Your Art Is Good (PSA) (kind of voice reveal??)

Your Art Is Good (PSA) (kind of voice reveal??)

Surprise! It is my voice. Uh, sorry if it sounds weird, I’m literally recording this at midnight… On Christmas Eve! … …I guess that makes it Christmas. Merry Christmas! Uh– okay. So… I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about you guys, you, uh, aspiring artists… and everything, and… I’ve been noticing something that I found… a bit troubling? I’ve noticed it’s becoming the norm to say that your own art is “bad”, and “lazy”, and “ugly”, or “cringy”, or whatever. If you’ve been following my channel long enough, you might remember that I used to have a folder full of really really old animations titled something like: “really old”, “don’t look”, “bad art”, something like that. And it made me… think about it, cause I remember when I first made those
animations, how proud and excited I was to finally have finished something, and… I remember how excited I would get to post them, and see all the views, and the likes, and the comments, and the… subscribers. And I really thought about, you know like– If young me could see… how I treated her hard work, what I was doing with it, that I was just kind of… shoving it in a folder and saying “Nobody look at these, they’re really bad!” Y’know, she’d be crushed. She’d stop believing in her own ability to make art. She might decide it’s not worth continuing to do, if she can’t make anything good. And you guys, you’re doing that, to yourselves! Your present selves, you’re– you’re telling yourselves that what you’re making is
bad. You’re… convincing yourself subconsciously that you’re not capable
of making something good, or making a video worth watching. And you know what, that’s not fair! Art! Is! Hard! Animation is a largely thankless job, cause… you know, people expect everything you make to be your best work, and that’s just not fair. Cause a lot of you guys out there are still young! You’re still learning, you’re still growing! You have to allow yourself to
grow, and improve. It’s okay to be dissatisfied with your art… with your creations, but don’t beat yourself up over it. Use that dissatisfaction to motivate yourself, to keep trying. Keep practicing! Cause you know what, someday you’re gonna be able to look back at what you’ve made. Don’t cringe at it, don’t hide it away. Share it! [Show] the world… how you’ve improved. Because you have! Every time you make something, you’re
improving. You’re honing your skills, sharpening your abilities. Each time you fail, you get vital information that makes it easier the next time around. So you know what? Keep at it! Keep trying! Try something new, try something fun! It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. You’re an artist, whether you believe in
yourself or not. And *I* believe in you. ♡ Merry Christmas.


  • Yuru Kaza says:

    I stopped animating for almost year or so now.. just because I thought my animations sucked or not good enough but you made me want to continue again and work hard on my animations. This video is awesome thank you

  • CvSilver says:

    I agree.
    Sometimes I hate my art/animations because of this one mistake and then I think it sucks.. but if I keep trying I will get it better and better
    And if I’m proud of myself I will go further into animating.
    I have no idea why people think their art is bad. They could see this one comment that is good and they think the person who commented it is lying, or they could see a hate comment and believe it more than the nice comment. Sometimes you just need to take a break or show yourself all the nice comments in your videos (or something like that.) You can be not proud of yourself, but never say that your art is bad, it influences your brain to believe that.

  • Went to Get milk says:

    I went to get milk and was gone for 7 years then see the improvement

  • Twili Owl says:

    Wow, that was an actual life lesson right there

  • bebe porrada says:

    hey you are a very dedicated person deserve so much more, i love your drawings i find it amazing, and you are very motivating, it shows that you are a kind of good person,When I see your drawings I am happy, next year I will start my channel, and you are a great example and your drawings are beautiful (no attention to haters) desculpe o texto grande me empolguei um pouco 😅✌✌
    (Sorry if I'm wrong I'm Brazilian and my English is…. Erhh I don't know..) ✌✌✌

  • Jesse The wolf says:

    Blackie I just wanted to say thank you this video has just encouraged me to embrace my artwork and thank you for believing in me

  • Swirlshine says:

    Honestly, this was a video that I'm sure many people, including myself, needed. Thanks so much for being such a sweet person and caring about others! <3 (also, I love your voice c;)

  • Erin Shaw says:

    I drew a masterpiece once, it was a wolf. I thought then that it was a bad pic of art, but I still believe

  • bebe porrada says:

    And merry Christmas for you and happy New year too 😀

  • Addyx in Wonderland says:

    Oh wow it's good to finally hear your voice!

