jen Chen says:

    thanks for the great review.

  • shika maru says:

    It’s been a couple of months now. Is this still the tablet you use? How has it been holding up so far? Any cons? I’ve been searching for a display tablet alternative to Wacom and XP-pen is what I am leaning toward.

  • Badger says:

    this is like the only review like this i can find

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