  • Viizoo says:

    A piece of art is like a metal, you award yourself with it because gosh darn it you made it, and to you it may not look how you expected or wanted- but its yours, and yours alone. Keep it, cherish it.
    Show people your amazing work, your talent, your hard, time taking profession.
    Keep the art, keep making the art, you'll finally end up where you wanted, amazed at what you've done and where you are.
    You are good enough, your art is good enough.

    This world, believe it or not would look bland and plain without art.
    without artists making and creating things and pictures and characters.
    If you can look around in the world, seeing the beautiful things in has in it and form that into something of your own, then its wonderful.

    And so are you.

  • Luckystarz103 says:

    I've always had a slight natural talent when it comes to art, though never automatically enjoyed it. Back in the highschool years when I'd doodle (out of boredom) or make something in art class, I'd get the rare compliment, though I'd silently resent my art and inability to draw in a photorealistic manner.

    Living without home wifi has made me realise some things though. You don't have to be at your desired skill level to make good art. Simple geometry and curves is vaguely pleasant for me to draw, which is what I almost always start off with, and once bored of that, I start trying other things. Turning some of those lines and shapes into objects or creatures. Sometimes ending up with something simple yet eyecatching, or complex and pretty, if not mesmerising.

    Draw a triangle, simple enough, draw a line coming out of it and make a loop, then another line coming out of that loop. Congratulations, you're on your way to making a nice abstract piece.

    If you can draw lines, you can make amazing art.

    Don't have to have a clear vision or idea of what to draw, just keep making lines on a paper, and when you see something you like or get an idea, expand upon it. Adding or removing lines either way works.

    If drawing lines a certain way is comfortable, easy, or just plain fun, then play into that. See what kind of styles you can develop for yourself. If you recognize some elements that you like or dislike in a piece, the slant, curvature, length, shape, alignment, etc, take that self reflection and try again. Even amazing artist don't make marvels in a first draft, and your 2nd one will only be better.

    Play into your strengths.

    Art skill, like anything subjective, is more like a tree than a gradient, there is no "good" and "bad" art. Even the best of the best will struggle if pushed too far out of their element. You may be great at directing action movies but suck at drama, fantastic with reggae music yet mediocre with techno, amazing tank player yet a lackluster support. Great at abstract and surrealism, hopeless at photorealism.

    Of course that doesn't mean you're forever locked into that area of a tree, if you want to learn a certain style, prepare to be patient, and most importantly, just go for it. I know this is a long ass comment, but please know, if you have the time and desire to improve, you will. It may be more uphill for some of us sure, but you will get there.

    Do not hesitate. Godspeed friend.

  • °•yeet mcfeet•° says:

    Aww why does it sound sadd

  • Kelsey Gilmore says:

    thats me……T^T

  • {Ash_Riot} UwU says:

    I hate my art but I'm trying to find my art style and you have an amazing voice!👍

  • /Gacha Crosh says:

    2:10 thank you ❤😊

  • VixelPixel says:

    I wanted to start a channel for my animations and gaming that I love to do, but I take pride in my art espically when I try to make it come to life some how

  • Ecco The Orca says:

    for example 😀

  • Woofpup 315 says:

    Thanks for saying this Blackie, I looked through my old files and you helped me realize they're not 'Bad drawings'! Thank you❤

  • Silly Wolfie says:

    Hello, new mom, please don’t ground me D:

  • Silly Wolfie says:

    Look I kinda get frustrated with myself when I’m drawing because I can’t make anything that is 100% mine. I don’t have an art style, I don’t have any special thing. I always need something off the internet. It makes me annoyed and makes me feel like I’m worse than everyone else. I keep saying “I hope I get an art style” and making jokes about how I can’t do it :/

    Plz help lol

  • Wolfiegamer pups4life says:

    This is out nice Christmas present and I DID NOT EXPECT THIS VOICE OUT OF WHAT HE MAKES :O

  • KittenCutie Art says:

    This video help me a lot because I have been putting myself down saying I'm never going to become a animator or do good art in live but look at me now I have a YouTube channel about my animations and art thank you for making this video

  • Bean Turtle says:

    Is it weird that this is exactly how I imagined your voice?

  • Galakitsune 141 says:

    I really appreciate this video. Animation is really hard and I spend so much time on a 10 second animation and when I show to my friends they don’t pay attention and just say it’s so short can’t you make a longer one and I know that’s true but I wish they would compliment me… Thank you for making me realize that my art is not super bad and it’s worth it!Don’t give up! You r awesome!
    (I cried)

  • Brownie & Hope says:

    Oh well this made me sad but thank u

  • Mr.Horseshoecrab says:

    Art is usually bad……. But you get better at least a lil.

  • SweetTeaX says:

    thank you, thank you so much!

  • Simi The Cat says:

    I 'm crying. This is very true

  • Eren Jaeger says:

    This video is so sweet ❤️💕 I agree with you. I think the reason why many times I hate my art is because I compare myself to people who are like 10 years older than me. Actual adults with many years of practise. I've been drawing ever since I was like 3 and I can see myself improving day after day! It makes me very happy and I wonder how my art will look like in 5 years or so.. Don't give up guys!

  • AllieGacha Blue12 says:

    This actually made me cry cause every time I draw something I think it’s bad and I show my parents to see if it’s good or not. But hearing this made me feel better thank you!

  • Catwen Everstar says:

    !Please read! (or not, if you don't want me wasting your time)
    I want to let people know that "There is no such thing as bad art!" Because that's true! Art is beautiful in it's own way! Sometimes there's those weird scribbles, or sometimes it's realistic drawings of humans! But both of them end up in an art museum. Art is something to… describe yourself. Your drawings are beautiful and I want you to know that! We want you to know that. Either it's a little stick figure playing with another stick figure, or a robot fighting with lightsabers, or a green and purple cat. They're all beautiful.
    Thank you for reading, and I hope you understand.

  • Ana Paula Costa says:

    Ohh its a kawaii voice

  • Angus Clinton says:

    So many people need to hear this (myself as well) I find when you make art you know the ins and outs of the piece and see everything that is wrong with it. But when others see it they don’t see the mistakes they see hard work, dedication, and passion. So keep drawing!

  • Małgosia Mazur says:

    Im ugly

  • Ashley & Co says:

    That’s was so Beautiful🥺🥺❤️
    I still like my art, I don’t care what people say 😤 “scary” or something I like my crazy arts and that make me and all my friends happy. That’s me, a scary artist and I like it!❤️

  • Arctic Fox Animations says:

    This was the most wholesome thing I've seen in an absolute eternity.

  • Lee D says:

    I remember when I made fan art and you commented on it and then I accidentally deleted my account and had to make a new one :C

  • Featherae says:

    Hi mom

  • Flora The Sky Elf says:

    I’ve just given up on animation :/ I put a lot of effort into them and nobody pays attention

  • NøvaTheWereWølf says:

    Hey blackie do you have a discord server?

  • Xerniak owo says:

    💙💙ur voice is PRECIOUS!!💙💙
    Edit: ty for thia video💙 this really helped me a lot💙 you are a true inspiration to me

  • Mr dragon says:

    I wanted to start animating next year so this video has made me motivated thank you

  • olivia pancakes says:

    Bad art!! Are you kidding!! You work hard on your art and those haters may not even know how to do art so why they are saying something about your art!!?

  • olivia pancakes says:

    They may be really bad and going at somone else's pasterpece

  • star tube the soul of the terrified says:

    Thanks but my art is bad everyone tells me

  • ShadowFlight says:

    I cried when her younger self saw the “bad art” 😭 ♥️Honestly tho my art is not very wonderful

  • fire tiger Garard says:

    Help me I’m a my moms and I’m scared like this button to save me

  • Tiffanny Dunn says:

    :') beautiful

  • 1Bridgeyboo says:

    I never usually comment on anything, kind of just…a dweller of sorts. But I must say, thank you for this video. It means a lot considering how much bad self-esteem and self-doubt can hinder people’s creative abilities, not just with art but any creative pursuit.

    Your old art is like the first stepping stone on your way up a mountain. Things were scary then, but you took that first step upward, knowing the path wouldn’t be linear but accepting that you would face it.

    I kind of got some of this from another Youtuber, SpectroliteAAA, though I thought I’d use it in my analogy.

    Btw, you’re voice is really good.

    Look forward to seeing your work in the future!

  • Jack Gaming and Drawing says:

    yes my art is good (barely)

  • a depressed egg says:

    Congrats, you made me cry over this and it's so true but inspirational and makes me want to draw even more 💓💖

  • Creative Battlers says:


  • Nya Walker says:

    I’m actually trying to animate with flipaclip, and this inspired me, thank you so much❤️❤️ all this is so true, I see it every day and am guilty of it myself, but I’m trying to change, your truly an inspiration Blackie Sootfur, you truly are ❤️

  • 2008 sar says:

    It is hard. Sometimes when I wach overs I think I'm bad but I know I tryed my hardest. We all need be positive like you

  • Silver Mare says:

    This was really inspiring thank you!

  • Galaxy DaysLPS says:

    Hi!!! I love your art and animations! My fav is I'm Not Famous, I'm good at drawing to! I like to draw random stuff tho, I made up to characters called Um cat and UwU dog, WHERE DID THESE NAMES EVEN COME FROM?!

  • Spookii says:

    The thing is, if they don't put "lazy" or "bad" in their titles then non-artists are gonna go screeching at them like "whY diDnT yOu puT efFOrT inTo iT" even though tweening takes FOREVER TO DO and animation is pain.

    oh also this video is so wholesome I love it

  • Koal the Kangaroo says:

    good video
    i agree
    i like this video
    good message
    please continue
    first impression for me

  • _Tvy Lᶒvy_ says:

    ok so- IM LATE
    and uhm this make kinda cry somehow cuz its soo true- and like yeah this is like wholesome and I love you- Thank you :>

  • Makayla GamingPlayz says:

    agreed 🙁 people who disliked=devils

  • Sonia says:

    I literally cried over this…

    Thank you

  • Cinnamon_Fluff says:

    I belive my art is nice! I look at it and i see nothing wrong with it, others say it looks like.. Things i cant even say on this.. The names.. The dissatisfaction in everyones eyes..

    But i NEVER chose to give up 🙂
    Your old art made me inspired to continue on.. No matter what people say, i look back at you and i see that you are happy with your old art, you cherish and dont keep it hidden away in a bottle somewhere in the depths of the closet, the closet filled with failures, past experieinces and names people called you before..

    You probably wont read this, but i cherish your videos, they comfort me even in my darkest hours!
    Keep working hard and aim for the stars. 😊

  • Lemmon Lemmon says:

    Eheh my art is my profile I always thought it was bad

  • tola the dutchie says:

    No you did a voice reveal in this video

  • Løla Səssaragø says:

    I've been listening to this every day since it came out

  • Midnight White Wolf says:

    :0 this makes me want to keep trying :3 tanks

  • BloomingBouquet says:

    This is such a great message.

    I will admit, I've done this to myself a lot, and I've had a lot of times where my art wasn't good enough for me. But I've learned not to put myself down, and no young artist should. Children who want to get into art and animation should always be encouraged, not called 'cringy' because they're just starting out. And I'm still young as well, there's no need for me to be so hard on myself either.

    So to all young artists, keep trying! Pick yourself back up when you think you've failed, and try again. Draw something, and don't think too much about it, or listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. Thank you for making this, Blackie. You're helping a lot of people. Merry Christmas 💖💕

  • unicorn Crums says:

    Ur art betta den meh 7u7

  • Im a fox in socks 5 says:

    Blackie this is really inspirational and I’m sure this will motivate aspiring aritist, including myself, and others to look at how much they have improved, not how “bad” it was. Thank you

  • Dream Catcher says:

    wow, you are so inspiring. Many times I've almost stopped art, darn I almost stopped right now until I saw this! Thank you for being so inspiring me and keeping me going! Have an awesome night/day!

  • john tenorio says:

    Kinda epic ngl😳

  • мир волчицы Джин says:


  • Wolfey006 says:

    Dis was bootiful :,)

  • Gøldie says:

    I legit cried tears of joy, thanks for the speech. I’ll try and believe in myself.

  • Midnight rain says:


  • Azure Pawz says:

    Exactly what I'm trying to tell my friend
    Thank you, I'll send this right now to her-

  • Night Wolf says:

    I saw this video it’s correct but I just hate my art it just a habit now

  • Audie Animates says:

    I used to hate my animation because I thought I would never make "good animations" I never realized that, hey I was only 11 when I did that I had only been animating for a year (non sliding frames) and I think now ive improved a lot since then but because of my insults toward my art then I havnt been really motivated now so im definitely gonna work on that 🙂

  • Lala Dmc says:

    I have commissions open on amino, people say that my art is good, before I did not have support. Nobody was there to tell me "your art is good!", but now I realize that thinking my art is not "good" was a bigger problem than I thought. You, people on amino, my new and old friends, and my girlfriend (I'm lesbian) show me that my art is better than I thought it was. I'll keep trying! You, Baked Potonion, Pastarru, Everlywolf, Roxxie, Crownedxwolf, Foxi Boxi, and one of my close school friends, are my biggest inspirations. I needed to hear this to make myself feel better. Thank you Blackie 😊

  • no name says:

    hi I'm signed up for you and I'm from Russia

  • Taloned Tiger says:

    I appreciate this video so much

  • lexi Peterson says:

    one day I was just looking at my old art with no neck or hands and well now I can't draw a person with out hands or neck cuz that's will just be weird. I was shocked for young me to do that with out being like "I should preacher myself to draw hands and a neck". It just took me a while to get used to drawing that when I was young (sorry I just had to tell a story)

  • Hitsku says:

    My old art is flawed, but I've improved
    dont ground me mom

  • Reatarded Fox says:

    Didn't u do a voice reveal in the "I Almost Done With It video"

  • Cartoon Corgi Easterworld UwU says:

    This is inspiring

  • Stripe - o Strip says:

    So true. I’m nine. I try really hard and I discourage myself. But that discouragement makes me try harder. I believe that if you at least try and think that you can do better you always get better! So let’s all agree with her let’s all agree. We can’t just always think that everything we make in the past is bad. So let us all animators drawers or anything that you are become better at what we are!

  • awkwardartist says:

    look at where we are
    look at where we started!

  • Wolfie_ Playz says:

    I LOVE Drawing! But My Channel Has No Subs, Only 3…

  • Aisyah Nazirah says:

    How bout mine

  • Elodie Forsans says:

    Fuck this is great to remind myself of every once in a while. I’m an occasional animator and an advanced artist (ayyy lmao here’s my Amino if you don’t believe me ) and damn I could not even begin to say how different my art looked back when I was younger. For me, I was lucky, because I had a really strong support group – a family that would constantly praise my art and would want to look at it, and friends around me that also did art and would compliment it and give it occasional feedback. With that I was able to grow and flourish, and my art only got better over the many years I practiced it. So to y’all who don’t have the same large support group I had and might be thinking of giving up: Fucking don’t. Art takes years to master, and even if no one is able to convince you that your art looks beautiful now, keep yourself going with the thought that it’ll only get better. Take inspiration from other artists. Look at anatomy of real objects/animals and trace over it to learn them before drawing them in your own style. Watch art videos on YouTube that other artists put up to help people. Grow yourself; you’re capable of anything whether you believe it or not. Merry Christmas, you gorgeous-ass souls. 🙌

  • Alek Cunningham says:

    This gave me so much hope thank u so much


    Thank you so much!! I know im a bit late but this really touched my heart. I see so many animators online talking bad about their art and asking people not to comment about how bad it is and it honestly gets annoying after awhile. The thing is, if you keep telling people that you're not proud of what you make they will start to belive you and eventually they will lose interest in your content and thats not what most people are aiming to acheive. So please, anyone, anyone who is reading this comment at this moment in time, think and ask yourself, " am I talking bad about my art?" and if u are then don't! I know it's a lot easier said than done but sitting around and talking about how bad your art looks isn't going to get you anywhere in your art career. Whoever's reading this, I'm glad u took the time to read this entire comment cuz I know it was a lot. Blackie Sootfur. You're probably not reading this, but if you are, thank you, thank you for making this video i wish i could express to you how much it ment to me that someone decided to make an entire video about such an important topic.
    Thank you :3

  • Dreamy Lullaby says:

    There are no mistakes in art, only Happy accidents.
    What you do now affects you in the future, if your negative now you'll be negative towards it in the future.
    I was like that a lot, then one day I went "WOW I like this art piece!" even though I didn't really, but I believed in it and knew it would change me and how I draw. Now I am so happy I did that and started saying that because people like my art! AND I LIKE MY ART!

  • •lenochka • says:

    Your words have melted my brain :"3

  • Dasha and Maddie says:

    My heart just melted 😭💖 all us kids need a friend like you!

  • Lime Doggo says:

    Hi guess who cried after this 🙂

  • Firestar _LovesWolves says:

    This made me feel better about my art work, and what I’ve made in the past. Thank you for making this.

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